14 January 2019

Full face of ELF makeup. Ahhhh

hey guys it's me Ilana and welcome back

to another video so in today's video I will be doing a full face of makeup using only health products and that includes elf brushes basically help everything except for eyeshadow because I don't have a health I shadow so so for a substitute for my eyeshadow I will be using the lovely James Charles palette and then so first room so first we're going to start with primer hey primer it's the oh poor lip poreless face primer pink and I've never tried it out before so I even bought like an elf foundation mixing track I'm really new I'm going to use that mr. hands oh yes it's very soft and I don't see it doing that much for me but can that's because like I'm breaking out like oh why and I have like ready-made pores so I don't think that was a fail but I don't think it was a whoop either so next thing is my bad the only thing that I have used in here is their Beauty Blender I loved her but this is the elf flawless finish foundation in the shade natural which is eight three one one one I like how it's a pump um just comes right now and go through a lot of product so doesn't say anything

about being full coverage those fair to light with neutral undertones so we're gonna get a light coverage or a fair coverage starting off it doesn't look that good and on my face I know y'all like wanna you're crazy it does match your skin tone because like that's just how the camera sees it but if you saw me in person I'm gonna look like freakin Casper the ghost up in here so okay now I'm just gonna take the excess on my Beauty Blender just are like rubbing in what do I do to my eyeball or my eyebrow normal eyes eyebrow and so I like the beauty blender cuz it's like really squishy and you say what it was before I used it and then and follow me on instagram um I will put the link down below follow my other social medias and then yeah it gives you a very light coverage and yeah and I'm gonna have to wear these to school then some next we're just gonna put on some stuff forgot what this is called Oh concealer yeah click crazy I've used my friend told me about this yeah but she's right so right now I'm gonna open my brush which my sister has seen but right now my sisters are at

school sister without oh yes oops this is why I can't have a nice day stay in here spot me sister love this so let's just put this right here and I woke up my highlighter brush crap it is how do you know that's the blush brush when I put the highlighter brush okay from the highlighting brush mm-hmm and when I bought this I also bought that elf baked blush I mean big toy later but then i swatched sure because it looks like a really good highlighter then when i just watched it nothing came off so I was like no I'm not using you today sister so yeah now that we're done with a highlighter now we're gonna do concealer okay now I know how to do makeup now I'm certified anyway but okay oh yeah this is much more orange than my skin tone but hook up it will just suck up a lot with powder oh my gosh look at this like it's basically like blending into my skin then I'm just gonna see my health Beauty Blender again you guys I don't think using like a brush and less like it's absolutely necessary Oh hmm and then let's get into setting powder so for setting powder I have the elf HD

powder and then so then we can use a Beauty Blender or powder but on the floor Keva same even like that white so I'm looking like I'm very today and when I bought this like my sister made sure that I had like all the brushes and then she was like oh yeah I might not be like just one brush there and I was like okay yeah I can't be like a animal burner brush but she rests with me so I just realized that my breed with under makes on the wings yeah the sister love that oh okay now we are going to move into a contoured hello my favorite so I'm just gonna take a contouring brush yeah which was just already used it's - I'm her one day I got around my channel on Jochen yeah or maybe on this contour like legit shows nothing there's so much my name is sister snatch so guess we can use this oh yeah Oh freak oh my god oh thank the Lord I swear no one's gonna come to this channel oh yes but that means if into this beautiful blush palette okay um where's my blush like what's brush okay okay scared and yes I was on my knees because my camera won't like fit up so oh well first we would have to wipe away

some of eight so only if I do that before well then just don't blow the good sisters poppies um I shadow eyeshadow so like I said before I will be using my James Charles palette from morphine and then so I'm just gonna open it and I love this palette I've used it before and every time I used it everyone like compliments me on my eyeshadow so um yeah but I don't know the type of look I'm going for so just cool day it's a Monday I'm just probably gonna be like a Tuesday under uploads um so what should I do I think I'm going to do like an icicle livery look I'm not doing no cut crease cuz that's too hard but yeah so first I'm gonna dip into the color sister oh okay so you guys have a color named sister it's the other day was talking my mom and she's like what and I'm like okay and I can't believe but the James Ross apologize I have a sister like I call your name sister I feel like seriously oh but then looks like he does just applying that all over the eye then we can microwave it now where's my beauty blender here it is oh my gosh

that guy just gave up my phone I'm like sometimes it's just like make these random noises when I know I'm not even on it so I'm just like and then I'm gonna tip into the color called face then it's basically just a clue letter e color and I am actually grabbing the brush the blending brush from elf can't make songs like Laura Lee can cuz it's not only two syllables oh would I do that all night I don't know oh but I still need to do my brows and then I'm gonna dip it into the color Mary okay I can't breathe I think we all know Wow okay that's pigmented okay okay I'm kind of like English I look so far then I think I'm gonna dip into wig sister wigs fetched wig has been snatched okay so then I'm just gonna repeat the process all over again with sisters and then face yeah and what was the other color Mary yes I'm just like that to the outside to give it like that nice transition look so this is like hey look I really hope you don't like it because that's I'm doing for my eyes today because again they're just cool days so but I'm not like trying to be in a hurry just like trying to do it the best I can

still just it's kind of hard when kind of on a time limit and I hate that my school has a dress code so I'm always like rushing to like make sure my uniforms are washed then I'm just gonna apply my mascara which is the out line rising volume plumping mascara and then is home oh so baked on my chin how come no one [Music] oh no that always happens many people and I think it's my signature monk I always get my scare on my eyeball but again it's my signature look so okay I just just let it sit there it's gonna be sister wonderful I forgot to do powder I need a powder brush and then everybody okay because the brows take me like the least amount of time you're gonna come free in there in a minute but it takes me like the most time in my makeup routine well oh well it it takes time for different people for me it takes like in like two minutes but for like other people it takes like two out I'm like seriously how and I'm like well other people take different times and then then that's like that's what I said and there it is like no it's not and then it just makes me so mad how

people can like judging you and then when you try to like tell them something that'll make their life like a lot better then they just start coming for you even more and I don't think that's right and yeah hahaha Brady oh my perfect right now oh no they don't you don't even look like long-lost twin they look like mother and daughter that's what they look like because one is like much better shape than the other and that makes me so mad cuz then it's harder to shave my right one then it's just like so confusing for some people they're like um yeah I'm just gonna go with it okay looks like I'm just gonna stop doing my marriage before like I wind up killing someone why mm-hmm and then I stop to do my lips so I'm taking that out runway-ready palette and even on Bryce then this what it looks like okay okay I like some of these colors some that my sister's watch some of them I'm going to go in for this oh yes Queen Maud I look horrible yeah but this is my look for today so I really hope y'all like it and make sure to like this video and subscribe and then comment down below your favorite color and I will be responding to some

of you guys and yeah comment down below what video z1 love y'all bye