20 December 2018

Full Face of Dollar Tree Makeup!!!

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video is going to be a full face of Dollar Tree makeup so I was going to do the thing where I filmed myself in there but it is around Christmas right now that place was packed and I was like people might think I'm a little bit weird side you know feeling myself grabbing lunch and make it from Dollar Tree this was like but I hold I could don't know how well it's going to work out I did foundation they had a bunch of foundation they were all like super dark and I hunt the tannest right now and I got this home and then I realized that it's been shade dark this is like that was the only consumer they had in the only shade than the bronzer that I do use so I got this eyeshadow palette if you have a few to choose from with eyeshadows this is the most variety pack that they had so I decided to get one with a lot of different colors in it and I got this lipstick and it has a lip liner in it and it's like a lot darker it's like a dark brown highlighter so I got this intense shimmer eyeshadow and I thought that I could use it as a highlighter and I did not find any blush either but you might any of that and then I got these lashes very crazy as

you can tell I don't normally do too crazy of eyes for everyday thing I really I don't really wear lashes in general so that is going to be fun okay so here we go went ahead and took all my makeup off except for my um eyebrow because I realized that I did not get a rapid also I just believe that those how they are um and I don't have a primer I don't know I'm gonna do but I can't use my other primer because this is a full face of Dollar Tree makeups that's all I'm going to do that's all I'm gonna use so we're first gonna go in with the beauty benefit cream and it is shade dark I haven't looked at it yet so here we go this is so dark well ohmygosh defend me so bad so bad here we go wait maybe if I make some concealer with it and get it a little lighter I don't know my gosh I don't really know what to do this was just going to be very very bad okay honestly as I blend it out it's really like nothing's there like it's making me like just look like a little tanner but it has like really it really doesn't cover that well you know what I just realized I don't have a powder so I

can't set anything this is gonna be fun Wow okay and for how dark it is I really don't look that dark like it just seems like it didn't make a really a difference it kind of doesn't look like you have anything on obviously okay next I'm going to put on this super dark concealer from LA Colors um it's in shade beige can't lie tell but I use a very light shade of concealer so this is insane you can't even see it that like I don't know this is just awful it looks like I just put like something clear on my face like it looks like nothing Cyril well let me just go point out nothing and I have no primer at all so I'm just gonna put that concealer on my eyes looks like nothing on there so I guess next I'm going to put on some bronzer and this is from Beauty benefits Hollywood bronzer to know what shade this is but click this and that feels really weird when I think you just I don't like it here we go I mean it's kind of like it's really intense it's really intense I don't know I don't usually bronze like this I just feel

like it's not blending out or anything either it really isn't that bad if I had like and like a real good foundation one like I actually at that nation on um I don't think it would be that bad I really don't there we go next we're gonna put on some highlighter and yes you're using eye shadow oh that's so cute there's like this little flyer I don't know I kind of like that okay and don't like this little brush at all I thought it was Hugh but now it's enough Wow Wow okay I like that that's pretty cool I like that all very intense Wow okay really like it's a lot next we're just gonna jump into doing the eyes um so I got this palette and si la colors eyeshadow a nude okay so here are the shades you know I think I'm gonna do a little bit of swashing okay so I just did this bottom layer here and they look like that I know they almost look a lot alike but so I just wanted to like see how those kind of felt there with that I'm just gonna jump right into this and see um I'm gonna put this shade right here and just put that all over my eye

Oh oh that one's blinding I thought I really thought that these were Matt's I did they're not I think that they honestly I think they're all shimmers like they all have a little sparkle to them now that I'm looking at them they do we're gonna do a full shimmer look okay here we go I don't know I might even use that blue just for pride me as well okay I'm just gonna just put my brush into that shade right there I'm just gonna oh yeah more shimmer whatever I'm just gonna mess around see what I can I'm not into that much of a shimmer I have to have some sort of Matt you know and normally the Matt is what takes over my eye this kind of looks like something I would do in elementary school I'm gonna put this blue in the inner corner [Music] I really hate this blue the shade is just a really odd shade I don't like the blue at all you know just going with it just gonna put lighter shade right there okay next I'm just gonna put on this lipstick from color mates shade black orchard and it came with a mini lip liner this is sharp oh my goodness it is so sharp it's like okay I mean like

nothing's coming besides the pain oh my goodness it hurts so bad oh gosh okay where's lip liner I've ever used no no thank you I did not realize how dark of a brown this was with my eyes this is not gonna go well so because of how dark this lipstick is and I'm gonna go in and just dark it on my eyes just a little bit to make them kind of go together okay and next we're just gonna put on these lashes um how these go and this actually even came with some glue I'm scared to use it but okay so I'm back after I put on my lashes and I have never seen anything worse than these lashes and my life I like have little umbrellas over my eyes like that's how long they are they touching threads touch my eyebrows like and the lash glue was terrible it could barely get it if you can tell this one's way up I tried forever to get it to work but the clue was terrible they're different I've tried with this okay so I'm gonna go back through these things really the BB cream foundation really was it awful it really it didn't do much for my skin

um compared to how dark it was which I like a full foundation coverage this really didn't have it the concealer if you like nothing under your eyes I guess it's good concealer but I would never ever ever ever buy this brand again the bronzer I like it actually I could see myself maybe attempting to use it another time the highlighter not too terrible either I really liked it actually I might try it again as a eyes shadow shimmer and see how that goes like what it actually is supposed to be but for a highlighter that's pretty good pretty good and next my eye shadow I hated that mislead me and I thought it was all matte at first and then I dug into the color and then the shimmer started to come out it's like the first layer was all matte and now it's all shimmery and stuff like I just thought this is a matte it misled me big-time and I really didn't like the shades of it because they were different like I feel like the shades are different than they were on my eyelids nothing was as dark I thought this one was gonna be a lot darker than it was and there was nothing no color to it all no pigment

the blue didn't come out too terribly I didn't mind it I guess for a dollar it's not that bad would I ever ever use this eye shadow palette again known for the you lipstick who it is something it's it's something I can't seem go I threw the fur I threw the liner I hated the liner um I had very little color to it at all and it just didn't come off how I probably like my lip liners too so now I did not like that at all um I would never try this brand out again though I didn't like it Oh another thing I did not tell you is when I was putting it on I had to do layer after layer after layer because it was just it wasn't coming off as dark as this came um you can see through it almost it wasn't good and lastly the lashes no they look thicker than fake the glue was terrible okay so I think that's it for this tutorial overall for it being at Dollar Tree I really don't think it turned out as bad as I thought it was going to turn out it's still really bad really really bad but it's Dollar Tree I got every single product for one dollar it really wasn't that bad so thank you guys for watching that is it for this now if you wouldn't

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