20 December 2018


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ok today we're going to be trying out a

full face of Dollar Tree makeup we both kind of got some things gonna be sharing you didn't have any primers so we're just gonna start off with the foundation I got the shade creamy beige and it's like a little squirt bottle so natural like they look the same and they're supposed to be different it's super light so I'm gonna use this brush it's dense I'll just squirt off some more my face I can tell the difference yeah you can tell that there's like something on your skin but it's not like really covering anything he's like there's some parts where you can definitely tell it's on there and then other parts it's like nothing so I think it's a very blotchy whenever you look close up yeah no matter like I tried using a brush thinking it would help but obviously did it so I'm gonna move on to the pressed powder and we're just gonna share the same color because literally they either had like super dark or like this collar and we're going to attempt to use this just because that's what it came with and if it doesn't work we'll just try a brush so that's what it looks like I'm gonna try a brush you can use

the thing a little bit but I'm just gonna swirl around in the pan I mean for a dollar it's kind of living up for its expectations I mean let's see this says that it's just a liquid foundation we threw the packages away I think I said the long-wearing but I don't think it said full-coverage so this little thing I guess this part yes so yeah this little part pulls up as you so I literally used that much makeup on my face for it to even look like I had anything on and it was all the way down here where this little plastic cord is so we yeah we used about the same amount okay I mean it definitely feels better that we put that powder woman but I don't know how long that's gonna last my brush literally just okay I'm gonna do my eyebrows next and we found this little brow powder and it has a dark brown and a medium brown but the medium brown looks like not really brown but I'm gonna go with that I'm gonna try to use the brush but it has this little tiny slanted brush and it's literally like I don't even know what it's made of so I'm just gonna dip into the medium brown and that's what it came off like so oh that is definitely not

[Music] like red it's very I guess that's highlight maybe it's just setting powder I don't know but well this I guess we got to do the same to the other smoke and smeared annoy my eyebrows literally look like caterpillars like they're so like just there there's no I'm not gonna put anything else on here and I'm gonna literally outrageous so I'm gonna go on to blush Wow Kelsey does whatever she's doing we did this is from LA collars it's a very like shiny collar it's called spice and it comes with this brush ii only imagine her hair her eyebrows are so light anyways so I'm just gonna take the brush it came with feels a little better than the eyebrow brush but it's definitely not like how am I gonna put blush on with this I don't okay let's just just go in with it okay well it seems like a very pretty color but it does its have some fallout okay maybe I'm just gonna use my finger Pat it on and then take a brush a different brush okay so the blush I'd say it was pretty decent but like I said I do recommend using a different brush other than when

it come with because like okay I'm gonna try and contour I'm going to use that other end of my foundation brush that I used same little compact we really need a second mirror it looks like you got a scratch on your face so I like this vision in my head for what I want my eyes look up but i'm terrible.i said it and we also have to use this so like I got the blues and I also got this gold so like what I'm going I think it's like a door crease and then I would make my whole way to go I can see it I also know it's bold I a silver glitter I didn't buy it today but I bought it from the Dollar Tree and I've only used it once so it's literally as you can see it's the same thing as Kelsey's it's just a different color mine is called spiked and hers is called brass I actually like these they're by wet and wild they work out I'm gonna think like I'm thinking the lighter I start out the better I can always go darker here I'm gonna start with my eye shadow and I got an L a color one and these are just nudes Browns pop this baby open this is what we're looking like so far I feel like if we're gonna go with this darker color a

concealer to set our words with these would look a lot better shade right here and I'm just gonna put it oh boy so much camera put it in the crease look at all that fall out that was ridiculous yourself this thing they're on the same side and that's what they look like okay so we're going to try a different color with this this one's matte so maybe it'll shoot you're struggling we're fine with this shade right here I think it's the darkest and just keep it low to my corner I think maybe I was supposed to do this I'm trying to think of the order that Laura Lee doesn't really have such bad foundation lips right now like I think this I definitely works better than this like I said I feel that if you had a we were allowed to use blending brushes okay now this is probably gonna be the best part for you all I'm going to attempt to put on false lashes I just went with a neutral look and honestly I feel like all my collars look the same oh look at her pretty does it say anything else if it's volumizing it just says mascara little tiny glue like I said I've mentioned

before I have never tried to put one I'm gonna have to be trimmed I am honestly so scared so I'm holding these with some tweezers that when you take your eyelashes off it will scare people it says that yes plus an added benefit it really scares people when you take them off how is that a benefit I'm trying to cut this open because nothing was coming out I tried to just get it across cuz a little bubble came out okay okay I don't understand why this is not like okay I got some toys like I cannot get it to go down and now I think she's really stick in okay okay see I guess to cover up your eyelash so okay so that one's on it about as good as it's gonna go I'm gonna curl them together do this I think I may have put this one on the wrong eye because I tried doing I can't even it doesn't think my problem is the glitter but I think I mean obviously my problem is that I can't flash oh I love coral here watch it I like the migos one okay I'm gonna go in with this liquid highlighter I've never mostly ha I really don't this I think you apply it with your finger and then like use a beauty

blender to it's like are you I was really one the block okay or down my door okay so I don't know she showed you but this is what it is it's le callers it's just called liquid shimmer highlighter I can't get over my eyes I'm never I don't do a litter either I'm gonna try to do a wing just because yeah okay I think you know my right eye lash definitely looks better than my left because I didn't cut this one and it's not staying down but they still look horrible hey this that called it a hydrating lipstick and it from Le callers and I got it in the color natural shine smells really good okay so look just called me and pause our videos so there might be some skipping here I go this is La callers as well so mine I just looked terrible so while she's doing that I want to talk about what I think worked and didn't work um I think the eyelashes could have worked if I would have more experience doing them I think the makeup did okay if you're just looking for something very sheer I like the lip stick although I don't think I chose the right caller because it still looks like I kind of have

foundation lips but it does feel very good mascara is okay eyeliner was okay and I think that if we were to use actual brushes for the eye shadow it would have turned out okay the brow product no I'm just gonna say no the caller's are off mine works decent not yours do like decent for me no the pressed powder I think I did okay I don't plan on wearing it all day so I'm not sure how it'll wear the highlighter it didn't blend very well but maybe that was just us but I do think it looks pretty the blush did okay I've used this before so I'd say okay the contour it was okay I guess I think overall it wasn't like a total fail I mean we don't look I've seen worse although this highlighters I I'm just giving my eyelash falling off okay anyways thank you guys for watching um Kelsey may join me in a second video so just leave comments with the boomers subscribe and like my video and we'll see you guys next time Thanks