19 May 2018


What's Good you Guys♡♡♡♡ Watch in HD! Welcome back to my channel. Okay so today I have this super chill but super informative video on how to do your ...

what's going ahead you guys welcome back

to the channel if you're new here with surveys and K and if you've been you before thank you so much for stopping back by it so today is a pretty cool day because I'm going to be doing a full face of makeup basics or tips for all of my beginners I know that a lot of you guys on deep in the game yet so I just wanted to make a video where I give you guys tips so I just decided you know it it's so much better if somebody just shows you how you do everything from top to bottom so I'm here so let's get started I'm going to do say the barest basic but I'm literally going flat from the bottom and I don't want to do too many crazy things because if you're interested do you keep on watching and if you liked it do you like the video down below subscribe turn on your notifications and follow me on instagram instagram all of that so yeah so let's get started you guys so I'm gonna get started with a primer if your oily this is perfect for you but if you've got dry skin you really don't need to buy a primer I will do a separate video where I show you guys affordable makeup that you can go and purchase and I'm going to be using my

normal stuff smells about this on my channel before sometimes I do go in with pure glycerin because I actually sometimes need this just for a little extra moisture because of how dry I can get but if you just got a normal skin nothing really is the issue then a primer is not necessarily a thing I know I went with a primer for the first four years of using makeup so a primer is basically something you put on your skin that helps your foundation last all day it is sticky and that's what you need for your foundation to stick or lost all day some primers have really good properties in them that help your skin and help your base some of the moisturize some of them control shine there's a whole lot of things that primers do for you and if you come across a primer that has properties that you need then you should definitely consider picking it up so I'm gonna wait for this to just like to sit on my face for a little bit because the sticky are the bitter when it comes to primer I'm just gonna grab my foundation I use the fit me in the shade 350 this is in my foundation routine I will link it down below for you guys but I'm telling you

now that this is gonna be in my affordable makeup video so yeah foundation basically well depending on your skin you may need or make completely skip foundation so foundation basically just evens out your skin if you've got some discoloration if one part of your face is darker than the other foundation is basically there just to like even everything else and give you a nice smooth base and just make your skin look all the right colors and my nation can sometimes make your skin look healthier than it is it's a great thing to pick up if you are a beginner but you definitely don't need it if you have my skin you can completely skip this step and like conceal spots if you've got like specific spots on your face that need its so in my opinion highlighting and contouring with concealer is not a necessity for a beginner you can literally just stop here but I do know that a lot of the time people start wearing makeup to conceal certain imperfections like I know a lot of people even I have discoloration underneath the eye so I will go on to show you guys highlighting and

contouring but I do think that it's not a necessity you don't really need it but if you find yourself needing it bin take my concealer underneath the eyes on the bridge of my nose my chin and my forehead that's why I like to conceal with a concealer that's not very light for my skin this is the LA girl Pro conceal in toffee so it's not far away from my skintone but it does give me that concealed effect and it does highlight the slightest bit I like that and I know a lot of people like to go a little bit more dramatic when it comes to the highlight but I mean I don't tow did he like it and then I'm just gonna let my concealer sit for a minute just like you get as much coverage as I can I'm gonna go to my brows next I find that as a beginner or when I was a beginner was much much easier for me to use a pencil instead of like a powder or something that I don't have as much control with so I'm just gonna go in with a brown brow pencil and I'm going to outline and fill in my brows [Music] [Applause] [Music]

yes I feel like my concealer has such long I'm going to go in with a damp Beauty sponge Beauty Blender whichever one you have I don't think it's necessary to buy a Beauty Blender I've never owned one and I am still alive and kicking so this one I think I got somewhere in this Kim it was on sale and I've had it ever since I do want to get the Real Techniques one but that's just me because I want to it's not because you need a real techniques or you need a Beauty Blender any of those ones that are like 50 bucks in this Kim are fine it is so important to get used to blending as a beginner because it's gonna be a huge part a huge part of what you do as your journey goes on and don't forget when you are blending out your concealer to blend the edges as well so a good thing to remember when you're a beginner is that if you put anything wet on your face you want to stance it with the powder anything at all from your foundation to concealer to whatever pravara I'm going in with is my fab as my girl it's hot day and it's be a black opal at the lux finishing powder and you're just gonna take a wedge all that same Beauty sponge and dipping it into

that finishing pattern making sure there are no creases and then just make sure that you're setting it down and you could leave it here that's called baking but I do not enjoy your baking anymore it's too much for my dry skin so I'm gonna go right on in and sweep all of this away I do know that a lot of people enjoy cream contouring I'm just not one of those people so I'm gonna go straight in and powder contour with the Maybelline 370 so contouring just gives you shape as you can see my face is pretty flat and that's because I've only highlighted we put down a base so I don't have any dimensions I don't have any shadows on my face so I'm gonna try and create that using this powder it's a bit darker than my actual skin I know a lot of people like to console with warmer console shades I like to do it with cooler ones ones with a bit more grey just because a shadow is naturally gray so it does give the illusion much better but that's okay just experiments with products and see what works for you I'm taking an angled brush and I'm dipping it in here angled brushes basically just have that slanting right hand so this goes into

your cheeks very very nicely I take my powder on the top of my ear basically and I bring it halfway down my cheeks I don't bring it down here and I blend upwards I don't blink down because that would give me a beard basically and then I like to take just a little bit and go into my hairline just so that I don't have that break from very nice even skin to that weird skin that you don't really get by your hairline and in your hair so that just helps to just blend everything and make everything look really nice and natural don't do the most with this I do have a big forehead but I'm not one of those girls that cares so I just bring it up here if you do have a bigger forehead and you do wanna whittle it down you just bring it down a little bit bring the color down right here and then you're creating the illusion of a much shorter forehead and then just so that I can make this as tidy as possible I'm gonna go back and see that black opal and I'm gonna go back into the wedge I'm gonna concentrate this powder on the ridge parts the edge and then I'm gonna use that as basically a tool to slice this console so I'm slicing this contour

so then it looks way way way cleaner I take the powder from my ear from the slapping of my ear I don't know what this is called but I take it all the way from the and then hopefully through my cheek so if you weren't into the idea of highlighting and contouring then you probably aren't into eyes shadow but if you did a shadow might be something that you're willing to experiment with as a beginner I don't think that it's necessary for you to buy a palette but if you did highlight some control you got this contour powder shade you can use this as a shadow so you can just take a fluffy fluffy brush and dip it into that shade and just take it into your transition and maybe into your crease this will just give you some definition over there that you can do this to your crease and then take a little bit of your blush and highlights for your lid so you really don't as a beginner need eyes shadow palettes or whatever you just need this put it all over them so I'm gonna stick my face and I'm going to use I've talked about this on my channel the fact that I feel like some of the chemicals in the

setting sprays dry up my face even more so I just use a mixture of water and glycerin in a spray bottle and I use that to sit by face the glycerin is sticky enough that it keeps my face on all day and the water is basically so I am able to spray it out I'm just gonna take that sponge that I used to fill it up my concealer and I'm going to use it to press down that taking spray and give my foundation or my base a skin like finish and then gonna coat my lashes I honestly don't feel like lashes are in necessity for a beginner so here's a little tip for you guys if you go to a store and try to pick out of mascara if the wand is fat like this then it's volumizing it's going to make your eyelashes look thicker if the one is skinnier then it's going to extend your lashes and make them look longer but it's not gonna give them the volume that this type of one will give it so depending on what you want for your brows I just want them to look like they exist I'm going to use a volumizing mascara and I'm just gonna wiggle it into my eyelashes so a great tip for you not to miss everything up because once you miss this up you missed put your

head all the way back look down there and wiggle I'm then going to take some highlights and I apply a highlight to the tops of my cheekbones the bridge of my nose inner corners sometimes above the arches of my brows and sometimes over my chin I think for a beat this simple you don't need to do the most with highlights I just take my finger and I apply this see the top and then like I said earlier on use it just a little bit of highlights and just pass it on to you you're live this is so that it looks like you know you've got an eyeshadow palette even if you don't you can totally stop here but I just wants a look with more dimension in my eyes I feel like they're lost they're looking up is a great way to do this without missing app so just put your mirror up look there you can totally use the brow pencil that you used for your eyebrows to line your lips I'm just gonna take a brown liner and then I'm gonna take my OG my favorite lip gloss ever in this world the essence the shine shine shine with look lip gloss and I'm just gonna apply that I'm gonna put a lot cuz an extra and then you have you guys this is my final look for my full face of

beginner makeup tips I hope you guys enjoyed it I do feel like it is the bare basics of what you need I've got some alternatives in there hope you guys learned something from it and if you guys did enjoy please do like the video down below and click Subscribe our family is growing and I'm loving it and it's just so I will definitely be working on doing the full face of affordable makeup so I can show you guys actual products that you can go out and get butt job for now I hope you guys did learn a bit and you guys can't figure out something to do with the products you're in you have don't need eyes shadow palettes you don't you really need the highlights and contouring anyway but you I'm hoping that the modifications and the tips that I showed you in this video helps you out and till next time you guys I love you and yeah bye bye guys