19 December 2018


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hi guys welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be a full face of Topshop makeup or Topshop beauty or whatever you want to call it so Top Chef would basically recently revamped their whole entire makeup collection and they now have tons of products on their website they have done makeup before and I used to be obsessed with one of their highlighters which they've actually kind of repackaged and got in all of the new stuff as well and it's like exactly the same as it used to be but in like nicer packaging and I actually did use a couple of these products in a video that I did I think it was a couple of weeks back now I used the brow pencil on that eyeliner in that video and I asked if you guys would want to see a full face of like all Topshop makeup and a lot of you said please can I do this video but this video is actually sponsored by Topshop which is so nice of them for wanting to work with me but I have already tried all this makeup stuff just because obviously I wanted to try it before I did a sponsored video on it if you get what I mean so for me I have used this stuff already but for you guys it's like I guess the first time that

I'm showing you it will on camera and stuff so it's kind of like a testing video but then I have tested this stuff before but it's still like a full face of Topshop makeup so that is what I'm gonna do oh sit as well this jumper that I'm wearing today is also from Topshop so all the links all the products and everything and this jumper will be in the description box and it's all super affordable as well I'm pretty sure the most expensive thing out of like all of the makeup unless I slash in store is 16 pounds so it's all pretty much like drugstore prices which is great and obviously you guys know that if I if I had tested this stuff and not liked it then I wouldn't have done the sponsored video but the fact that I tried out some of this stuff and I was like mmm I feel like you guys would like some of this everything comes in boxes like this like for most of the products they've got a box that's got like a little window showing you whatever color isn't it and then for example like this is the primus in a frosted glass bottle and then the lid has got like an embossed kind of logo on it I think it looks really expensive so this one right here is the

long wear mattifying primer it does have a pump which is super handy and the consistency of this is kind of like a it's almost like a mixture between one of the silicone II primers and then like a gel kind of formula I don't really know how to describe it but you guys couldn't kind of like see on my face that it's not it's not like one of those super silicone e ones but then at the same time it has the same sort of effect of making your skin feel really really soft and smooth it basically just like smooths out all of your skin before you put your foundation on they also do have a couple of other primers on there I think they have an illuminating one as well but obviously I went for the master frying one because my skin does not need any more illumination for foundation I have the long-wear liquid foundation in the shade meringue all of the shades are kind of like names rather than shaved numbers if that makes sense so I just kind of went off the pictures that were on the website to pick up my shades obviously it'd probably be easier if you went into store and did some swatches and stuff and but again this is what the bottom looks like this is just a glass

bottle and this time it's got a matte lid again the foundation has a pump which is super handy and I think this is a pretty good color match for me so I'm just doing like a pump and a half as you can see it's got a pretty good coverage I would say it's kind of like a medium coverage foundation I think that's a pretty good pretty good color for me and I would say this foundation has kind of got like a satin sort of finish it's not matte but it's not jewy it's kind of a really nice in-between hopefully you can see that on my skin it's kind of a satin so this can see like I've got any shade out and it's actually really pale so if you have really light skin and you want a good pale concealer and this one is actually really light this is what the packaging looks like it's got a matte lid and then the rest is shiny and then you can kind of see the color at the bottom rather than being like a rounded dopher it's kind of a flat one if that makes sense but it's actually a really nice applicator look you see what I mean about the concealer being pale one thing I have noticed about this concealer is it does dry quite quickly and so I'm gonna do my under eyes first and then go

back in with my blemishes but it's a really nice concealer as you can see that's just really brightened up my under eyes I quite like how it dries down because that means it's quite long lasting as you can see like I did a really good job of covering this spot down here okay so that is my concealer done I actually really like this concealer okay then for powders I've actually got two different ones the first one that I've got is it's the weirdest but coolest powder it's called the invisible powder and it's called White Lies and it I don't know how to describe it right this is what the packaging looks like it just kind of feels like nothing on your skin it looks like this but then when you kind of swatch it like you can't see it it is actually invisible but then at the same time it sets your makeup like I honestly don't know how to describe this other than you just have to feel the texture of it because it is the craziest feeling thing like you can feel it but you can't see it which I don't like I don't know what this wizardry is but like you would think it would come out white you can only see it the tiniest bit and then it

just kind of disappears like I don't even know and but the other powder that I have is the long-wear pressed powder and this is in the shade of cashew however this one is a tiny little bit too yellow for me the packaging is gorgeous for this it's just matte black and then the bottom of it is shiny and then again it's got a nice big mirror so super good for traveling under my eyes I'm gonna use this one but again they do have other shades of the pressed powder so I'm just taking this translucent one I don't even know how to describe the texture of this powder if any of you have tried it you'll know exactly what I mean but I don't know it's just so crazy it feels so thin like it almost feels like nothing but then it sets your makeup at the same time which is nice and then I'm gonna go in with this one over the rest of my face actually you know what I think I can get away with this color so for bronzer again they had quite a few different shades but I went for this one which is called Mohawk and this is the matte bronzing powder it has the same sort of packaging as the powder is just like a map lids and also it's magnetic as well so I'm going to use

this for kind of like contour and bronzing in one and what I like about this is it's not crazy pigmented so you can kind of builder which I think you guys know I like that in a bronzer and the actual shade of this I think is quite nice as well because you can use it for like contour and bronze do you see what I mean like it doesn't look too it's not too warm but it's not too cool maybe I did put a bit too much on but that's just how I roll so what I mean by it's buildable you see like if you swatch it it doesn't come out super super dark so you can just build it up really nicely and then for blush I have the matte powder blush this is in the shade game-changer again it's the same sort of packaging but this one's just a bit smaller and it looks like this they was heard quite a few different shades of blush but I decided to just go for a really standard kind of pinky rosy toned one but it just looked like a pretty extra flash of color type of blush which is my favorite I don't like anything too out there or like bold like I don't really know what else to say about this blush you can see it on my

cheeks it's just a really nice matte blush in a very kind of neutral shade that I think would work in our lot skin tones oh and then for highlighter I do also have a liquid highlighter as well they've got quite a few different highlighter options on their website they've got liquid highlighters they've got powder highlighters and the powder highlighter does come in a few different shades as well the liquid highlighter I'm not going to use on my face just because me personally I prefer powder highlighters but if you're into liquid highlighters this one is the shade misty and it's so beautiful it's like a pinky champagne super metallic color so there's a swatch of that one there so if you are into your liquid highlighters these are beautiful because I just cannot seem to master the art of liquid highlighters I'm gonna stick to my powder one and this is the glow powder highlighter in the shade crescent moon and it's got this gold packaging and the actual shade of this is exactly the same pretty much as how it used to be is like a peachy pink sort of color um but it reflex kind of like gold and peach I don't really know if you can see that

they're so pretty it's basically a champagne highlighter with the tiniest kind of hint of peach in it but it just gives the most beautiful [Music] okay so for my eyebrows I've got two different products one of them I have used in a video before the first product that I have is the brow pencil this is in the shade modify and in the video I want to use this the other day I was testing it for the first time in that video it's just your kind of standard brow pencil it's got an actual sharpen up pencil you know a standing brow pencil one side and then the other side has got a spoolie and again this comes in multiple different shades of the shade that I got is modify which is a really nice kind of ashy taupe sort of color what I really liked about this brow pencil is it kind of feels like a brow powder like the texture of it is not creamy it's more like a pigmented powder pencil if that makes any sauces I don't think it does but as brow pencils go it's really easy to work with because it kind of you can kind of blend it or and then for a brow gel this is the brow definer mascara in the shade chase and

this is kind of like a cool toned Brown but oh my goodness you guys look at the brush of this it has got the tiniest little like mascara wand pretty much which is so good for getting each individual brow hair and I'll show you the difference up close in a second and you can really like get to the very tail of your brow without making a mess because it's so skinny so this is the eyebrow with just the pencil and then you can see this one here is the one with the brow gel as well it just kind of makes them look a little bit more defined and a bit more like a fluffy and I find that a lot of drugstore brow products are often quite warm but these are really nice like cool colors which is good okay so I've got two different eyeshadows here I decided to keep it pretty simple because they have lots of different individual eyeshadows on their website they have like map ones shimmer ones glitter ones duochrome ones I've tried the duochrome ones in the past and they're absolutely beautiful I think they're called the chameleon or something so I got a matte eyeshadow in the shade anecdote which is basically just like a standard Brown the packaging

looks like there and then this is the shade it's just like a medium standard brown that one there and then let's add something a little bit more fun I decided to go for one of the glitter eyeshadows which I haven't tested before this is in the shade pyramid and oh my goodness this is so pretty the packaging for this one is more like Chrome II and it's just like a gold shade it kind of matches my jumper these are just so sparkly it's got like really really finely milled glitter in there to the point where it almost looks like wet so I'm doing a pretty basic I look today but I thought would just probably be easiest to stick to shades that people are most likely to wear if you get what I mean so I'm starting off with this one which is the brown let's put this on like my inner and outer corners and blend it through the crease and then I'll put the gold on like the center that was all from one dip Wow if you want a brown shade to do a really easy kind of like a brown smokey eye then that pretty much did it like super easily and I'm just gonna blend over those edges and then I'm also put in that shade just along my

lower lash line okay so for these glitter eye shadows I find that they either work best with your finger or if you are gonna use a brush they work best with a bit of setting spray just so that the glitter like really sticks to your eyelid so I'm just gonna take some on my finger and then I'm just gonna press this onto the center of my eyelid oh so pretty I really hope you guys can see that actually you know what let me apply the second eye close up okay so I've just taken some of my finger and then just pressing onto my eyelid do you see what I mean about being a super finely milled glitter tada just on my lower lash line to show you guys how it works we've got who dropped it just to show you how it works with a bit of setting spray I'm gonna take some on my brush and then I'm using the makeup fixing mist which looks like this and then I'm actually just giving it a couple of spritzes that was the easiest I look in the world then I've got the long-wear mapped eyeliner in the shade sipped which is just black and again I did use this in my video the other day and really like ticks it's got such a fine little brush thing so this is what

the liner looks like as you can see it dries down so it's fully matte black then I have the intense mascara in keyboard I think keyboard is their name and this one looks like this it's got like a match up with a shiny lid and then the brush is just a natural bristle brush it's quite a skinny brush with like short bristles it's quite a natural mascara if you did want something more natural we say for example you're not allowed to wear too much makeup to school or you just want to something a bit more on the subtle side for work then that's what it kind of gives you with the first coat but then it is buildable so I'm just adding a second coat to this eye so this is with one coat this is with two coats okay so the final step is the lips and I've got quite a few different lip options so on the website they've got lots of different choices for things to do with your lips they've got the long wear liquid lipsticks they've got matte lipsticks I think they've also got non matte like Bullitt lipsticks they've got long wear lip pencils and then they've also got the

ultra matte lip crayons I think my favourite out of these is probably the ultra matte lip crayon this really reminds me of the NARS Velvet lip crayon things I'm just gonna do swatches of all of them so this one is the lip crayon and they shade feather it just looks like this it's like a chubby pencil so that's a swatch of that one there it's just like a really pretty rosy nude color then the long-wear lip pencil I've got in the shade it's ceramic which is a nude rose so that is that one there it's a bit lighter and slightly less pink then the matte lipstick I've got in the shade binary code the packaging for this is beautiful it's like map with the embossed logo and then the shiny that is the matte lipstick there so it's a little bit lighter and it pairs really nicely with this lip pencil and then the liquid lipstick I have in the shade adore let's do it on her so that one there is a door okay to be fair they all kind of look the same depending on what sort of formula you like they've got lots of different options on there so just go and have a look and lots of different colors as well they don't just

do nudes I'm gonna use the lip pencil first to outline my lips my lips have been so dry recently I think it's the cold weather you know what I'm gonna try on at this matte lipstick which is the shade binary code because it goes really well with this liner yeah like you see how well these two pair together so that is that lip combo which is beautiful the lipsticks are super matte as you can see but still creamy at the same time and I do I kind of want to try on the lip pencil as well this is the ultra matte lip crayon in the shade feather this is a really close match to my natural lip color look at that this is literally for me the perfect my lips but better sort of shade and again such a gorgeous formula like it's matte and it looks really matte but still super comfortable and hopefully you can see it looks really smooth on my lips okay so that is everything this is what my for face looks like okay so this is my full face and I know you guys are probably thinking like ah so if you would say that this stuff is good because this video is sponsored I just really hope that you know that I would not do a video on stuff that I didn't

like and so I did obviously trial this makeup before hand but I mean as you can see from my face and the way that these products performs I think Topshop beauty at the moment have some fantastic products and the fact that they're super affordable as well just overall I was super impressed with everything and everything will be linked down below they've also got loads of products that I didn't test that are over on the website like they've got even more products than this right let me just find a question of the day question of the day comes from Lauren creates and she said would you ever have your hair super short like a bob I've had quite a few questions about this like recently that I've noticed in my comments I don't think I would do it because I've got quite a round face and I used to have a bob when I was like seven or eight years old and I regretted it instantly I used to have really long hair and then I begged my parents for ages to let me have a bob and they were like no you won't like it you're gonna hate it and I was like no I want my hair in a bob and then I cut my hair to about like here like I just can't imagine it I cut my

hair to about here and it honestly looked so bad and I hated it and I cried and then I grew my hair out I just like having a long hair okay so I'm gonna go now I really hope you guys have enjoyed this video thank you so much to topshop for working with me like working the top show up on a video is honestly one of the coolest things and I will see you guys in my next video bye