20 December 2018

Full face makeup under ₹500 💖

Hello Loves, here i am with a new video for you all. I believe this video will be very beginner friendly because i have used all affordable drugstore products under ...


he loves what's up and welcome back to my channel I hope you guys have been good I am very excited about this video because it's going to be a very beginner friendly video cuz all of the products I am going to be using in this video are under rupees 500 as I have mentioned in the title of the video I want to put this out there that it's not just the high-end products and expensive products that works there are a lot of brands in the market like drugstore brands that are really really good and performs really well and I love how this look turned out using makeup just under 500 what more can you ask for so if you guys are interested please keep on watching and enjoy the video reading over the face I'm taking the Wet n Wild for the focus face primer if you have dry skin you can opt for the dewy finish primer but again this primer does not have this silicone kind of a texture it's a creamy texture and feels like you're just normally moisturizing your face and my face feels well prepped and for foundation I'm taking the ever so famous Maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation in the shade 128 warm nude and this foundation doesn't have a pump

so you'll have to be careful when you take it out and to blend my foundation I'm taking the pact Beauty sponge and I'm just dotting all the foundation on my face and then blending in with my Beauty sponge this foundation is definitely medium coverage for me but you can always build it up and it's like a satin matte kind of a finish you know it's not overly drying on my face [Music] and for concealer I have chosen the Maybelline fit me concealer and this is in the shade light and I am just applying it on areas where I want to highlight and I'll see you again this concealer gives a good coverage and also it's very blendable so I really like this concealer and it also works very well with the fit me foundation moving on to powder I want to recommend three products the first one is this cents brighten up banana powder the second product is the Rimmel stay matte powder and this is in the shade 0:04 sandstorm and the third product is this win wealth contour palette I am recommending this product because of the banana powder I really like all three of them and because you cannot easily find this here

in India it's if you get your hands on this as well and good but because we easily don't get this you can either try these two products but in this video I am going to set my face using the Rimmel stay matte powder and then again to contour the face I have two products with me you can either go with one of them first one is of course this Wet n Wild contour palette in the shape to achieve the lychee it's so good because it comes with a banana powder as well as a good contour shade and the other product is this one from Savannah colors you can get yours from Amazon and this is the Savannah color blush palette in 0/3 I am recommending this because it has a lot of blush shades right here and then a highlighter shade and also a good bronzing contouring shade right here so yeah this was for $2.99 or 399 I'm not sure it's of a great price and very good quality product for this video I am going to use this contouring palette from wet and wild if you don't have the idea where to contour just look at the top of your ear and then this is the area where you want to contour your face you know from the

tip of your ear coming towards your mouth but don't apply your products till here just you know keep blending the areas here and you have a good contoured face and I'm going to do the same on the other side of my face [Music] and with the leftover product on the brush I just like to pull towards my hairline my favorite blushes would be these blushes from wet and wild this is the color icon lashes and I already showed you the Savannah color blushes you have different shades of blushes for a very good price you have pinks and corals and beautiful movie pings and then an orange here and you can mix in the colors and get your desired color so yet this again is another good palette for a beginner out there you have been doing a lot of corals and oranges for my blushes so today I'm going to go a little pink [Music] to set my face I am going to take the wedding well photo focus setting spray this is the old a where a setting spray and again this product is good for the price okay for highlighter I will also recommend to product again one is the

essence pure nude highlighter I love this highlighter and it feels so buttery like when you feel the highlighter and yeah I'm just watch it on my hand for you and the second highlighter by the way I'm sorry this is fifty rupees extra I mean this retails for 550 rupees but you can always get it on same from mica and the Myntra but this highlighter will not look that good on their skin tone like it's quite golden so yeah I'll just watch it for you dry skin I don't know how this is formulated but it feels so soft when you touch it [Music] this is how it looks but for today's video I am going to use the essence pure new highlighter [Music] and coming through my brows I am very sorry to say that I don't have a brother under 500 rupees I know the Miss Claire brow cake or the brown said it's really good but I don't have that so I'm just going to fill in my brows with a random brown eyeshadow I'm just lightly going to fill in I'm not going to go any crazy with the eyebrow because this definitely is not my shade I'm so not satisfied with my brows but let's move on moving

on to eyes I am going to use the wet and wild eye shadow palette this is a comfort zone palette it has to transition shades right here on and only these two shades on that so yeah this shade right here is speaking to me so I will use this but first I'll take the transition shade right here this one and then like all over my lid because I don't have a mirror it's going to be a disaster but I am just going to go and get myself on a row because it's going to be horrible and then I'm going to take this blue shade right here with the help of my finger because I feel that's going to give me the most of the pigmentation and Here I am just building in the color and if you also have a flat eyeshadow brush you can spits your brush with a setting spray and then to go in with the eyeshadow and apply it on your eyelids when that will work and then I'm going back to the transition shade and just blending all the harsh lines and for the lower lashline i'm going in with this darker transition shade from the same palette and going in with a dense pencil brush and I'm just slightly

smudging it out and to highlight the inner corners of my eyes I'm taking that lighter shimmer shade from the same palette and highlighting the inner corners and for eyeliner I'm taking the Maybelline colossal liner and I'm just going to create a wing and for falsies I'm taking the pack m75 false lashes with the Miss Claire lash glue and to coat my lashes I'm taking the Maybelline hyper-girl volume express mascara and this is a very good drugstore affordable mascara available and most of you must be wondering what lipstick I have today and this is the Lac main nine-to-five lipstick in the shade let chaos and I know the name says a red but this is a very beautiful nude color and I really really love this [Music] [Music] so guys that's it for today's video I hope you guys really enjoyed it I really like how this look turned out by using products and they're 500 rupees and that's the best I can offer you for now if you're new here and you haven't subscribed to my channel please do so and like on my videos and show me all the love in the world because I love you

guys and I will be back for more videos and in that note I am signing off and I will see you guys soon bye [Music]