14 January 2019

Full Face Makeup Routine

Eyes:Morphe x James Charles Pallet Foundation: Fenty Setting powder: Pretty Vulgar Highlight: Bh cosmetics x Carli Byble Setting spray: Mac Prep+Prime fix ...

hello everyone welcome to my very first

youtube video I'm Bianca today I'll be showing you my full face makeup routine let's go ahead and get on with this video so right now I am applying my cover flicks primer onto my face this primer is so soft I really love this primer I wake up [Music] okay so now I'm just applying my 50 Beauty foundation I have the shade 320 I think we shaded - territory because I got it [Music] fermentation so it's simply that ever since I'm visibles have a big difference so I use it and then for me blending out my foundation remove my morphine y6 brush from morphe I really love this brush it's so soft on my face it without seriously imperfectly of course I do [Music] okay guys so for my next thing I'm gonna get my pretty robust setting powder and grab my wet in a wild p65 setting powder brush as well and just set my foundation so that way doesn't get too oily doesn't get all messy at the end of the day okay guys so now I'm just grabbing my no filter concealer by color pop to put the base on my eyes I don't use a primer or

anything else I usually go with the concealer it's just easier for me I also do get a Beauty Blender and just blend it out onto my eyelids I usually go a lighter color than my actual colorful lion poop concealer because it con would pop out for army buddy James Charles palette that I just got for Christmas and I'm grabbing the shade canvas to set that concealer so that way it's people more easier for me to blend my eyeshadow onto my eyes [Music] my next step after I will provide my cover up my base for Obama concealer I'm gonna grab my beautiful light blending brush sorry for because medics it is just simple for depression our skins as my transition color like easier for me so I [Music] of course I see no one last service and of course I am grabbing into the shade of Mary in the James Charles palette and I'm just going in and out to my satisfaction for my transition color of course you don't want to go too dark but you want to make it where it pops up and where you can see where the

transition from one color to another to another [Music] okay guys so now I'm just grabbing a smaller than I'll brush to go into my crazy area and I'm gonna grab this shade boutique now and I'm just gonna apply that right into my crease area only not too far it's my job you should color better we want to save that into my buddy's area and I'm just gonna continue to up Oh dad of course it's my satisfaction I want to darken up a little bit she's like I said you do want to see the transition for a more color into the other [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay guys so for my next step after this I'm gonna grab my morphe m57 3 brush and dip into the shade Benny I just gonna put that into my outer corner and then of course I want it to be a little bit darker than it is like a little smokey eye a little bit more lighter not too smokey but I just realized right now that I put a little bit too much otherwise I think the color was actually

like so yeah I'm now I'm just gonna grab a blending brush and I'm just gonna fix that up real quick and just blend it out I'm also gonna take this color a little bit new to my crease area just because you do want to blend the colors of course together and kind of make that come together as well so that's all we're going to be doing on both sides of my eye and you can see that I'm switching to my blue my clean blending brush just to make sure that everything is transitioning good burning evenly and it just comes out good [Music] okay guys so after this I'm going to go ahead and get my color pop no floats your concealer again and this is in the shade light 12 like I said I would like the color to be lighter and as you can tell that I am doing a cut crease I usually put the concealer onto my hand and then I go from there and I just use a flat top brush just to cut the crease with them and I'm going to do the other eye of a camper as well okay guys so now I'm going to go ahead and I'm gonna grab a flat top of brush I'm at the shade boutique and I'm gonna get my fix plus berry because it says

like this shimmery color a little bit and I'm just gonna spray my flat top brush like that so that way you can pick up more presentation on the color and I'm just gonna apply that over why the split up cut the crease in the concealer and so I'm just gonna apply that on cut crease area [Music] okay guys so after this I'm gonna go ahead and dip into boutique and mini and I'm getting a small flat top brush and just blend that out at the button and then I'm just gonna be grabbing another flat top brush and I'm just gonna dip into this shade base which is the highlight color in this palette and I'm just gonna put that out of my brow bone color okay guys so now I'm just of course dusting that powder off right off my face now cuz I just finished my arms and I'll go ahead and I'm gonna grab my NYX contour bronzer I'm sorry and then I'm gonna get my bronzing brush and just go ahead and bronze around me bump beside my head and then onto my cheek area a little bit under there and now I'm just gonna grab my it mascara I love this mascara makes my lashes grow and it's so it's really good and I'm just

applying that onto my bottoms I did apply my falsies on camera because I do have a little bit of problems and for my contour kind of didn't get that part hit now is getting my blush from Milani and I was gonna find that once my cheek area I must see my camera musta caught off on my contouring part so I didn't get to real mad part and now I'm just gonna be dipping it in to the highlight I gave in to the James Charles palette I forgot the name of it it's in the shade base and I'm just gonna apply that of course up a little bit above my cheekbones on my nose above my brow but for my brows and my Cupid's arrow of course and then am I gonna get a smaller brush and I'm gonna put that in my tear drop area but then of course I'm gonna get a lipstick I don't know what shape this is just a new color yeah all right guys this concludes light of full face it made you enjoyed this video please make sure to LIKE comment share and subscribe and I'll see you in my next video [Music]