03 August 2017

Fresh Face: "No Makeup" Makeup Look

Hey Guys! In this video I'm showing you my everyday makeup look. I have been experimenting more with makeup lately and I am in love. Thanks for watching!


alright guys so first I'm going to take this Jack Black chopstick and just take care of these white chapped lips real quick and I just started using this stuff I really like it this is the fresh mint I am going to take this off start off with my foundation so first I'm going to spray this elf makeup mist inset let's bring that on my face first yeah I have to work interview today so I'm just getting ready for that it's later on today but I wanted to do my makeup and everything early I'm not some errands to run first before I do that and then I'm going to do my interview today alright so that is fit and pretty good now I'm going to take the Smashbox photo finish primer and prime my face all right so now that my face has been pried I'm going to take my Clinique stay matte or Freight makeup foundation and also the fit me matte poreless foundation I'm going to mix the two I've never done that I really love this Clinique foundation Brown I just went to Sephora da color match because I'm terrible at color matching my skin on my foundations or anything like that

and this one I really really love so I'm gonna have to tried this one before but I'm going to try to mix the tunze when I'm working with in so let's see you like it you I love them and makeup I don't normally to unmake up like and also and I'd to you I feel like it's this I don't know treat like it's like yes you can look fat today I don't know yeah let me know if you guys love doing your makeup or like game on glam I like a lot because I never get to do it that much and by the way guys this is the Real Techniques Beauty Blender I've never tried like an actual Beauty Blender but I love this Real Techniques I had like this dupe that are used like in the past and it was like a hard one isn't it very soft but that was like our heart um Beauty Blender and I did not like that one at all so that this one is a one all right so now that I've all blended out I am going to take my concealer this is the Maybelline concealer in the number 30 because I'm going to take that and conceal under my eyes also I can fill my forehead and my chin and I'm upset in a blinking of the LA

girl Pro concealer just to get a lighter brightening I just a little bit lighter so I'm gonna take this and I take my view here again and just like this blend so easily y'all like I'm just like yes we got to make sure it's damp don't be like me when I first got a Beauty Blender and I was like just fun even worth right no you need to wet it for it look so definitely wet your donors before you use them and y'all I know my hair looks a mess don't get back together right after this I'm going to take my banana powder and set those areas that I feel Iran [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] now that my eyes are pretty much blended out the way that I like this I'm going to take my Too Faced better than sex mascara plug that to my own eyelashes turner now that is done I'm going to take my Anasazi up low kick and just give me highlight actions alright so lastly I'm just going to apply some lip gloss and use also my NYX lip pencil it is in the color coffee

I'm going to take this next gloss but it is in the color mauve [Music]