14 June 2019


I had never heard of PinchMe until they reached out to me. And boy, am I impressed! I received the Blogger Box, but I'm excited to see both prestige and ...

hey you guys welcome to my channel it's

Fergie blog here I'm doing an unboxing and it is from a company called pinch me I have never heard of them until they've reached out to me pinch me calm they are basically one of those services where you get a bunch of good stuff every month or on a regular basis it's anywhere from beauty health lifestyle yeah so fun right why not I'm gonna I want to know what's in here every month is a different assortment I have the blogger version so there's maybe some more stuff in here than what is in a typical monthly box I love how its wrapped and brown paper package brown brown paper brown paper try products from leading brands for free okay I feel like I did a free sample box before so if this is something you've done or you've heard oh let me know because I always find it interesting when I learned about these things I don't know everything I mean I know a lot okay first thing I see here is a sample of Clairol root touch-up this is the concealing powder this is kind of cool and it's in my shade well it's yeah light brown well they give you a whole bunch so it's a little card with a little sponge maybe

not I mean who knows the sample may or may not lend itself well to application not necessarily something that dictates if the product is good or not right we've been there okay so how pitch me works you go to pinch me comment sign up once a month we'll e-mail you when free samples are available for you to claim you provide your honest feedback on the samples to claim more click on the quiz me tab complete surveys daily and be guaranteed weekly exclusive sample boxes treat click on the treat me tab and receive daily e-mails with special offers and savings okay this is really cool brands are getting really savvy and how they spread the word so this clearly is something brands out there are using to kind of you know just network right oh my goodness native deodorant somebody I know loves this stuff ooh Plus this little guy how cute is that I believe this is a natural deodorant aluminum-free based with a coconut oil and shea butter yes arrowroot powder ooh that must be the oil the sweat absorption cool oh I like that I don't know if there's like a

little description thing in here I should show you what it looks like hmm yeah so we have okay so let's okay - welcome card Clairol root touch-up what is this cook up a fresh start from hella fresh I've done videos for them $25 off your first two boxes so you get some coupons in there Esther see the better vitamin C I mean how many do you guys just keep this in your cupboard right or even in your junk drawer you pull out you're like oh there's a nester see packet love this stuff oh where were you when I was in Vegas oh my gosh these are calm peed cushioning comfort and confidence advanced blister care and I got such a bad blister I love blister pads look at me if you go on vacation if you do Disneyworld if you do Disney if you do not very farm if you do Europe the Great Wall in China wherever you're gonna walk a ton have some of these packed because they do an amazing job staying on your feet through sweat and wear and they actually do a good job of protecting the skin you guys drunk elephant uh thank you I'm Brashear physical daily defense SPF 30 I have the one that's tinted this is so cute look at this little oh my god

this is so cool so apparently you get prestige brands and drugstore brands who I'm hungry what's this Michel a Augustin - cookie cookies cookie squares baked in France the dark chocolate with a pinch of sea salt um okay I'm having one deal okay my shirt right there so cool looma phi oh my gosh you guys these are so good I did an Influenster post for them and I was sent these these are amazing I know I'm like hyping this stuff up but you're not necessarily gonna get this in your box but just to know that these are the potential items plus this expensive so that's very generous limit eyedrops are amazing for real I just used them the other day because allergies aquaphor advanced pointment body spray I have been dying to try this basically it's aquaphor in a mist which it's so cool it's got all the good stuff if you can use lanolin aqua for three oh if you're not if you cannot use lanolin avoid aqua for products they have lanolin is one of those weird things that some people can use it and some people can't this is really cool you know this would be good for sunburns

because most the time the aloe in the Sun care aisle has alcohol in it and when you put that on your skin it stings uh-huh Oh more cookies more cookies yay milk chocolate with a melted caramel oh my gosh I'm loving you Miguel and a goose team I just said that like it was German Michele does Michel is that pronounced Michele in France that's it that was so cute thank you so much pinch me this was fun so go on their website and fill out the form and get samples sent to you if you answer the questions and do it in time I guess I don't know so we're in this together right okay so thanks again pinch me and I hope you guys enjoyed this video as much as I enjoyed unboxing these little treasures and please subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and give that thumbs up button a click for my algorithm on the YouTube and follow me on Instagram and all that good stuff and thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next time bye