14 October 2018

Free makeup and beauty products from Ulta Beauty!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!

Ulta gives away so much free stuff!!!! Download the Ulta Beauty app today and start earning points towards free makeup! This was my free gift set with $75 ...

hi guys thought medium Jessica here um I

just wanted to do a super SuperDuper quick little video I got a package today I thought it was what I got with my Ulta points but actually it was the 75 piece I think was a 75 piece gift set there maybe it's 75 dollars like a free gift with $75 purchased okay that that makes more sense so I wanted to share it with you guys so we'll go ahead and do that and we'll go in it together I haven't opened it yet so it's really pretty bag I love this I just seen this that the the little pool thing is a lipstick love okay it's decent size makeup bag too and it's really heavy and you got this if you spent and I think it's still going on there's three different ones you can choose from and if you spend $75 you can pick one of these so mine came with the first thing is a biological last orchid conditioner okay I love by love ship so I'm excited about that next I have a Vita coca coconut oil okay so I use coconut oil almost everyday for one thing or another whether it be as a lip balm I use it as a hair mask I use it kind of like as a cleansing balm to get my makeup off

coconut oil is really amazing and I don't think I've tried this brand so try that one out okay so I got the biologic 'add shampoo so we got that's pretty decent-size well to get 1.7 ounces fluid ounces okay woo we got the uLTA Beauty matte setting spray I've actually never tried anything from Ulta beauty like the you'll brand I think it might have tried a sponge but other than that I've never tried any products so I will let you guys know how that goes okay next we have the Murad retinal youth renewal serum okay now for a perk I got the Murad invisible perfecting shield so and I haven't tried that one either so but this is a youth serum and I really like serum so okay okay next we got the skin fix hand Repair Cream it looks like eczema plus so if you've got eczema this this will be really good it says winner of the shape Beauty award and an allure Beauty award dermatologist recommended so if you have hand issues or skin like difficulties this will be good for that gosh there's a lot in here okay the Juice Beauty this is the green apple peel full strength exfoliant okay so I'm guessing this is for your skin

okay yeah so it's a gel cleanser awesome I love skin care so okay we've got the Pacific island okay this is what this is why I smell vanilla I think this was a little bit loose in the back and I'm a kind as was leaking yeah and you can definitely tell that there's not as much in here so it leaked a little bit but it's okay because it smells good so it's a hair and body mist it looks like it's up to here but it's hunter percent vegan cruelty-free I love this mist your beautiful boot bitty body from head to toe and scents Milan head onto the magical world you've got this I can't wait to try that what's left of it okay um oh and then this I happen to absolutely love their micellar water this is Garnier micellar water all-in-one removes makeups for all types of skin even sensitive so I'll keep that on my makeup desk for when I want to clean up a wing or just make it kind of fix the makeup mistake and this is the reason why I picked this bag because I love this brand so much this brand makes my hair feel like absolute silk it smells amazing it's just amazing and this is the it's a ten and this is their silk express they have a regular ten

minute Express or a miracle silk leave-in but this is the silk one and it just makes your hair that much softer and it's expensive so this is a pretty decent little size okay next thing we have the VG this is what got wet you can tell it's kinda yeah kind of soggy this is a VG aquaria Lerman creme riche hydration diamond dye nimac and it's rich cream okay so I was reading the wrong side it's a rich cream hydration sensitive skin allergy tested dried very dry so this will be good for super SuperDuper dry skin it looks like Shh I'm not seeing English anywhere I'm here sensitive skin allergy tested spa water okay well looks like a Korean brand maybe beachy I don't know I don't know but it's a moisturizer so I'll try it at night since it seems to be heavy oK we've got the wheel is this the product candy kiss I love the way this smells actually I'm a perfume free and I've got the the product candy I think this one is which one is this the gloss yeah so big fan of the Prada perfume sorry I just got done working out so that's why I'm going to sports row and not really wanting to be like all on the camera okay so the next one is the

Victor and Roth Bambang and I love this one too I don't think I have no I don't think I have a full-size of this but I've definitely tried samples and I really do like it so next we've got the first eight beauty and I love first aid beauty and this is the facial radiance pads helps exfoliate tone and brighten and I think it's just oh no this comes with ten pads so that's pretty cool comes with ten so we'll try this out ooh we got a Nastasia lip gloss and crisp day I don't think I've tried this one let me see whew that is pretty and if you guys were planning on buying stuff anyway I'm gonna just wow that's beautiful so you guys were planning on getting a couple pallets or some foundation and a couple things get it now because this is $75 value I think or maybe it's even more than that but we'll get some free stuff okay next we have the Gimme brow and this is the brow volumizing fiber gel and the shade three and I really do like this gel I just think it's so cute look on this oh my gosh so cute what I can't wait to use this wait okay alright next we have the lash sensational you guys this is my favorite drugstore

mascara absolute favorite this is the best that you can find at the drugstore in my opinion it curls your lashes lifts your lash and separates your lashes and it doesn't leave a crummy nasty black residue underneath your eyes at the end of the day so this is my favorite one and I think it's in very black yeah so awesome very cool next thing we've got the mama nod floral hydro gel cream in flower narcissus the strength of beauty can be discovered in flowers okay so it's a gel cream and honestly I don't go through even though I use them every night and day I don't go through a gels and I creams like I don't use them up very much so it's nice to have though to try different ones so yeah that's exhausting okay next we've got the Mac full flashes extreme black just a cutesy little size you know it's good on I don't think I've tried this one I know I've tried one Mac one but I don't think it's this one so okay next we've got the Becca and this is the champagne pop this is an awesome shade and it is just the cutest little size so cute champagne pop is stunning it is just the most beautiful highlight on the chiefs perfect for like a nice summer glow all

year round and that is a cute size you can even use it as eyeshadow on the lid and it's just gorgeous yeah that's freaking awesome to you next you get a silicon gel bag for free yeah it's all soggy from where that things spilled okay last but not least which i think is cool that they add this little added bonus this is five dollars off any uLTA Beauty Collection purchase of $15 or more so yeah that's pretty awesome and I'm going to kind of move this so you can see what you get here you guys see that yeah there we go alright so you get all of this in an awesome cute little bag for spending $75 which you are probably gonna do anyway if you're anything like me alright guys I love you and I hope you enjoyed this little share and yeah get on it right now get on the alta app I think they've got two other choices to choose from right now if they're not sold out but get on it quick because they go like that all right have a good night guys love you