25 March 2019

FOREVER 21 HAUL : Clothing | Accessories | Makeup

Hey guys! I recently went shopping and got some amazing stuff from Forever 21 ! Check out this haul to see all the things i bought from clothing, accessories to ...

hey guys and ready welcome back to my

channel that wiki laughs in today's video I am sharing a clothing haul after so so long I feel this is the forever 21 haul I'm super excited so let's simply get into this video but before we continue if you are new on my channel then don't forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell button and welcome now let's just get straight to this with your clothing accessories and cosmetics I'm gonna start with the clothing but the first one is basically the top that I am wearing right now I think this is really cute it's not a crop top it's not a long top it's sort of like a mid crop so for anyone who doesn't like to wear you know crop top still like that I like really really short cute top to pair with a pair of jeans such a cute casual date outfit and it says a born weekend over here which is perfect so the next one I got is ombre light blue hoodie the material of this is so soft it's all weather kind of casual college-going goodie for lining inside which is not thick for it's just for the soft feel the next outfit is actually one of my favorites this was something

that I saw in the mess this is the top isn't it cute old school checkered crop top which is again a really nice thin material you can actually wear it in summer very honestly and it's got this black border over here so the full sleeve crop top I love the cut off head because from down it's a really loose cut yet you can wear it with shorts jeans a black skirt boots a high-waisted black pant this gorgeous little skirt over here which is actually a skort it is so so cute this in my head is such a retro vintage kind of thing can go so well even the top that I'm wearing actually girl divided over so it's short and I love skirts because I'm and with skirts then I have to wear like shorts inside and then ten layers but Scott makes it easier the next thing is another buddy but these hoodies are actually all-weather because all of these hoodies are loli thin material they just have the look of a hoodie so this is a casual black hoodie it's got these neon bandage kind of thing I think it looks really smart really casual I would pair this up with just a pair of black leggings or jeans or whatever you

like and if you had a cap or maybe a pair of sunglasses it just makes the outfit really really bode finally I went into a little bit of party I found this top it is very similar to what I already have I have this in yellow so this is how it is okay let me trim it so yeah this goes around the neck like that has like a deep deep back to it you can basically just mess the corns in this opens up with a leather jacket if you're going out when it's cold really classy I like that it's just a top and I like that this the time thing is really long so it just hangs behind and it looks really girly so it's cute the last clothing thing that I bought which I still have to squeeze and do but I'm like you know what I'm buying it and I will lose weight for this it is this dress over here shorter dress you're really cute especially for some and I can totally imagine this with like an overcoat a long one ankle boot with a sling bag as well it's got the slip behind it's a cute tube dress now I'm going to move on to the accessories this I saw this in like you know the billing section where you walk towards the counter and there are the stuff kept in

the side loved the Kyllo is lavender wearing this it didn't look that great so I'm probably going to use it in my makeup you dollars just to keep my heavy eye in I can look pathetic over there that's fine y'all understand before the makeup is all done the next thing is this choker over here early light accessory go with a lot of things I see especially denim light blue denim I don't own a lot of gold accessories this is I got all my accessories in gold so this is another cute piece very simple very classy would look amazing with a black jumpsuit no like an office party or something this will go with so many outfits but it's just one piece of jewelry that you need the next one was to get me in the holiday mood I am totally wearing this when I'm on vacation is a cute pair of earrings which looks like Miami because of the bombs are used say yeah see like this with even this it looks great so I think we can rock face on some vacation let's move on to cosmetics I used a glitter from forever 21 and compared it to the Buddha Beauty eyeshadows new eyeshadows that have launched a length are above and I really

loved it so I went ahead and I bought many more ones like a pretty white glitter some specks of iridescent and a white especially in the inner corner sometimes when you're going for like a party just that pop of little I love it it stays on pretty long as well and it's so affordable so I love this purple one over here it is oh god oh my god it's called you look on paint highlight of cream the other one is a lighter purple with again specks of iridescent so this is the proper liquid like a shadow and this really reminds me of the Stella glitter so if you're looking for I could do and the color was like a really pretty champagne it's labeled as more but it looks like a rose gold to me so again there you go on so many outfits and the last two things that I have one is an eyeshadow primer I actually don't own an eyeshadow primer I have very general primer so I wanted to see and the last thing that I bought was another shadow they had a lot of eyeshadow so this is just a picker really pretty pink glitter and that was it with my forever 21 fall I surely hope y'all enjoyed it if you enjoyed this fashion haul then don't forget to give

this video a big thumbs up and also leave a comment below which was your favorite I'll see y'all in my next video super soon by [Music]