14 October 2018

following a marina hokulani eyeshadow tutorial 🧡💛💜

hey guys i hope you like this video plus i know it's not good you don't need to bully me socials 🦋 https://www.instagram.com/heavonlystarr ...


it's definitely um today I'm going to be doing a I try to follow a marina [Music] [Music] I gotta say it but I'm trying to recreate her sunset look festive with the morphe 35c palette which is basically I can't open it it looks like this it's just a bit colorful palette she's pretty good at makeup so I'm kind of nervous about it but I guess we'll see how it turns out [Music] and I'm going to be talking to my cousin ISA which looks like [Music] so I'm going to talk to her I'm going to be following oh I'm gonna be trying to following epaulette anyways me and my friends into a football game and it started raining and pouring a lots of pictures here well if this a matchbox paradise or this one lured out my work which is taking a primer I don't even Pingu primer and she's using the Smashbox this is the Smashbox pizza do it's a master crime [Music] birds

it's not gonna be using the same should not gonna be using the same foundation that I literally always nice to pick up forever and I'm gonna color why three feet further those bayonets I do but I'm gonna be on by 8 [Music] rocket for any skipping push doesn't really go addition color and yellow we're taking a brush like that they're building up colors so you need to be patient [Music] using this yellow color right here [Music] and she's putting it like on her lips or even cooler [Music] that's my first so she's thinking she's making this orange color right here she's putting it in her crease sunset looks think one of the differences for a transition from yellow so you don't wanna collect it putting a yellow and schleimann different brush been putting it together but only because she wants me to be microbes was it to be like [Music]

never I'm using the purple [Music] she's thinking purple that's next or are we just use just is taking this color on the brush you just mixing with these colors just mixing it so yeah [Music] [Music] so choosing new colors outsprint switches she's very sure we love that so now I'm taking the version I have this colors on than putting it was just being on the whip [Music] color simple if I did on this side live [Music] I think he's doing well I wouldn't know not his birthday is tomorrow so then she told us to get a new brush and going through [Applause] [Music] then she told us to get a smaller brush [Music]

she burped my bad she told us to get all the colors I was using support and put them on our lash lines we're just going to get this yellow color right here and put it directly in the front [Music] for this [Music] I'm gonna take my chopstick [Music] but look this is the look it looks kind of the same this side does not look good um it definitely could have turned out better could have turned out worse actually that I'm looking at it mine does not look similar we're gonna go ask my uncle he thinks notes ranch aw what do you think of it guys fiona is such a liar what are you it's supposed to be a sunset it's supposed to be a sunset thing what do you think of it hey guys shaky camera angle but I just wanted to show you guys what jaundice looks like since he said that's what it looks like I have so on this is Loki a threat on me because he said this is what I look like um don't appreciate that Carlos I'm not gonna whine don't appreciate it he looks

like I have a disease um this is the Luke crevice okay look the guy with jaundice so what um basically this okay so my outro for that video is really bad but um thank you guys for staying till the end I hope you guys like this video I like what to post more but we have to see I'm going to dark Harbor tomorrow so maybe I'll vlog that but I hope you guys like this video make sure you like comment and subscribe if you want to I'll see you guys later I