20 December 2018

Following A BOB ROSS Painting Tutorial.. ON MY FACE!

After transforming myself into the Grinch, a lot of people have been dying for me to follow a Bob Ross painting tutorial… ON MY FACE!!!! Grab the paint, pour out ...

ah look guys it's me Nikki hello it's

the most wonderful time the year tum no welcome to winter wonder wheat day three in yesterday's episode you could see how I turned up the glam creating a dark vampy holiday Christmas holiday makeup look if you haven't seen it click on the screen right now to take you there today's video is a couple of weeks ago I did a video called the never would I ever challenge and then never would I ever makeup challenge is a challenge where I asked you guys what look you think I would never ever do in my life and the top two you were the Grinch which eventually won because of an Instagram poll but I very intense runner-up was following a Bob Ross painting tutorial on my face and ever since I did that video I've been getting so many tweets so many messages so many comments saying girl still please through the Bob Ross video we're waiting today is that day I know I'm pretty sure a lot of creators have done it already so I will try to find the original in the comments down below I know that jenna Marbles did it on an actual painting she followed of Bob Ross tutorial on a painting but

today I'm painting my face you know the difference here is that Bob always starts off with a nice white canvas that he slicks down with some liquid white and that I am NOT that if you don't know who Bob Ross is by the way shame on you here we go Bob Ross robert norman ross was an american painter art instructor and television host he was the creator and host of the joy of painting an instructional television program that aired from 1983 to 1994 i wouldn't suggest watching it during the middle of your day see i was doing research for this video and i wanted to kind of you know look around and see what i wanted to do with my face today i was doing research this morning at 6 o'clock in the morning I fell asleep because Bob's voice is so soothing he is so peaceful he is so we miss you if only mr. Ross would have known that 35 years after he did his show that makeup artists and gurus on the internet would be recruiting his paintings on their faces so without any further ado if you're excited to see me turn my face into a Bob Ross painting then please keep on watching and of course there will be a giveaway

throughout this video so please stay tuned till that and let's go [Music] okay I am legitimately nervous for this one like where is this gonna end so like I said I did a little bit of research fell asleep but did some research and I looked at a couple of videos and looked at the beginning and the end to kind of see what he was up to he he was so ahead of his time he didn't show that end result until the very end of the video something that a lot of grooves out here do too so I looked at a couple of videos and I feel like the Bob Ross ocean breeze season 10 episode 5 should be today's book the joy of painting welcome back certainly glad you could join me today oh I love how bob says white is like white white white today we have something a little different a little unusual up here here's one taken an 18 by 24 inch canvas 18 by 24 inch canvas 25 5/64 inch canvas the bottom half here probably always not this below half I've covered with like gesso and the top half then is just left white now I've covered the whole top half with liquid white it's nice and wet and ready to go away so this is

something that I see him do a lot he covers his canvas with a liquid white and he keeps it wet this was the the the the classic way of keeping your eyeshadow base sticky get it a so instead of powdering your base like bob does you want to keep it wet so everything blends nicely ahead of his time this is gonna be a happy new seascape it's gonna be a happy little seascape in here some fun think you'll enjoy this one I'm gonna start off today with phthalo blue reach over here and grab some midnight black and mix them together so I have blue and go back let's just drop in some ham little guy arias yes use a little crisscross strokes I'm just wondering cuz he made his canvas white and black should I be doing that should I made like the base white and then the base black alright so I have a white paint stick by Kryolan and I feel like I should start by putting this on as a base because essentially his painting hat that alone as a base beautiful and we're done thank you so much for watching and we're back at Halle week doing a skull look again hello oh my god yes Bob we're doing this and I'm gonna

start buffing this in so that I have a nice liquid white base see another thing that's coming to mind is that Bob didn't have to worry about creasing because the canvas doesn't crease I however crease a lot and in those open areas we'll come back and we'll put all the little little clouds and let them dance around I don't think I have a brush like that so I have the makeup forever flash palette it a nice phthalo blue and midnight black okay I have a nice like midnight blue I stick my brush in that looks nothing like his brush pick it up and little X marks to put it on and create the sky and a clap I definitely want like the darkest portions to be around the perimeter of my canvas does that look like the sky please say yes wash my brush wash your brush we just odorless paint thinner shake it off just beat the devil out beat the devil out of it dry brush go back and they will soften this and sorry if you pull a little bit discolor into the light area there we go bringing it together oh my god I am blending the sky oh my god this man is the genius I am blending the sky onto my forehead I'm gonna have a shadow right

here right against the water I just let that work right on up like so just a happy little shadow that live a happy little shutter pop what is happening and just begin making all those fluffy little little things on top of the cloud let that brush just dance around there and play so this wasn't a cloud yet okay okay so this needs to be bluer all right so he mixed red with black for shadows of the clouds okay I guess something like that I'm picking that up picking up that red and why did I tell my brother shadows of the clouds and I saw him music circular motions just a nice little happy cloud up here a little cloud here all right so then he goes in with white and mixes it with the tie-rod of tiny little circles to create your that is not a tiny little circles to create the fluffiness of the cloud this is not working um mr. Ross it doesn't look like clouds and it doesn't look like Skype [Music] okay let's take a fan brush a fan brush sure we just plain old titanium white brush yeah we can go right back in here [Music] like it and oh my god it's just in the

flick of a wrist he created the see okay so I feel like I need to cover this with a dark blue and black because that is to see and then with a white and the fan brush he just creates the see just I don't know where there's a notion I do however before I do that one to tie in my eyes with the looks I'm just quickly gonna do a little bit of some summon to make it look like a glam Bob Ross alright I'm taking a bright blue eyeshadow and I'm popping this into my crease a tiny bit of pink right above that nose line I almost want to make like the eye look like one big cloud almost see so now I'm just gonna work on that okay now putting steel s Sunset Cove on the lid all right so off-camera I'm just gonna perfect this a little bit more in at my lower lashline and lashes but you kind of get the gist of it so this entire eye turns into a smokiness with blue and pink to kind of tie the top together whoo all right now honestly this is a look you can like put some foundation here apply a lip and call it a day and be like bah process Skyy I really like how the I sort of complete the sky feel

and then this is sort of like our highlighter cloud and like this could be a look but of course bob has a wave and an entire ocean going on so first his base is black so I want to put in a black line and then over the top of that he just edited highlights so that's going to be our sea so black here we go oh boy my bathroom is gonna hate me again oh my god oh my god oh my god this is never coming off okay let's go right here yeah decide where that big transparencies gonna be maybe it comes right down like yes and the water comes to wherever you want it and then down something like so this is just to give you an idea it's sort of a guide and we can go right back in here yeah just make little strokes like it mixes with the color it's on the canvas and all these beautiful little effects will happen automatically let's go right in here this like look at that see I know you say Oh Bob you don't this time you may be right I'm having a little bit of difficulty making this look like the Seas we lost him oh my god it's like you blink once and then everything has turned into a beautiful ocean and I am

here looking like you don't want to talk leave weeks later um this wave is starting to look like a mountain I'm just gonna transform everything into tiny little mountains cuz you know what else am I gonna do to save this look so Titanic all the way baby we're saving this look by adding drama and that guys concludes this following a bob ross painting tutorial on my face challenge this has been probably one of the hardest challenges I've ever had to do doing the Grinch was difficult doing the pulled up skin demon look during Halloween a couple of years ago was difficult this was an entire new range of difficult nonetheless it looks nothing like Bob's you know end result painting but I'm pretty happy with this it looks like a dark wintry black icy lake moved without any further ado let's go on to the Dutch word of the day the Dutch word of the day in the last video of course was for Santa and that was guess mom and I have a super awesome Instagram video response by flat brought as she decided to incorporate the Dutch word of the day in a nice little song [Music] for today's Dutch word of the day I

wanted to teach you the Dutch word for cloud let's go volk mm-hmm oke volke so this one might be a little bit difficult but you have to start off with the W so like oh wow whoa I'm on bulk 9 right now if you want to be featured in my next video which is tomorrow during winter wonder week all you have to do is leave a comment down below featuring the Dutch word of the day Volk or leave a video response on instagram under hashtag Dutch word of the day good luck for today's a winter wonder winner the giveaway of today's video for my eyes today you didn't see it but today I used the be perfect carnival palette in collaboration with a Stacey Marie MUA this is a must-have palette it's all with bright colors it is super super intensely pigmented and it is like I said one of my all-time favorite palettes I'm giving away a five of these palettes to five lucky winners and all you have to do to enter this giveaway is of course we subscribe to my channel you have to give this video a thumbs up and comment down below whatever you want you can incorporate the Dutch Board of the day you can talk about how your day was

you can talk about your favorite color you can talk about your favorite Bob Roth painting you can talk about anything as long as you leave a comment that's the guys I want to thank you so so so much for watching today's a winter wonder week episode I hope you enjoyed and yeah without any further ado I hope I will see you again tomorrow and tomorrow is gonna be a crazy one because we're gonna be off to a different country I'll see you tomorrow