14 January 2019



[Music] I actually do a review on this foundation it is the flower light illusion it's an all-day wear it has SPF of 18 and it's the classic 10 and 3 um helps prevent sunburn hopefully it's a good color for me it looks super light but we'll figure it out so I don't know if I should have played with my finger for one it's pretty thick that's pretty cool it's like I'll tinted moisturizer oh I'm just gonna apply this all over my face pretty medium coverage deal I'm gonna just tell you guys how it likes its I think I'm gonna do one more layer just cuz like I really want a little bit more coverage on this side they I'm using beauty but I've recently gotten facial it's just like really help my skin out and really cleanse myself I got some extractions to get any of those like deep rooted problems out of my life no pun intended you can see it in natural lighting I drew up a studio light right here but that's what it looks like and then I'm going to use my new concealer from the Becca ultimate coverage it's a long word concealer I'm going to apply that underneath pretty

thick so a little goes a long way there's quite one up this is really good for like blemishes sets to me that like a really peach undertone so it's definitely gonna cancel out any of my dark circles or imperfections so you guys do have dark circles make sure you have something to counteracts it so like a peach undertone I have more of like that like reddish not even red it's like more purpley I want to brighten it up I usually use the age rewind and neutralizer sometimes but I have it in medium right now cuz they got it for Christmas I'm a little stocking but I also purchased the backup concealer so I've like literally concealers do right now but those are like my I honestly fell in love with the Becca one because I work at Ulta and the testers are out and I was like trying to find a tester that like I know wasn't used cuz I don't know I'm like weird about I mean I still like disinfect them but like the ones that are like super user like open and like I don't know I just feel like they're super contaminated but that's just me I'm not saying that they are I'm just like weird about that so anyways I

was like looking for one that didn't look used then I was like oh I'm gonna pick out a color that like might match me or Dover and so I pick sesame and it's like bright and light and pretty and then I'm going to take my la girl pro conceal and the HD high definition and I'm just gonna contour with this [Music] face going in today and then I'm going to take the Beauty Blender and really just buff it out I've been really loving this technique to just blend everything into my face blend it out it's really go into the hairline okay now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take the Beautyblender and I'm going to take a little bit of this airspun powder I'm just gonna tap it in there 600 underneath really like set it in there same thing on the side like for me I love the x1 because it like sets it and it brightens it up umm what color I'm using cuz the tops off and if I like what's underneath it's just gonna be a mess and a half you might even do that and then I'm like really extra and I like to take a different color and this is the elf finishing powder and light medium so what I like to do with this is

I take a fluffy brush like any kind of blending brush that I use to blend and I kind of just take a little bit of it dust it off but I utilize hold on let me like take these little marks off I don't want to set it with the lines in there so make sure they're gone and then like don't crease my face Oh Mike so I take some of that and there's one and I just kind of create that good base then I'm just gonna take it the team right here that's like blend brush and I'm taking a little bit this take me home take home the bronze from the bomb um this year I'm really going to try to use only vegan products but wish me luck for that I take a little bit of it not too much because this is real pigmented and I'm just going to apply work applied that bronzer for the like contour shake earlier I'm just really blended in oh and then also I'm gonna take the exponent gun and that one art and my sponge I'm just gonna create this line fake my face I don't so much makeup it's really not that has or I wish this away anyways okay just like so bonds on the other

side I like a really bronze right now like so bronze know what so what I'm gonna do to like kind of get rid of that cuz I'm gonna take that airspun a little bit of it and just really like buff it into this just really get rid of that line okay this it's like a mess but I'm gonna take just like fluffy brush I'm gonna take that blush not what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my blending brush are not my blending brush sponge and I'm gonna take this Carli bybel palette and I'm gonna take that color that I've literally pan with and I'm gonna take that like solid and I'm just going to press that into my face [Music] [Music] this might be too much so I take a brush fluffy brush I'm just kind of buff it out like I can tell everything's together like you you tell the lines and like [Music] final look I literally screwed my hair before camera there's gonna be this little messiness and then I'm probably just gonna do this new flip from the get gloss Ulta brilliant ultra shine lip gel from

Sephora looks such a long day like quiet but I love it super glossy just like so hopefully you guys enjoyed this video please subscribe if you haven't already please turn on the post notifications so you can get notified every time I post this video also if you guys are interested in any thing like video wise you should comment down below let me know your mints team I don't know if I want to do like more beauty stuff you have any like ideas review of a product that old time anything anything at all hopefully you guys enjoy the rest of your day it is going to be a great day 11:56 p.m. and i just wanted to kind of give a review about the makeup that I'm really wearing it's the white illusion all day where I only set like right here I do kind of like see it separating under my eyes and I don't know if it's piddle but I set it with but other than that it stayed pretty well I still like look like I'm flawless on camera but here it can kind of see it like separating a lot but oh not that bad I think it might just be like the powder that I set it right here and then the highlighter but other than that it looks good anyway

so that was my review hopefully you guys enjoyed a little get ready with me with the light illusion to the flower beauty if you guys liked this video give it a thumbs up if you haven't already please subscribe I'll talk to you guys later