21 July 2018

flawless abh eye makeup Norvina Eyeshadow palette review

In this video i review the new abh norvina eyeshadow palette. This palette is stunning. I was able to achieve a flawless berry toned eyeshadow look that I love.

I usually get stuck in these warm so

[Music] [Music] chief Allen C and welcome back to my channel if you are new thank you so much for joining me please consider subscribing and if you are returning subscriber thank you so much for coming back as you can tell from the title we're gonna be reviewing their new nor vena palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills this palette is self-titled nor vina I believe this is emphasized the her daughter her daughter's name so this palette is a representation of her daughter and it's um Helen has a lot of cool songs in it so this is the island that I created so if you guys are interested in seeing exactly how I got this look and of course you want to know if it worked on one another then please keep on watching and go ahead hit the build on vacation so you never miss one upload a video so you want to be a part of the notification game alright guys so I'm gonna be using the BH Cosmetics brushes in the number five and I'm just gonna take the color eccentric and I'm gonna put that down as my transition color whoa this color was gonna be a ticket okay yeah this color eccentric it

does not apply the way it looks in the paint going with the color passion [Music] [Music] I want something with a little bit more pop so I'm gonna take another flat shader brush I'm gonna try to start the muscle up center a little bit out of my comfort I feel like you could spend a little bit less money you get the same look so that is my take on it again for those that do blogs and the money I don't think that you'll be disappointed the shadows they do have a bit of a kick kick back for me I was just kind of like you know tapping my brush into the pan and there's a lot of kick up and you all know that when you get a lot of kick up in the pan that means sex product that's being wasted so you could probably hit pan on these a little bit sooner did not like the fact that the color is centric I really wanted to go in with this color here that's a transition color I was hoping that this color will be more of like a talking 1 undertone when I actually applied it to my brush and put it on my eyelid it looked red all of the other colors that I used I was pretty happy with the

way they came home and however do I feel like you need to go out and spend as much money to get this eye look no I don't you know you have this nice packaging but this is gonna get dirty so I don't know that's just my take on it but um I think it's a really pretty proud help you guys like this video please like and subscribe go ahead and share this video if you are not subscribed go ahead and subscribe hit the bill notifications so you'll never miss when I upload a video and I hope you guys found this informative and helpful and I'll see you guys are right here in my next video