14 October 2018

FIVE BELoW EYESHADOW?| Full Face Make up| CHEAP |Green Blue Smoky Eyes Tutorial

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hi guys welcome back to my channel today I've created this Bluegreen look that I actually hated in the beginning because I thought it was a fail but actually turned out okay so I'm gonna show you all how I did it right now I'm starting off with my eyebrows I do use the black radiance pomade and fill in the ends very darkly and then slightly feeling in the front of my brows because they already thick and then I go in with the LA Pro concealer in the color fawn and then I shake them up and then later I go in and I blend them out with the fluffy brush and once again I cannot get my eyebrows done my whole face will break out so before I post them in comments I can't get them done sorry once I finish my eyebrows I go in with my ELF primer the green one tone adjusting and I used that because it makes my face smoother making the makeup go on smoother and it makes my makeup easier to get off when it's time to wash off because when I wash it off I want it off I swear but now I'm going in with my foundation I use the Maybelline fit me in the matte matte and poreless version in the color 360 mocha then I blend it out with my dirty Beauty

Blender I swear I got a new one in the next video I promise so stay tuned I promise I have a new one all right so this next step I I swear I was really like falling off whatever cuz I completely skipped concealer and powder and just went to Consular which is okay I realized it after a while but I yeah I decided to just you know keep going blend it out I left about it later and I've moved on to concealer I used the Maybelline fit me concealer first in the color 45 and then I use a lighter color 30 and I blend it out I used two thirty color because I like it to be a little bit brighter and we discussed this in the last video I'm cheap I'm not going to buy another class either so for now I just mix these two until I run out now I'm gonna go in when I say the powder I use this lighter color you guys I found out what it is it's called Surrey and you can find it like the beauty supply store it's pretty old I used it was like the first thing I ever put on my face as makeup but I said to concealer with that and I said the rest of my face with the Maybelline fit me loose powder and the color 30 then I continued by you know shaping my nose I

don't have a Michael Jackson nose but I wanted to be skinny so I make it skinny now I'm finally starting on my eyes I always start off my eyes with the dark brown color from that same contour kit and then I take a fluffy brush kind of blend out the edges so it's not a such a harsh line on my eye and then I went in with this electric blue color from this be a bombshell palette I got it from five below if you want more details check out my last video I used all five below eyes shadow products and the rest of them were Walmart but yeah this blue was not what I was expecting so yeah this blue was so bright that I took some black eyeshadow and went over it which in my eyes at the time was a mistake and I thought I messed everything up but once again when you mess up keep going because this turned out pretty cute now I'm using that same fun la Pro concealer and I'm somewhat cutting the crease but I'm really not cutting the crease and then after I did that I was really lost i sat here and I looked in the mirror for like five minutes trying to figure out what I was going to do but I thought I'm keep going

so I put these two blue shades on and then i bought the black in a little bit on outside I made it meet thought I was doing something and then I eventually took a green eyeshadow and kind of put it on the bottom and I liked it on the bottom so I also put it on the top yeah this glitter shadow also came from five below it sucks but for one time used it's great so I decided to use it once again because when you think you messed up just click glitter on top of it bomb you can see it on my face that I'm kind of frustrated but I don't really get super angry over makeup I took the silver shade popped it in in the corner you know make it a little more you know cuter and this frustration drove me to slap on some really thick eyeliner which actually came out great because I was so mad I wasn't even thinking about it so it was perfect wings and I didn't even know it I actually had somewhere to go so next I went ahead and put the glue on my lashes so they can dry down a little bit and then I went in with this bomb mascara I love this mascara because like we put it on you don't need fake eyelashes like a fake eyelashes for good and like you see

it on my face like every time then I get excited so I do my happy dance my plan was to go find my lipstick and put it on while my eyelid she's got a little tacky but I'm not gonna say any names but someone didn't return my lipstick so I would love this shade because this is just so chocolatey Brown but to go with these eyes I popped a really light color from colour-pop than my mom got me a long time ago in the middle and I wrote it together for like a good ten minutes what I ordered it out because I know yeah I don't want to see that now you know what time it is time for highlighter I use this one by Mary Kay I don't even know if they still sell it but I mostly used the white shade on the inside and it turned out being too white for me so I took some of the eyeshadow and blend it into and now I'm done I put a little bit of water and you know special something-something on my hair made it cute and I do thank you guys for watching this video please like and subscribe and feel free to come back watch my other video wash my next video bye