21 December 2018

First (cringe) Make Up Tutorial

Uploaded late due to some personal issues. I am planning to do a Christmas and New Years vlog all in one video so like this if you'd want to see that. Comment ...

hey guys it's Sam um first of all I want

to give a quick apology to a youtuber out there I sent a comment and it offended her and then she commented on my page some hate so I just hope we're good now and she wants me sorry so in today's video I'll be doing my night outlook so I'll be doing a look that I would do on a typical night out other than that and subscribe and like this video comment down below what your favorite makeup product is that you really like comment some videos that you would like to see me do in the future what's my social media will be down below but other than that we can just jump right in the way through wondering my new bras pink I recently went to Dominican if you follow my Instagram you will see some pictures there and um I went to a paint party he did for me for a nude bra and yeah oh and also got a cap - no bra no this will probably be a different video um explaining why I got it what the meaning is not still running to the makeup so today I'll be starting off with the moisturizer and this one is so good guys I highly recommend if you have oily skin and/or dry skin this is a vino clear complexion daily moisturizer now I just

[Music] like that other side and [Music] [Applause] [Music] you guys I can't sink I'm crazy but I use three primers but I use them in different spots so the first one I'm going to use is master prime by Maybelline New York I just put this where the pores are so just right there and there you know next I take Rihanna's Fenty Beauty and then the third one I spray after I mean all of the sin oh I forgot one poor section there we go then use my Mac prep and prime fix it plus in the second row [Music] next I'll be doing my brows today I'm using the Revlon brow fantasy in the color brunette so I take my little spooley from my extension but they don't have any more clean eyelashes there you go oh that's when you start underlining you guys can do your brows either ones I'm showing you how I do mine so you took my pencil all the way here and then I drew and I Kurt the shape out so that's basically what I do okay so I

made this this year August and now it's December 17th 2018 and I'm just editing this now because I'm like not a board I want to post it she's not realizing I got to the eyebrow part of this makeup tutorial and I'm like oh I I didn't show how I did my brows so I'm very sorry about that first of all a second of all I will do a video on how I do my brows now back then I use the crusty-ass pencil excuse my language but I will show you how I do my brows and I'll take you step-by-step and I promise the video will be better and this quality is really bad I know I'm using an iPad I'm using iMovie but like I said I'm very sorry and I hope you guys can understand that this was my first ever video and it is my first ever video I should say that I'm making so please be aware that and other than that let's just continue on with this video [Music] [Music] [Music] so for concealer I use the Maybelline New York fit me concealer in the shade 15 fair this is what it looks like on my skin color looks right here I did dampen

my Beauty Blender and I'm just gonna Pat it down really quickly [Music] [Music] try to fix this brow this brow was like yeah I'm gonna have it stay next up this foundation I'm gonna use the Maybelline New York fit me matte and poreless it's normal to oily so if you have oily skin this is perfect for your normal dry I don't know if it's for dry cuz I have dry skin to it usually it works anyways and this is the color 120 [Music] [Music] now that we're done our foundation we're gonna take this next total control draw Foundation and number two and do this usually you just suck it up but I like to do this [Music] you [Music] so the next step is setting powder are using the stay mat by Rimmel London a mattifying loose powder I'm gonna take that with my Beauty Blender that's what everyone does under the eye Oh sides [Music]

yes I'm back okay now I realized that in this part I also forgot the contouring so I just use a mini palette with like four sections so I had a lightening powder a blush contour powder and a bronzer powder I bought that from Ardennes in case you guys were wondering what it was man just looking at this video from August just makes me realize I need to work on it oh man oh man [Music] you [Music] okay guys I know it looks messy but I just did one eye off the camera see what I wanted I'm using that eyes there's so many okay I didn't even mention the palette name the palette was actually from Avon which I don't sell anymore yes I had beautiful shades in it but just looking at it I realized that the look was so messy and maybe the next video that I do I will make sure I do better many beautiful shades in here I'll be using this to create this but all right a sec [Music] you [Music]

[Music] in case of you missed it for the crease I use the middle shade first and then purple like the dark purple my lid I use this crusty silver mixed with the white so I did use this earlier to bring my under eyes and I'm just basically using them to slowly think clean up in here [Music] just quickly did my mascara off camera I use the new covergirl peacock flare did I use the cage at I'm makeup mascara waterproof black I guess fairly new lash Senza sensational by Maybelline New York or highlight today I'll be using this semester holographic by face studio but just from Maybelline New York and this is in the shade 5005 0 and then I'm using the NYX professional makeup orange aglow now only be using the very top corner [Music] I am currently working on my freckles yesterday fat girl starts to try it out now I recently got this lipstick and it's still on my arm yesterday so today I'll be trying the Maybelline New York number ten dreamer [Music]

well very go guys I kinda like it with the glasses so that it's just so anyways thank you so much for watching so like I said in the beginning comment what your favorite makeup product is and what buddies with you would you like to see in the future yeah I could do a day in my life or who knows if you guys want to see what this tattoo meaning is comment down below like subscribe we asked for no hate on this channel anyways bye no guys [Music]