27 November 2018


Hey y'all.... how embarrassing.... my first attempt @ a yt vid. LOL ummmm enjoy? maybe? i dunno man.... I had fun xxx.

guys okay so I'm just putting that there

I can't I bought a new friend today which is what I'm filming on let's get into it the packaging is like completely one-off but it's the maybelline superstay prime on that I go in man this shit is virtually the bottom it's so good and then on top of that I'm putting the mecca cosmetic I like sunscreen thing because I went to Mecca and I was like why is my skin so red like have I done something wrong and she's like no you're like I think you're just some been so like use this so I don't know if like she was just trying to sell me this or if like I actually was something but like you can't even think now like I've got quite red cheeks and I'm not really sure why so like let me know in the comments you know what so let's discuss why I'm making a YouTube video once upon a time I made a video this was like probably two years ago now it was like the merged cringy things I've ever produced in my life but I really enjoyed it and then like life took forever and I got a boyfriend he's now like out of my life so started uni it was like my fashion uni and there wasn't just a lot going on for me and

then like hipster girls from my school started YouTube and I was like oh I wanted to do that so I was like you know what I'm gonna do it I'm just gonna do it because I enjoy it so that's what I'm gonna do so so sorry but that's what I'm doing okay so their foundations I'm using I don't know where the lid is but maybelline superstay true ivory which is like my normal skin color but as you can tell it girls a fake bit too baked hands tenser when I say can I use the Urban Decay all nighter in the show you five pointer and then I'm just taking you guys don't really give a shit I'm just blending I'm just mixing it gonna put on how you use I use Australian Poulos standard you also this kind of blending blending blending now that my like foundation is on I can like finish my brows so the benefit Ready Set brow brow gel love her she's great I'm just gonna set a little Gilly's in place okay so now I'm gonna do like bronze off I'm gonna give a drugstore so I'm gonna use the Moss to sculpt by Maybelline no idea what that was and I'm just taking it on like an angled bang like that I think this is in the shade

medium yet medium [Music] okay sorry next I'm next I'm doing blush I really hate blush I've even heard I mean I need it but like I don't really enjoy the process I'm gonna be using elf but I'm not going in with this one right here it's like I didn't read it kind of reminds me of orgasm by NAS which that's actually one blush that's very pink so I haven't used this palette in like engages orgasm by nas is probably like the one like blush that I really like genuinely good way every day I don't have an issue with that that is such a pink blush fuck me these blushes are really pigmented and it's really good for the price point especially if you're someone like me who doesn't really wear blush and like that's pretty much what you need but then also it's probably better to save up and just buy like a a blush like no it's like one that you're gonna love alright so look now I look like shit so I think just going to try and Bluff that out as much as possible hardly it looks better by the time I'm done oh I hate super highlight slam oh nice is colour-pop one it's called

flexitarian and it's like completely Birkin I'm not I'm not I'm not lifting that any more to show you okay so next is eyeball sir I'm doing a red lip that's like a winery yeah okay I'm gonna use my peach palate and so I'm gonna go in with the color puree which is like this bitch right here like she cured like she's just a transition chaser I'm gonna pop her on um I've got to prime my lids just then so you know they put the color on my lid I was like oh but I was meant to prime um completely forgot about that so today we're not priming today we're just um all right then I'm gonna take some a jump and I'm gonna just take that one another fluffy brush and then I'm gonna just blend that on the outskirts of my eyeball oh it's good over my eyeball like I'm not like gonna go crazy and then I'm just gonna come to me with some e-young by the way now I got this this is like a test off of a palette that we had at work episode like it's literally in like the tester box yes shade here she's saying hey Beck how are you and I'm saying I'm good so I'm gonna she's calling my name so I'm gonna look at that I'm gonna put her on my lip

oh I'm then gonna great even with Stila I didn't even say what color these clothes this is like kitten mittens hit in the comma I'm gonna get it on like a barash just yeah okay so I'm gonna let that like dry and I'm gonna move on to eyeliner sir I love ugly bitch I love a wing I love this island it's the Urban Decay perversion perversion what approves fine point I like it so waterproof I literally put on my hand run it under the tap and rubs it did not move but it is not sweat resistant I bought this to a dancing like rehearsal literally transferred or caught my crease I do I would not recommend this if you've got like oily skin but I use it for the wing but don't use it for like on my lid I just use it for the wing and it works beautifully I just use the Rimmel London glam eyes one fall on my lid because this is great but it's not as water-resistant as that one I'm gonna put mascara on and then I'm gonna let them ask are dry this is just like you're better than sex one and then imma let the mascara dry and then we're gonna come back pull lashes on and do my

lipstick but this is sort of the look so far basic all right sir I'm gonna just begin to my lash box just taking some and duo lash glue these and then I Kurt for his lashes these are our Dell whiskeys then I'm gonna get some muscari back and these ones on their way out anyway I don't mind putting a bit of a star on them to make them look a little bit more you know even then I'm just gonna put a little bit of this scar on my bottom lash line because people that enjoy honestly scammy their last but not the least is the red lips so I loved this is Nick's liner but oh there's still something in it it's just broken that's why oh and I'm just completely breaking it yep life is good okay so it wasn't broken I thought it was but now it is it's the NYX retractable lip line and they call it red and I would normally lip line my lips but I don't have a like pure red I do have the beautiful Stila stay all day liquid lip I've used this color to death it's the colour better diesel desert I don't know anyway see there's only okay so I'm satisfied this is the final look I don't really know

how to like show you and yeah hopefully I'll see you next time sorry if this was like a little bit boring so I will see you in the next year that was so good I'm just gonna say bye instead so goodbye