19 December 2018

First Time Applying A Full Face Of Makeup!

Hey guys! For todays video I thought it would be a fun idea to try and put a full face of makeup on myself because I've never done it before! Well I hope you enjoy ...

hey guys welcome back to my youtube

channel today I thought it'd be a fun idea to do a full-on makeup tutorial I mean I don't know if I'd be considered a tutorial cuz I have no idea what I'm doing but anyways most of you guys know that I do not wear makeup I only wear mascara and I started wearing that in like September so not very long and so today I thought it'd be a fun idea to totally go full glam try everything so I'm gonna be lost cuz I don't know where to put it how to put it on so it's gonna be very very difficult alright so let's get started okay guys know that I'm in my station let's get started okay so first I have a sponge oh Beauty I don't know what it is but and then some foundation I'm not gonna tell you what kinds I got because I got literally the cheapest things there because I'm pretty much only gonna wear this stuff once and I didn't want to spend a fortune on it anyways yeah so I was told you got to help it with warm water so that's how I'm gonna do this oh my gosh okay it's all squeeze it out so I have this foundation and hopefully it matches my skin tone I mean I went to Ulta Beauty or whatever with my friend because she knows about makeup and I

made her literally pick out everything because I had no idea what I was doing like I was so confused in that story it was really hard and confusing okay so first I'm gonna dab some foundation on my hand and so I didn't okay I guess I watched plenty of James Charles videos so that's how I know how to apply this but I don't know if I'm gonna do well but I think I know the order of it anyways so just gonna dab that on there freakish up my hair up or something I don't know what I'm doing this is so weird wait do I like press it or do I smooth it around I don't know it's imagine my skin tone pretty well I think I don't know what I'm doing Oh oh my gosh uh okay I need to put my hero gosh no we don't have red cheeks what is this but I need oh I seriously have no idea what I'm eating oh okay this is not blended together at all and like do I got it on my I already did so it's fine oh my god this is so crazy to look at me no I'm fine where did my red cheeks go I don't know okay I think I'm done with the foundation oh I look oh my god I look so weird I don't know if you guys can tell the

difference but I can okay I'm putting my hair up quick because it's kind of in the way and it's kind of annoying okay so next step is concealer and I know how to apply this and like I think anyways and good thing I got this because I need to cover those baggy eyes like I kind of stayed up late last night so yeah way just kidding I beg you guys 24/7 so yeah okay let's apply it I know okay wait do you like do it like this we're just gonna do that mm-hm and then you wanna like yeah I don't know oh my foundations all my eyebrows I don't know that's right oh man this is gonna be interesting but it's gone gosh this is not coming out very well sorry guys if I'm talking kinda quiet I'm kind of concentrating on this cuz this is serious stuff and I'm trying to go like I'm trying to do the best I can not even joking and then you do like an exclamation point on your nose oh that's a little girl wait let me fix it Boop okay that's pretty bad but whatever and then get rid of your red chin you're just like I don't know okay I think that's all me places Oh can't forget underneath my eyes like that's the main reason why god

this because I have freaking baby eyes 24/7 God why is sake this is what you get from buying she make it get onto the frigging brush hmm we do like do a triangle like that like my foundation kind of covered my eyes already not and I don't know if you can see really good in that but when I look in the mirror I don't know I look so weird seriously I look so cool kind of Jesus it's like there's nothing in this you cover it in I don't know just like that now only think I have it applied everywhere time to blend it in mmm this is so different for me those big you guys under control mmm oh my gosh guys gosh this is a lot of work yeah um okay okay now that that is done the next step would be contour I think but I didn't get any of that because I don't really care so I think now it's time for highlight oh like do you put it on your cheekbone oh gosh okay funny story so I was in the store and whatever my friend mentioned then I have a YouTube channel to her and she's like oh okay so do you do makeup do you do makeup videos I'm like oh no no I do not I don't even know what makeup is that

I'm like a comedy YouTube channel and so I never wear makeup so I thought it'd be a fun idea to do a makeup tutorial okay so I have a brush I don't know if it's a good one but I think I just apply it like that I'm gonna do the lightest shade cuz I'm really pale like how much do you do oh well this is so cool I guess I need a lot maybe I'm not sure is that too much oh okay I see you know when I go and do though I don't know if I apply too much or not yeah mm-hmm the light is blinding okay do it up too high cuz I feel like I'm doing you're right next my eye whatever okay next side and don't worry guys this will probably not change we all probably not wear any makeup still because I just I like being an all natural you know like I'll wear mascara when I go out but I will not wear a full glam like this because I mean all I just like being all natural okay okay next step is eyebrows oh God oh my gosh this is actually going really good right now oh so I think I like just brush up on them and then I like I look like soaked down like that I don't know like do I do that I don't know oh wow my brows I don't even know okay time for the next one

oh my gosh I am proud okay I don't know that can just stay on there I don't know how to color them in for sure I think what the oh I twist it okay I'm just gonna attempt at this I have no idea what I'm doing okay okay Oh Oh No do you just color them in I don't know what I'm doing I'm just doing this Oh yikes okay maybe that's not what you're supposed to do I don't know okay Oh Frick oh this is hard oh yeah I see Oh bushy eyebrow oh my gosh okay I need to get home like a makeup remover wipe I think or do I just blend it out No okay I think that eyebrow so far the worst part of this video everything else was pretty easy but I was I was planning on having a ton of screw-ups in this video because this is my first time ever wearing this much makeup and I'm proud that it's myself applying it first like no one else doing it now I do have to repay all the stab this on there it's fine it's all good okay going back to doing the eyebrow it's very very difficult I don't know what to do oh my gosh okay like am I supposed to do that like make it point deep oh my gosh

okay I don't know if that's good or not I'm just gonna leave it because it's actually okay time to color the next eyebrow oh my gosh this is really hard oh god this sucks you know it's gonna really suck applying the eyeshadow which is an X oh God okay I don't know if the eyebrows are good or not I don't know they're okay okay now not that eyebrows are complete next is to apply the eyeshadow I can't believe I use all this just for this one makeup tutorial oh my gosh it actually low-key looks kind of good I don't know does it let me know down and blow if my eyebrows are actually good or not cuz I have no idea if they are not okay those are the colors I'm gonna choose from so I thought about doing like a smoky like I don't know I'm just gonna do something um how do you clean off your brushes I'm just using my make room makeup remover right right now don't clean it off I don't know if that's a good idea but it's fine okay I hate glitter and makeup and stuff so it's like it gets all over me I don't like it okay whatever gosh I still baggy eyes I think okay okay I think I'm gonna go for like a

brown we're just gonna attempt it okay and I don't gosh I wish I had a smaller brush I think I don't know maybe it's not the brushes problem maybe it's just my problem and not being good at this and like how do you get it like I don't know except that I got a smudge out here oh okay I think I don't know I like in person I think it looks okay um I'll do that to this I know gosh this sucks I'm doing it with my eyes closed cuz that's smart Oh oh my gosh I don't does that look bad I don't I don't think it does I'm proud of myself actually no wait and oh yeah don't like oh my gosh that actually doesn't look bad what is this oh my god oh this actually looks good at least I think it does and I'm actually oh okay oh oh my gosh I don't even know if I want to do anything but I can't just leave it as this guy's you've no idea how like super extolled I am about this like hello look at that isn't it good please tell me it is because guys only if you could see me in person right now holy girl like I feel like I need to add some shy add some gold into it oh my gosh I'm not gonna add that much though I don't want to ruin this

masterpiece maybe I need that a little more like on the eye is that good I don't know I'm really proud of myself though right now like oh my god I think I'm a professional makeup artist look at this crap oh my gosh okay I don't know if I want to PI anymore I like it like this I say my eyebrows are the worst part actually I don't know okay now that I'm looking at anymore like I am proud of this but I don't know okay sorry I didn't go like fully board on the eyeshadow because like I just I'm trying my hardest and I want it to look indecent so I didn't want to get too crazy with it but it is good isn't it oh my gosh okay guys next step is eyelashes this is gonna be so intense I don't know how to apply them at all and like am I supposed to trim them and stuff I don't know but and I don't even this can be hard and I don't have an eyelash curler don't care guys I don't know what I'm doing at all like what the Frick time for the glue do I do a lot do I do a little bit so I got okay was that enough oh okay are you ready oh no I'm glue all over my eyelashes attempt number two I'm just

gonna do with my hands because I feel like that's easier just stick on like that oh this is real no I gotta apply more glue I think I've ran out of glue cause I never knew this was gonna be so hard okay attempt number three guys I'm sorry this is hard I think I have it on but like not perfect but I have it on there oh that is put on horribly I think oh oh it's like okay that is applied very badly I say it's pretty good I'm just I know I'm gonna have to apply mascara on next time to apply the other one oh god this is horrible they feel so weird oh okay I don't think it's on right because or maybe that the eyelashes are so long that when I blink it touches my nose okay apply these ones oh my god it feels just doesn't feel right sorry Oh Oh who's that guy right oh my gosh I don't know if they're too high or not even on but oh oh they bug the crap out of me oh my gosh okay time to apply the mascara okay this is the one thing that I do like three times a week so I'm a pro at this Oh oh my god this is so crazy and cool though oh my gosh guys I don't know if

you can see it can you see it good this is good oh my god I'm so proud of myself right now you have no idea for the next day I am Loki proud of myself right now what is this oh oh my gosh but that looks dogs oh this is not real oh my gosh I've never worn this much makeup in my life I think it looks good this is okay I think lashes are done my lashes are good do I look kind of goth no I don't okay next guys is eye liner and oh my gosh do I want a thick one or thin do I want it really long or short we'll see we'll see where my life takes me from this let's multiply some eyeliner I'm scared for this - I'm scared I'm gonna screw up and then I'm gonna have to restart and then it's gonna screw my eyeshadow which I'm really proud of so I hope I don't screw up oh this feels so cool like feels like I'm painting my face oh look it do I have to let it dry before I blink oh whatever I don't even care you know I'm depressed because I thought it is it was looking like well this is actually pretty good looks like we're getting a big thick one I screwed up look at that

I'm proud except for when I Blanc and that went like that kind of disappointing but I guess it's part of the look now okay now the right side is gonna be where it's kind of difficult because I'm left-handed I'm really enjoying this right now it's fun not to do it every day or not to do like ever again but just for like a video it's fun oh so you look at what happened when I belong oh gosh you ruined literally in the entire thing I'm mad this is not going very well right now oh my eyeliner ruined it like all the wings are a little uneven and a little different looking but I'm kind of secretly mad but it's fine because it looks actually I'm proud of how this turned out like what okay oh my gosh guys I just have one more thing to do and that's the lips and I'm really bad at applying this and like putting it on I always end up getting it everywhere wait do I like do this it smells like cake batter I think I look and how far into the loop do I go or do I like totally just like you it's all my teeth gross

Wow okay guys I think I'm done let's go check out the final results okay guys here's the final look oh my god I was proud of it until I got to the eyeliner like that's screwed up my eyeshadow and everything like why did I have to blink like come on I'm actually I'm really proud of it to be honest like I've never done anything like it oh my gosh imagine if I taught ready like this every single day that'd be crazy okay but there's no I'm going to like no I have all this makeup that I'm never gonna use but it's okay oh my gosh look I'm low-key proud okay all right guys I hope you enjoyed this video because it was very interesting and it was a new learning experience for me trying new things me trying new things and so alright guys don't forget to subscribe to my channel and like this video alright I'll see you guys next time bye [Music]