09 June 2018


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hey guys welcome back to my channel and

welcome if you're new I'd love it if you'd subscribe down below and hit the bell so you never miss an upload so for today's video I will be doing a first impressions and trying out some new makeup for you guys and you know what I think about them so if you're interested in seeing that then just keep on watching I did not show my entire like makeup like all the steps because I wanted to focus on just the new products in my routine everything that I didn't show I've been using them and have had them in like multiple videos so yeah just show you guys the new stuff and let you know what I think about them and yeah so if you're interested in seeing that then just keep on watching this video so we're just going to ignore my hair I'm in the middle of like filming another video and I need to finish my hair and fix it and everything so for brows surprise surprise I'm doing my brows on camera because I did pick up a new broad product and this is the Maybelline total temptation brow pencil brother finer pencil this is in the shade 315 deep brown and this is how it looks which has the spoolie on this end and then on this side it Charlie and the

product comes up I only swatch this I haven't used it as yet and I got this because of Leah so let's see if you're watching this quickly probably not but a Leah's face that's her name here on YouTube and Instagram and then shoot my fave and she raves about this burr pencil and I needed a new brow product so this is what we're gonna do so when I first watched it it felt kind of waxy and that's how it feels right now going on my brows I haven't used that Brooklyn so long this almost feels awkward and you can see it's giving me color but it's like I don't know how to feel about it just yet so I'm just going to do my brows and speed this up and finishing I'll tell you guys what I think I want it after [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay so I finished my brows I like the pencil it's definitely something to get used to considering I haven't used a pen since so long but as you can see my brows do look nice so I like it it's pretty dark - I've had my brows this dark in a long time yeah but I mean it

much is my hair so I'm not complaining now I'm going to move on to concealer and I will be using the Maybelline age rewind oh it is still of packaging plastic oh wow so I'm going to these in the new well not new what's a new shade maybelline age rewind instant use that age rewind eraser dark circle concealer this is in the color golden I feel like it's going to be dark or too much of my skin tone but I really did not know what to get okay first of all it may not be too dark it's just gonna be really yellow and second of all I did not expect so much to come on all that once but I was like turning it a lot okay the whole rollerball concept it's interesting I've never like use a fantasy that I have before so it's it's kind of cool but we'll see how this concealer works [Music] at first I thought concealers meant to be dark or too much of my skintone but it definitely gives me that highlights you know it's giving me that yellow corrected under area where it's like really bright but not stark white so it's actually a really good shape this is golden and it's actually a really

good shade I feel like I need more coverage so I'm just going to apply some more just to this area so as I set my under eye I will be using the Maybelline fit me loose finishing powder this is in 20 light/medium and this is what the packaging looks like I really like the packaging it's really cute and different so yeah and this is what the powder looks like [Music] okay so usually whatever powder I used to stick under my eyes I would just take it lightly all over my face so we're gonna stick with the same thing even though I don't know how I feel about this powder just yeah but we don't see um yeah this powder is doing it for me so I tried to fix the mess that just happened I feel like I look cast get ready we're gonna keep it moving and fixed all of this eventually you'll also just have a little faith in me okay so I think and see my face is looking pretty good so the powder I'm not mad at a powder that you see I was having was that my foundation probably wasn't dry so the pota was kind of sticking to the areas that i put it on but no it's coming together it's coming together

really I mean I like the color I like the powder itself it's like finely milled and it does like it's not patchy so it does like cover up whatever you put it on top of so I do like the powder I will say it's not as yellow as I thought it won't be it's giving me more of like a someone type of undertone it's like there's a hint of yellow in there but mostly like some one color but I feel like the darker colors have yellow undertone and maybe I could have gone across shade but I'm not sure because the I don't feel like this shade is like super bright it's just like I said the undertone so if I had went up a shade it probably would have been dark but had a yellow undertone so maybe Shane and I do have which is 20 light/medium in his the red shade now for setting spray I'm going to the Milani make it do a setting spray this has been out for a minute now I've been meaning to get my hands on this finally data and I'm just going to spray my entire face whoo so the reason I got the make it do a spray is because I wanted something that was going to like melt the powders into my skin and not necessarily something that's going to

keep me matte if I do want to be matte all day I would go in with my midnight final seal but that's not look I'm going for it summertime you know we trying to go low so yeah this um based on our views that I've seen when I reviews but persons who talked ability they said that it's not like over any do it just really just makes the skin look like a fresh kind of glow you know I mean so yeah or highlighter we got this package today all right in time for filming these highlighters are from beauty strike and I'm sure you two bucks so this is what the box looks like super pretty and yeah I have five of their highlighters here so just can see outside of them so I have the glow getter highlighter I have the 10k I have Cuban link and roasted and untamed so I'm gonna be using rosette today if you want to see swatches of all these highlighters there wouldn't be on my Instagram you guys know that the Instagram is where it's at so you'll need to follow me on Instagram but this is like a rose gold this is like a deep Rose this is like a yellow like yellow gold and then 10k it's giving me

Goldy bronzy rose I don't know what 10k is popping and glow gets or which is giving me more like a champagne type of vibe so I'm actually gonna keep 10k right here and I'm going with rosette but it's not giving me a life I'm gonna use 10k on top and you guys know the deal these come with the little things inside of it so I'm excited cool - you know I love a good highlighter and I haven't like use that new highlighter in a minute so I have high hopes for this so I'm gonna take some weight let's pop in actually it looks more pink than rose gold - okay Beauty strike let me find out this will be Joanna let me find out okay hmm this is so beautiful well Wow okay guys this is poppin you guys know I love a good glow and I've been taking a lot more side profiles now so you know me like look at that hmm and it looks way too I am obsessed obsessed this is party [Music] something that I did not address is lashes I did get new lashes these are the salon perfect silk nor six five two lashes and look at them in the back they look very nice very like wispy but

more of a dramatic wispy and jealous it's the right kind of light it's like the style that I really really like flushes and it looks like it's a little bit more than your everyday last you know what I mean but when you put them on they literally look like you're everything lush when you put their money and they look like regular wispy lashes and it's just not the drama that you see in the box is not what you get on your eye and I was so disappointed I've been using them if you guys saw my halo eye tutorial that's what I used in my get ready with me and that's what I use I mean eyes can see the band on it is so thin and I've come to realize that the thinner the band the harder the lash is to work with it's just not what I was expecting I mean I still like them because you can add them you can apply them and get like a little bit of something from home see everyday makeup you can want some lashes this would be good but for like dramatic eye look some stuff this is not the lash it's really not gonna pull the look together to look he's just gonna be that flat see not I mean Sony's I probably have to start them to get them to look the way I want

them to or I just have to wear dramatic lashes and use these as my everyday life so yeah I did get you know new lashes but they just weren't gonna give me life today and in my life today I have other pictures to take have another video to film everything so today I'm not going in with the pinks cuz this blush is pink you know I'm doing so much I'm doing so much so that's it for the new stuff I think so I'm just going to finish up the rest of my face and then come back and go through everything I've used and how I feel about them so yeah okay guys so this is the look that came up with and I am filling myself so I'm just going to run through all the products that I used and let you guys know how I feel about them so I just want to say that I don't dislike any of the products that I use I'm just letting you guys know straight oh I actually really like all of them so that's really good first up is the total temptation a brow definer from Maybelline and this is a win for me my brows look good so I can't really complain the only thing I say is because I have you so pencil in a minute you know it took me a lot to get hang of it

but I actually really really like them so yeah Maybelline with the brows see you boo I see you then I have the edger one in fact if you want concealer in golden and this I actually really really like I wasn't sure about the shade I wasn't sure about I'm not own everything and it just really surprised me so I'm definitely happy with this and I can see myself using it all the time in my routine now so you know then I have the fit me loose finishing powder in 20 like medium I like the powder like I said I wasn't sure my foundation was like not completely dry and it was sticking to the areas but like look at it it's popping so clearly it did what it was supposed to do and the only thing for me is that undertone like I said it's not as much yellow as I thought it would have been but I think as it goes deeper into the shades on this powder and then it more yellow toned yellow undertone but for the light/medium and probably lighter shades it's one of the sunny pink undertone type of vibe so yeah um I'm definitely gonna use it I spent my money on it I don't hate it so y'all gonna be seeing it a lot more I

mentioned these lashes they weren't what I was expecting but they still cute or whatever so I can't really be mad at them probably if I stop them I'm going to love them even more so yeah these are the salon perfect blushes in 625 650 - sorry not 625 and then the Milani make it do me setting spray this face is 16 honey it's it's in okay so I like the setting spray so far obviously I would not just use this on a hot day out I would be crazy and out of my mind because my face would melt I need something that's gonna keep me matte if I'm going out in the Sun and any kind of outdoor activity so that's that and I'd also use that how much find primer and last but certainly not least look at this glow look at it look at it the beauty strike rosette highlighter bomb.com okay bomb and I haven't used the rest of them yet but I have high hopes because this one was so good to me and I'm just loving it my face is glowing and I love that it looks wet on this skin but I'm feeling it so yeah that's my like first impressions on all the products that I tried out today for you guys if you want me to do more first impressions let me

know I don't shop for makeup like as much as I used to but when I get credits here and there I can still do these type of videos for you guys so let me know and I'll see you in the next video don't forget to subscribe if you aren't already and give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and I've seen the next one