24 March 2019

First impressions of new makeup!

Here is my first impressions of some new make up!! I loved filming this because I found some of my new favorite items! Everything in the video that I used I really ...

good morning everyone it is around 8

a.m. when I'm filming this today's video I'm so excited for its a first impressions try on haul so this past weekend I went home and I went to Ulta Walmart and TJ Maxx and I found a few new items that I've never tried before and some of the items I have tried but I want to try them with the other products that I got so if you haven't followed me on social media yet it's just Rachel as stigand on Instagram and Facebook let's just jump to the video alright so my hair is up and were right to go so the first thing that I want to mention I found out TJ Maxx and it's this vitamin C facial mist and it was $7.99 so I'm so excited to try this it says vegan paraben free anti-aging so my opinions on this little spritzer water so this is actually really nice it has a little orange scent which isn't too strong it's really hydrating as you can see this vitamin C mist is great for sensitive skin I did just put on some primer and like working into my skin so my skin is a little bit red but I really like this vitamin C mist alright so moving right along our next product is this makeup revolution palette oh my god

it's so beautiful it's called the reloaded neutrals 3 and this whole thing was $7 at Ulta which girl oh my god I'm so excited to try this alright so this is a new product that I'm gonna use to prime my lids and it's the elf 16-hour kimmo concealer this has been a new release and I've seen everyone trying it so you know I have to try it it's in the shade fair warm so right off the bat oh my god this is a huge one I love this doe foot applicator so let's just garden blend it out really nice it's definitely drawing down kind of like a mat see how the shadows are gonna work on top of it I'm taking my 35e blending brush from Sarah f AR a8 I got this in a tipsy bag like probably three months ago I'm gonna go into the shade right here oh I'm just gonna work it into my crease you you definitely have to work to blend it but it's not bad I'm just gonna build it up a little bit so the next partial musing is this little one from I think it's from Amazon to be honest I'm going to jump into this a little bit of a darker brown shade up here

you maybe this like purpley shade gonna take a little bit push that outside I really like that so I'm gonna use this like Capri shape now we're going to move on to eyeliner and I saw this la girl shockwave neon eyeliner you on this Wow this was three dollars from la girl and it's so pigmented it's kind of like a little gel formula and I really like it so that's a winner for me all right so this next part I've actually tried before but I want to try it with the different products that I'm using today it's the Maybelline matte and poreless foundation in the shade 110 porcelain because oh my god I'm so light and I need to get a tan so I've already primed and I'm about to just put a little bit on my Beauty sponge and blend away so I would say it's about medium coverage but you definitely can build it up to whatever you want I'm doing makeup I want it to be full coverage or nothing at all and I remember this foundation when I used it a few years ago I

remember it being like really good for breakouts even though it is matte so let's see if it still is really cover much but I'm gonna do another layer can't forget to blend down the neck it's not as mad as I remember it being and I don't really like Matt foundations but I like the way this one looks on my skin alright so I'm gonna add another layer you it layers very nicely it doesn't feel like cakey and doesn't look cakey either you it's a good foundation Jennifer until alright so moving right along we're going to be using this elf concealer under the eyes on the nose just normal places where I wouldn't usually conceal and then a little bit on the forehead so right before I blend out my concealer into the foundation I always like to go in with my water spritzer or in this case the vitamin C one so we're gonna just do a little bit of that I love the sports are on this and it doesn't irritate my eyes which is a plus because everything irritates me so this is blending really nice right off the bat

she's gonna be highlighted Queen today Wow I really like this I think I used a little bit too much but it's okay we'll make it work with bronzer oh my god this did you see how it's blending so nice and this concealer was six dollars guys alright guys so I have no other new products that I want to test out for today so I'm gonna do the rest of my makeup and then come back to do lashes and lips see this glow like this is just the water spritzer alright guys so now we're just gonna do a little liner on the bottom oh that's really pigmented you alright so we're gonna do the bottom lashes so I'm going to use this like burnt orange shade on the top here and just run that on my waterline on the bottom you so now we're moving into lashes I'm gonna be using this essence get big lashes volume boost I really like this wand on it you for some cousins on this mascara it

could be better I'm gonna keep trying this alright so last but not least we're gonna do lips and the new lipliner I picked up is this Java lip candy you all right so next I found this beautiful beige matte lipstick and it's by Maybelline and it's in the shade 650 and nude embrace I love a good nude lip let's see how it's gonna look with this though sometimes gonna make it a little later but I like the dark lip today all right and last step we're gonna be using this vitamin C mist there's highlight okay well this is the end of the video and before we go I just want to let you know of the one thing that didn't really work for me it's the essence that get big lashes it didn't really do much honestly and yeah I'm probably gonna return it to get another one but the products that I did really like first of all was this beautiful palette that I used on my eyes today such blendable shades and I love these like pink purple like copper shades and I need to start playing with the more makeup and color so I thought this was great

and great price too I think my favorite product out of this whole video was this elf concealer girl look how highlighted my under eyes are like are you serious and blend it out so nice honestly it looked like as soon as I blended it out and looked like I already said it with like a translucent powder or a pressed powder or something it's that matte which I like to be honest because you can always add like a glowy primer or on your glow highlighter on top so I love this so the next thing that I really loved is this shockwave and neon liner by la girl it's so pigmented literally as soon as I press it on my skin I had instant payoff and this was three dollars so yes I love it girl next thing I really love is the lip liner I'm wearing right now so it's the Jawa lip candy and also the Maybelline nude embrace these two together I am obsessed with then last thing I want to mention is honestly probably gonna be one of my new favorites and it's this vitamin C hydrating facial mist by sonamoo naturals oh my god you guys I can't stop spraying this I literally sprayed it on my face probably a good ten times I was doing my makeup and it

sets it it perfectly like look at this glove are you serious even though the breakouts are still here they're covered up and it's very pleasing to me that the foundation and the concealer and all the and stuff that I added on top it didn't make it look cakey so I really love that new favorite alright why so that was my first impressions video and I hope you all really enjoyed it I love how my makeup came out today oh my god I can't stop looking at my highlight so no one else do that like you just stare at your highlight all day they kind of say hope you have an amazing day go kill it whatever you're doing today and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more I have tons of content coming up for you guys so stay tuned for that see you in my next video