26 November 2018


Finish 18 in 2018 Update #9 We are in the final stretch! I'll be excited to share the finale with you at the end of December (or early January knowing me). I hope ...

hey everyone welcome back to my channel

so we're gonna do the final update before the finale so let's just get right into it I'm gonna start off with my BB cream by Garnier and I've been just weighing this because the packaging is completely opaque so I have no idea where it settled down to so last month we were at 69 grams that is including the packaging and everything so there's not actually 69 crumbs in here but just to have an idea of what a museum and this month we are at 68 grams so it does seem like about a gram a month is what I'm using so not a whole lot but as I've said before it's pretty greasy so I don't use a whole lot at once I have been using my color pop blush and thumper pretty regularly I don't know that it looks like there's a lot of use I'm glad that I can at least see a dip now I've had that dip for a little bit now so it's not terribly new but I do think it's getting a bit deeper I I'm still hoping that I can hit pan by the end of the year but not not totally convinced and then we've got my little DIY lip balm here it looks pretty awful I do recommend adding some wax when you remelt stuff because otherwise it just looks pretty pretty gross and weird and

it separates and whatnot but anywho I do have quite a bit of pan they're showing and it is weird it's not a whole lot in there All Things Considered I would like to say that I'll have this done by the finale but honestly I forgot about this for quite a while and I I just need to get in the habit of reapplying it all the time then we've got my Clinique duo oops I can open this okay so I'm working on both and you may actually be able to see that there is a dip now in that French vanilla shade I've been using it on top of my brow bone because I don't want a super shimmery brow bone highlight especially it's fall I just want something a little bit more matte and then the brown here is what I've been using in my brows and again I don't know that you can really tell a huge difference but it definitely is getting a few more dips in there so I'm just gonna keep at it I got three products that I have not used the first being my Rimmel pink blush lipstick so I think I used it a couple times but not enough to have a new mark I didn't use my Dalton eyeliner or cream shadow at all so it's exactly where it was last month well and the month before that

haven't been using it pretty much at all this project and then the other one is the covergirl lipstick and a charm and so that is exactly the same as well I have used my lip palette by Revlon here this is the Chatty cherry lip palette and what I've been doing is just marking the top of that because it is see-through try not to get as much glare but not enough to get any new marks so essentially what I've been doing is just mmm working it down along the edges there so I have been using it a little bit but not enough to show any new pan unfortunately and then we've got my Franken blush and you sound a bit again just a little bit of an expansion in that pan but nothing crazy I have been going a little bit happier with my blush but I just I can only use so much on my face at one time I thought about remarking at the glamoflage concealer here in light/medium because I am able to squish it down a little bit past the line that I have there but honestly it's so close to it that I worry that if I marked it and tried to be super accurate with where it is it honestly would just kind

of blend in with that top mark there or bottom mark I should say so it is slowly making some progress but it's just it's a very very pigmented concealer and I've been mixing it in with my other concealer and I just put like a little tiny tiny like smaller than a pea-sized like a quarter of a pea-sized amount to mix and that does like pretty much my whole face so it's just it's going very slowly another item that I have not used its my pink gloss from Victoria's Secret everything's rubbed off on and we are still here I feel like it's actually starting to go a little bit up now because it is starting to come down off the sides a bit so we're gonna say we're here but really I think we're somewhere else up here again so that kind of sucks another item that I thought about marking but again it was just so close to that last mark it is my Easter Shea rose lipstick and when I roll it all up and I've been just marking it at the very bottom there but you might be able to see it there is some use there but again it's really close I didn't want the lines to start getting muddled together so I didn't

remark it but I have been using this quite a bit very quickly we'll touch on my pure radiance all-over face powder it still has no pan I don't understand cuz you can see there's there's a dip there I'm using it everyday but man it's just never-ending so there's that and then lastly I've got my little Marcel liner in smoke and we just have the little nub here left I did mark it on a piece of paper so you can see where we're at now so about the same amount of progress is last month it looks like there's a lot left there if you just look at the paper but reality is it probably doesn't run all the way down and eventually I'm gonna be able to or I'm not gonna be able to sharpen it anymore so I'm hoping to have this done by the finale at least so that I can bring my empties up to but will that be like for this this hasn't been a very successful project in the terms of empties but successful in the sense that I have been using these all year I guess so that is everything guys I hope you enjoyed thank you so much for sticking with me and we are so close to the finale I am so excited for January

shot my stash because I am going to be able to basically pick all new items so I'm really excited for that I will see you in my next video guys and I hope you're doing well I