04 June 2019


FINDING $1 MAKEUP AT MARSHALLS! *LEGIT STEALS AND DEALS* VLOG CHANNEL- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtW30DeltUU&t=9s ...

Hey Girl hey walk back to another video

it is time for another steals and deals I feel like I haven't done steals and deals in about three weeks now so today I'm outside of Marshalls that is our first stop so if you and you hear to my channel and you're not familiar with a steals and deals a welcome to the Peter Schiff family first of all so steals and deals is a series that I have going on my channel for about three years or a little bit more than that where I basically take it with me to Marshalls at t.j.maxx at Nordstrom Rack Ross and we gone hunt for a drugstore and tie and makeup for a super inexpensive price so if you're all about looking good in a budget is having as much money as you can a girl you're in the right channel ideal without any further ado let's go inside of Marshalls and let's get started so this is what I found surprising have a raise this is by Allure out I can this come this is the shine bright eye side there are ten dollars and then they also have this back here this is the Laura Geller New York a glory own way to peace when discussion and this one comes with these two pieces for seven dollars and they have experiment of the Laura killer this

one is the cream glaze trio this one is the $7 below and seven dollars as well they have this big Laura killer baked body for a scene a face and body glow oh my got this for like the summer would be so nice this one's in Hawaiian glow this one is eight bucks and then look they have this one they have so much glory killer Laura Geller New York star treatment for peace I in the collection so come to the lip cause and I believe this is like a highlight and then with the mascara and a eyeliner and to this one is only ten bucks with work pieces I was like nah bad whatsoever there was a half of this one the life clothes on illuminate our apology I think this one comes with three eliminators if I'm not mistaking for six bucks and what is this one Allura killer to meet the new budget asking cream to powder tree oh well that seems interesting their cream to powder Wow okay this one's six bucks and then this one is the Christie Brinkley Beauty prime day tonight nudes i shadow palette goes with like on units golden brown yes yeah for seven bucks and then what I was through there's chulip I had like no idea what

julep wasn't told you guys so in the comment section actually how about at what time as well this is the julep and now a treatment this one's for dollars oh I see Mac product it'll be a Studio sculpt foundation SPF 15 this one is then nc15 this one's a 15 in book so who remembers back on YouTube like everybody feel like oh I were and C 4 T and C 30 my the only one I'll like the beauty gurus will use like this one anyways they also have this coconut eye cream this one is $7 we have some Physicians Formula concealer what is this the bare minerals pure brightening serum foundation does to have this hyper real glow highlighting palette by Mac they also have a lot of the physicians formulas shimmer strips actually this was like one of my first makeup products that I bought I won't wear it on local Walmart when I first heard of the makeup the shimmer shrubs they're like horrible but just like major throwback those houses buys Urban Decay I believe this is like the lip gloss guys top coat lip gloss yeah those who have is Lorien mascara and 620 black for 5 bucks over they have this Becca Bronson skin Perfector this one is $10

and then look another one of the Smashbox is shaping foundation and then what are these not to metal eye primer trans oh I have never seen these these are actually three bucks those have this two-phase mountain latex lipstick this one is four dollars of how this to baisemeaux tight latex high shine lipstick they have so many of these remove are these brochet selling powder this is use formula feather brow oh I guess it's like to brighten your brow bone and then to fill in your brows that's actually really cool and they also have these covergirl p/kaufmann mascaras and they have this two-phase mascara motel for five bucks there was a have these kiss blot lashes these are six bucks for a total of like four pairs those are hard these by Polybius and choice these come with a total of five pairs at for like the same price I think six or seven dollars and then look I found these a lorac pearl these says the liquid to liquid lipsticks actually so the websites for six bucks and I also see these laura geller line and define door ended eyeliner trio

and has like a blue a brown and a black one and for seven bucks and they have two of Becca lip glosses they also have so many lashes now they like that in a little bit more they have a lot of products this is the baked eyeshadow palette for four bucks those who have that of I'm HD powder blue they even have this one highlighting holographic the duo that one looks really nice Oh Mike and I have the cream blush palette I always look down like the clearance section because you can always find really good stuff sometimes I just like mark you down because I want to get it out of the way and it's like not so even but you can't find a lot of products like they have Burt's Bees facial water for 6 bucks Becca foundation how much is this one this one is on calls for 8 bucks super inexpensive oh my god guys I found some Laura Mercier a lot of you haven't seen me put true say guys were printing a lot a Laura Mercier but he didn't think I was gonna have any luck this is the mascara oh my god - imagine if I find my powder when it's like 40 or 50 dollars sheer day made for sure

see those houses Larry see a body and bath gel body moisture what does this one this one claims for ten bucks and they have this origins of lifted body cream for $14 it's on clearance and they also have this hydrated basements for sex looks like I use always check in transaction like don't just think like they have like crabby still carry the majority time I have really good stuff you just have to like dig through it I came to look if they had the body butter cream that I got last time that I slept on it I'm so dumb I don't know why I picked up like two or three of them it was only five bucks now I came to look for it and enjoyed there's none and it's like the best body butter if you don't what I'm talking about go to my last steals and deals and then when I get off the first location the marshals I show you guys what I'm talking about but I just can't just give maybe The Hobbit there's nothing but they do have some philosophy this is thirteen dollars as the body moves dough so half Cetaphil guys ultra gentle body wash these are a five bucks but they have so much stuff tea tree and mint what is this hair conditioner oh my god I feel like

there's like hidden gems and marshals that I've never tried before and I need to like start just like trying out new things cuz you never know what you might end up liking but would you look for my own body butter but I guess it's not here okay so I was up on this perk on empty no makeup concealer this one is in the shade medium these are seven dollars I can we just add a little bit in half SPF and you're like good to go for like that makeup no makeup makeup look know what I mean they have a as fun as the elephant sleeping mask for four bucks those hot girls Clinique huge this clinic happy for a man even a fingerprint man don't think it's just for women if you're like me keep adding more skincare every single time I comment like there's so much skincare guys they have this o of bubble glass kind of just this one oh six bucks super inexpensive a day cream Rose day cream I'll finish reaching in a $20 anti-aging vitamin C for six dollars okay I came to like my favorite little bins that they have read the store this is the Pacifica solar mineral college this one is eight bucks for all of these eyeshadows and they have I kept under shade + light eye

serum it almost oh they even have to get one d this is the powder foundation what else this is a stealer stealer don't concealer refill what else another concealer refill now some Urban Decay put my folks mixed if we haven't seen X in a while makes it a brush side these three brushes right here what else I saw oh man I die sweet and saw this Laura Mercier this is the eye palette for 70 bucks miss an event of the next eyeliners the trainer says absolute New York but look they do have these row technique brushes this is the base set 2.0 for seven bucks I wonder if these plungers actually work because it's like ten blenders for 13 bucks which is super super inexpensive I'm those who have their techniques and they have japonesque and some beauty blenders and I think that's it for this Marshalls guys we should start heading now to Nordstrom Rack now I am Marcos I never really showed you guys but after I'm doing show you guys all the skincare and all the makeup I always just like go around smelling candles looking at things I don't need for some reason but we are out of Marshalls and now let's go to norsu back okay we just got here to

North Iraq I haven't been here in a hot minute if we're being honest the last time I came I was so shocked by their display their display is so nice it kind of feels like you're walking into auto or Sephora some other products are still the original price but they also have like urban decay and I think Mac for like a more affordable price a little bit cheaper so that's what we're gonna go look for right now but let me go show you guys like the display that to have everything it's so nice but let's go see what we can find I'm miscellaneous really good in here but the house keys is stillness day lipliner these are 987 having nude rose this one is the liquid looks like the suspension reloj or they have another it's an eyeliner and sapphires this is a contour brush oh my god I miss them 987 throw to contour throws there's a half these ones that we've seen at TJ Maxx and Marshalls this is a glittery little highlighter one these are in 997 those how the foundation what are these 1297 the cushion eyeliner let's move in black ink and 987 so look guys we have a lot of learn marseille this is a lip color for two ladies over

and they have translucent setting powder oh my god there's a transfer so much shut up for 17 doses i think this one is raised about instead of the pressed powder i'm extol our brow now a one brow kit for 35-foot those half bare minerals highlighter at the 29 both OC like these are original price they only change they're only half off they have like that little slant on the price but they have this very minerals but if this worked in the phrase original price as well let me see what else I have okay they don't have much stuff that they said I got every decay pearl brush this one and Claire's for 30 - oh my god $32 blur fish like this brush better do my makeup I don't assert Daleks move this Orinda kina Kara 1487 when you look under the Urban Decay brush for 1187 yes more reasonable $24 oh my god Lerman say liquid Eliminator 1987 I've never heard of this brand this nail polish before the first another alarmist eliminators those have little powder puffs they have is a radiant glow palette for 25 bucks they even have with the easy bees or our lipstick tours is interbred for 16 and 97 okay so how this Smashbox double

exposure power age of this one they have it for me see wow that one doesn't have a price but those have this Laura Mercier for 25 bucks this was kind of looks like they have so many of the urban decay for our boxes these are 1297 that's what the packaging looks like super pretty those are cover individual shadows these are 997 each one look at how pretty these look Jenny would either have then you get three or that's original $54 those have the disco Queen space powder mmm have a shadow or they have this this is the optical palette this one is 1997 they have so many urban decay products so I left North shamrock I'm not gonna lie I left a little disappointed because they didn't have a lot of discount of makeup so I don't know why they changed the whole display and now they have like urban decay they have what else they have Clinique and many other brands but it's kind of like a mini Sephora meaning Oh JA everything is regular price so literally everything I showed you guys all the makeup was the only makeup that they had at a discounted price everything else most original price and

I was like okay well then what's the point of coming here if everything is original price so I decided to come to a place where I know I won't be disappointed hopefully I won't cross my fingers I'm TJ Maxx I'm outside of TJ Maxx let's go ahead let's go inside and let's see what makeup products that we can find we're inside of teacher - I found this Laura Mercier foundation for 20 oh my god I cannot believe how so much Laura Mercier like I said if I'm able to find my powder my date like my whole month will be made they have that those who have our gel no oh my god I have never seen these no it's because these are new six books also have this at Becca Glo gloss this one how much is this one seven dollars what else oh my god look I found a the two piece of white peach eyeshadow College these are $22 I'm not how much their original price but they're here for 22 let's see another laura geller if they have more of it that glosses cram cream shop entire house that one four bucks and they also have Pacifica College the solar one for seven dollars and have another one of the lorac this is the

shine bright this one is $13 holy more the guys they have so much skincare oh my god so much okay I don't even know where to start they have a lot of philosophy and this is the worker pearl mask for forty bucks those have Elizabeth Arden and night sleep restoring cream they have glam glow for 35 bucks like it might seem expensive guys but compared to original price like it's cheap but this one is 40 they have a some watercress and wide and L'Oreal this is like a home teeth whitening kit let's see what I was they have Laura this one is also philosophy okay definitely out of Marshalls and then CG max I feel like this each a max have the best skincare section you guys have to go check it out I am out of TJ Max and I am very happy with today's trip I really am let me tell you why so we went to the first stop with Marshalls it's a Marshalls had a decent amount of makeup but not as usual keep in mind today's also Friday afternoon that is my fault I always tell you guys if you want the best deals you have to go early early in the morning be the very first person

like as soon as they open the doors be the first one in the makeup section and it is currently afternoon so that's why probably everything was just scattered and all over the place but I definitely think this a teacher max had so much more makeup than Marshalls and we found a lot of high-end and drugstore makeup like elephants already cheap and then here is even cheaper so I am as so happy with today's trip I also have to announce the winner for the becca lipgloss a congratulations to you please make sure to go ahead and send me a message so I can go ahead and ship off these gloves for you and for is this giveaway this says it's a becca volcano goddess shimmering skin perfecter pressed and gold a lava like the packaging is hella cute no wait you have to see what it looks like once I open it up do you see that highlight it is gorgeous oh my god so if you want to win is this a Becca highlight which definitely you should enter make sure to go ahead and like this video subscribe to my channel if you haven't already cheering you're both notifications at the little Bell so I can notify you the next time I upload a new video go to the

latest video on my blog channel which I will leave a link down below and comment whatever you want and the winner will be announced in the next steals and deals so stay tuned for that I love you guys so so much I really hoped you guys enjoyed today's video and I will see you guys on the next one bye guys