05 December 2018


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hi guys assalamualaikum welcome back to

my channel I was just sat here in the office and I was looking at this palette in particular I shall introduce it shortly and I was thinking what kind of look shall I create for you guys there's always people doing New Year's Eve looks and Christmas looks and Diwali looks and Eid looks what can I do which is a bit more different and out of the box and I thought you know what let me just do a festive work do inspired look because you've all got work dues for the festive season to go to so I thought I'd try something different or try and create a look for that particular event so if you guys like this look and you'd like to see how I've created it then keep on watching and this is my bare face and for skin prep today I'm gonna go in with the millionaire Beauty UK melting magic I'm just gonna take a couple of pumps of this for those of you that don't know I am a big fan of this this is just one of those serums that act as a barrier between your skin and the foundation it just stops foundation from seeping into the pores and it just protects your skin while you've got foundation on gonna take a tiny bit more just put it around to me I area and my dad's and massage

that in as well then to further prep my skin I want to go in with some millionaire Beauty UK supernova skin brightening oil comes in a dropper like this smells amazing and just a few drops this is actually a night oil as well but I like to use it under my makeup to prep the skin and this just immediately oh my god oh look oh look at that glow come through it's not greasy it's just it gives you a more younger natural youthful looking skin I'm gonna use this to prep my lips today as well for brows I'm gonna go in with my Mac deep dark brunette brow gel just kind of spooning me brows the brush that I'm using is my zoeva three-to-two absolutely love this brush those of you that are longtime snapchat followers you guys will know that I love this brush and I've been growing my brows out recently so I feel like there's hardly any need for me to really fill them in I'm just gonna fill in any sparse areas again just box out the arch area as I always do and then just creating a nice shape at the front to finish using the point of the brush to just mimic those brow headlines everyone super natural looking brows with a knotch to set my brows you

guys are gonna think I'm crazy I'm actually gonna go in with a hair gel this is the vo 5 stronghold styling gel I'm gonna take a bit of this on a spoolie I'm gonna take the tiniest amount I'm just going very gently run it across me brows like a soul and you guys will be so surprised how well your brows will hold this is like a hack for life it's so inexpensive it's like what 2 pounds 3 pounds from the drugstore as opposed to 16 pounds of brow gels from makeup stores you're welcome then I'm gonna go in with my one true love this is the nip and fab concealer my ride-or-die in the shade number 20 this is just one of those concealers that you know it just worked so well on dry skin and applied so smoothly the finish is so amazing as well this is just one of those considers I can't do without it just works so well on my eyelids I'm going color in my eyelids buddy I'm gonna pack it in like this and then blend it with my finger nice and quick right across the eyelid eyebrow is never a brow without boxing out the top part and then I've got blemish here well a spot that's turned into a scab and took on cover back up

brows on fleek or what it's the one is the one right let's play with some eyeshadows oh my god get excited get excited I'm about to showcase a palette which was sent to me ages ago and I have just fallen in love with this palette it's made it to my makeup kit I absolutely love it I'm so proud of the girls on Instagram it's an Instagram page it's called a blush tribe on Instagram this is the Malika palette have a look it's made for women of color and I find that the palettes and the colors are very very similar to if not better dare I say than Julia's place can we just take a moment to appreciate all of the shades in this palette it's definitely been made for women of color and we're definitely gonna create some drama with this drama we like a bit of drama taking my MAC Cosmetics 239 flat shader brush I'm gonna go straight in with Safina I'm gonna pick some of that up and go straight into my brow highlight and notice how I'm just patting it on oh my god hello can you see that Brown highlight can it can you see that brow highlight gone for my transition I'm gonna use the

mic it coal brush this is a tapered crease brush I love this for transition like this is the Bob calm for transition can you see if I over date see that point that is the point that makes things happen that makes transitions happen this is number one point twelve and this is what you need in your goddamn life I'm gonna pick up some of the shows Rd what a name and shows Rd like does not mean princess obviously right we're gonna run that into it all right I'm gonna knock it right into my highlight I'm gonna make the highlight disappear kinda if you guys recreate this look just remember these steps okay round round round round round round love Roy Roy laughs right see how easy it is people make it so hard I've made sure I'm knocking it right into my highlight to create that beautiful soft gradient we see that soft gradient yeah I did that I created a then with the same brush I'm gonna go into moon aza what our name and listen right blush tribe use lost master with this palette I love the names and I'm gonna knock that over my transition Oh Froy Froy laughs right laughs right laughs right in a dorm in a dorm but

we're gonna go a bit more lower as well and then round and engi and softening gear on the end somebody called the color purple this is just looking like this is Papa is puppet and I'm gonna take one of my favorite brushes this is the MAC Cosmetics two to one synthetic brush I'm gonna pick up some of the Bilkis which is a nice dark brown shade and I'm gonna pop that on the end and notice again how I'm just very gently dabbing and swiveling ZBrush oh my god see how I knocked it all the way into the inner crease don't be scared I know what I'm doing all right it looks really really nice I wish you could see this in the flesh maybe it looks rubbish on camera this shade Bilkis actually reminds me and blends better than the mac cosmetics film noir yeah me with also there's some buddies for you blush tried okay didn't even pay me but okay nevermind taking the nippon fab again in the shade 20 I'm gonna squeeze some of this on the back of my hand and I'm gonna cut my crease but I need to talk to you about a brush that I am dig in do again di GG i ng diggin I'm diggin it this brush I picked up from Westfield in

London from the morphe shop and this is the m17 old - b this is giving me life when I cut my crease I ready are you paying attention back in the days I used to cut my crease with this I had a difference between the dip this one although I know it's recommended by many many makeup academies and I have played with this for so many months this is the Mac 2 5 2 s or the Mac an old 2 5 2 s same thing but the S just means synthetic I just find that the 2 5 2 s used to pick up a lot more product and you are wasting it because by the time you've made your first incisions of the cut crease you have to go back into the concealer and saturate your brush again back and forth and then you're going in with a few more incisions of the cut crease and you're just wasting product because if you can't use any of the product that saturates across the bottom of the brush you're kind of only using the tip and the arch of the brush so therefore I just find that this is so versatile and so easy to use and when you're cutting your creases make sure you're not picking up dense brushes make sure you've got something which is a bit more stiffer synthetic brushes are the

one so I'm going to saturate my brush as you usually do back and forth like so you see - everyone yeah and then it's gonna fill in the lid with whatever is remaining on the brush and look at this YouTube family of course so much product left this is the normal amount that I would have taken out usually if I was using the - 5 - yeah I know my ish I know what I'm talking about this one's gonna save you a lot of time and a lot of product once again you will now I'm gonna go back in with my 239 I'm gonna pick up some more of the Safina and we'll stick that all over my lid well not all over it just where we've cut creased some Safina here yeah I like it I like it a lot then I'm gonna put on a fierce winged liner well I'm gonna try you know what time it is guys this is my favorite winged liner pen ever ever ever ever ever this is from artist of makeup it's the extreme art liner pen there you go that's moving liner done now I need to blend the Bilkis and the Safina together so I'm gonna use a medium in between and I want to go for the Ronnie I don't know what number brush this is but basically this came with my set of B hate cosmetics

brushes and it's one of the smallest brushes in the pack and I'm just gonna pick up some of the Ronnie with this it's gonna blend the two together so nothing just looks too harsh if you know why man I like it if you don't like it okay can you see any fallout hardly hardly any very impressed with this palette well done girl four lashes I'm gonna go in with fey lashes these are in the style Doha hello drama drama drama right that's me eyes turn eyelashes on lookin all flaky and now I'm gonna go straight into color corrector for color corrector I'm actually gonna go in with a NYX color corrector this is in the shade deep Oh for it's a really nice salmon undertone this will help to cancel out those deep dark purple huge eye and to apply this I'm gonna go in with my zoeva 142 concealer buffer brush and going straight in onto the areas where I see deep dark purple hues I must say ever since I've been doing my radio frequency treatment I've seen a rapid reduction of deep dark purple hues and I've heard the same from people around me as well so it's nice to hear first person as well that the treatments that I'm undertaking are working for me and

it's non-surgical win-win that's me done with the color corrector I'm now gonna go in with a foundation let me choose one I'm gonna go in with a Charlotte Tilbury magic foundation now I've heard mixed reviews about this this isn't the shade number seven medium apparently it's broken a lot of people out I personally have not had any foul sour experiences with this foundation I'm pretty happy with it the only thing is that I wish there was a warmer tone after this like I just feel like sometimes the color doesn't match you know what they mean this is like dorada I'm gonna go in with a very thin layer of this foundation I mean do you really wanna see me apply this foundation like really do you really want to see me do dear I look like Uncle Fester I always look like Uncle Fester until my makeup is complete but anyway I know why on camera it always looks really really pale it just washes me out the foundation Bob kid you not it's a it's a very good match for concealer I'm gonna go in with my MAC Cosmetics 24 hours faith away concealer I'm so sorry I have some ones

that how does it mean just making it worse this isn't the shade in c35 I'm just gonna go in as you normally would with any concealer I'm just gonna take it right to my lashline waterline whatever ever trouble then I'm gonna take my damp Beauty Blender and push that product in ooh nice I like it but I'm gonna further highlight with another Mac Studio Fix 24 hours smooth wear concealer and this is in the shade NC 30 and I'm gonna use a very small amount of this just for highlights reasons purge that product in then we're gonna go straight into contour and for my contour I'm gonna go straight into my trashed and bashed nip and fab contour palette in the shade oh one light can you guys see how I've hit pan on these two and all I do is just take a swivel of the both of them together like this I can't do we need contour in our life life just ain't the same that contour makeup ain't the same without contour and I like to contour slightly higher it just gives you that very nice raised cheekbone effect come on girls you know this you don't even need to see me do this come on I've seen you guys on the daily I have the

pleasure of meeting so many of you that makeup game is on fleek I don't even know why we do these tutorials anymore but anyway home believe and to contour my dinosaur nose I'm gonna be taking the mac cosmetics two to four this is the new synthetic brushes as well the Mac two to four s yeah I can't look at it now I'm filming let me just get back to you once I finish up you keep sending me what you need to write in oh I didn't cut me off without death same thing guys I'm gonna swivel in between the two and we can be really precise with this and just run it down gently Domino's TARDIS you see death chisel London is all come together now I'm just gonna go in with the darker Brown right we've got some sort of definition of the nose whatever's left on my Mac 239 of the Safina which has got some gold eyeshadow on it I'm just gonna run that down my nose just to create some light saving project utilizing what is left on your brushes right now to just go in on my lower lash line I'm gonna introduce a bad boy brush that I've been working with recently I have platin love it okay this is a tiny detail brush it's the

morphe m32 6 I believe I'm gonna run some of the shows are thee on my lower lash line then I'm gonna go in with some Ronnie then I'm gonna go in with some Bilkis I'm really surprised you guys didn't have a Bushra on this palette why and then we're gonna run so much to spill kiss right onto lower lash line and I'm not putting anything in my waterline I could have gone in with a dark brown or a black but I'm leaving it empty to set my under eyes I am still in love with my beloved if from setting powder nice and cheap and inexpensive from Amazon this is in the shade translucent on some occasions I have started baking because it just gives me a smoother finish but in this instance I'm not going to want to for lips I'm gonna go in with a new Hooda Beauty metallic bullet lipstick oh my god this is in the shade Nye New Year's Eve just look at it guys I've not really been big for metallic lipsticks but when I put this on this is giving me life oh my gosh this is bang bang oh my god can you sound a bit excited yes okay for blusher I know you guys are so fed up of seeing this blush Apella in almost every tutorial but I am digging it it is my

go-to and I promise you for the last time it's gonna be inserted in this video but this is my favorite blush a palette is from supertruck and it's the nib and far blusher palette in the shade oh one blushed the blusher brush that I'm gonna use is my Mac 135s synthetic brush and I'm literally gonna take a swivel of all of their other moments and just smile and blush the only thing that I would say with the formula of this is that you need to pick up a lot more so with other high-end blushes you don't really need to go in and pick up a lot more product but with this I just feel like yes you do need to pick up otherwise your brush just doesn't pick it up what shall we use for some blow come through let's use a restock for highlighter I'm gonna go in with my Anastasia Beverly Hills and really highlight or you know the hype was real about this the hype was real this just does things the brush that I'm gonna use is my morphe y one for limited edition gold brush what I like to do is I like to go in with highlighter dry first create a c-shape which my hijab is not going to allow me to do so I might have

to do that off camera and then I like to go in with any wet setting spray I'm gonna go in with my Gerard cosmetics slay all day setting spray I think it's in the flavor mango I'm gonna spritz my brush I'm gonna pick up some more highlighter and I'm gonna sandwich my highlighter to make everything pop like wow look at that yes and then I'm just gonna add some here it adds amazing dewy dimension if you do not blend it properly maybe with your fingers III find blending with your fingers works the best you will end up with two dots of highlighter on your forehead area so make sure you've blended it really well and what it does is when the light hits those certain points of your face just makes you look like lit from within when you actually a lit from within okay you're welcome and that's it guys this is my festive work do inspired makeup I hope you guys enjoyed it I hope you guys picked up lots of new tips and tricks that's something that I really like doing in every single video and just inserting new techniques were you guys to pick up and maybe try out can we just have one glorious shout out for the

blush tribe on Instagram and your Malika palette it's absolutely banging I love all of the colors look at the way that the pigments were look at the way that I blended I'm absolutely happy with your palette I can't fault it so if you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to Like share and subscribe don't forget to leave a comment down below your love and support as always means everything to me I shall see you very soon in another video insha'Allah until next time be yourself keep it real a Salaam Baalak [Music]