08 April 2019


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hey guys welcome back to our channel so

today we are filming our favorite brushes video also if you see my blue eyeshadow is sinking further research our face is no longer in my control so just bear that in mind if you see things becoming a mess so I guess we'll just get into this here to start I have four of the morphe Jaclyn hill whatever brush masters something collection this brush that has a whole I think is really really good it's got everything you could really need for the most part so if you're looking to invest in a brush that that's not horribly expensive but it's still it's still you hundred fifty bucks but it's not that bad for all that you get I highly recommend this set this is the JH 42 rush it's this little teeny teeny tiny like Packer brush you can use it to carve out your brows highlight your inner corner cut the crease detail work things like that I really enjoyed this brush I use it for just about everything and then the JH 30 brush this is just a giant fluffy crease brush it's perfect to either just go over your work or to you know place stuff in the crease as well but it's just gonna defuse it earlier I love it just for being like after my eyes are already done just to

get that like fanned out then and then the J h41 brush this is like a packer brush this one's really really good for packing on shows surprisingly it reminds me of whatever Mac brush people talk about I don't know if it's the same you don't try it but it's what we think it's like but this works really well for packing on shadows that actually do pick up with a brush you know and then lastly bjh 38 brush it's a little tiny pencil brush I used it earlier so all of these are dirty so we're not washing them for the video um I really like this is a really teeny tiny pencil brush you can use it in the crease you can use it in the lower lash line inner corner brow bone highlight phenomenal so first off we own like five of these brushes this is the morphine 506 is a teeny tiny fluffy brush with the perfect amount of density and length to it and it's a little Scratchy but it works you know in your favor because of that I can think of the words for that it's really really good I love this for like black shadow deep pink at the outer corner detail work in the crease like sometimes sometimes blending out with a lighter color up

here but I generally use this for a more like real tight there in the crease I really enjoyed this one this is the Real Techniques damn why is it so hard to read their products this one don't even have a name my tripping looks gross I don't see it I literally cannot see that well apparently this is the Real Techniques deluxe crease brush I I literally cannot see words on here but she just read it so I don't know um but this is like a really dense fluffy brush this works really really well for primer I also enjoy it for packing a lot of color like in the crease just to get that Li pack pack pack like it really packs a punch it's a really good one but I generally use this for programs be real check and then this is B BH Cosmetics where are all the names how can you miss anything with this really worn off oh this is a BH Cosmetics number eight brush this is like a fluffy dense like Packer brush kind of thing this came in the rose gold set which I highly recommend sadly you have to get the set to get this brush which is kind of annoying but I use this for generally packing like a deep matte or like a bright matte in the crease or I use it

for packing on like a shimmery shade on the lid because I find that like really thick brushes like this can do a really good job of picking out colors shimmery colors so this one's really good don't speak until you find a name I know Linda Hallberg 304 brush this is a really dense fluffy brush this is great for in the crease packing color I guess that's my favorite kind of you do because they just love these kinds of brushes it's really soft and it's really pretty and it's really expensive and I love Linda Hallberg because I'm busy this is the Luxy 121 mini tapered brush this one is good for in the crease I really like one this one for the lower lashline and outer corner as well as I do enjoy this one for inner corner highlight it's very versatile we got this in a set in the boxycharm and I liked all the brushes that came in that but this one is by far my favorite the kind of difference between these two is this one's got more of like a tapered kind of vibe I'd like to point up and this one still like fans out it's more domed so it's nice to have both these brushes in our collection because this one's a little bit more precise whereas

the Luxy one's a little bit more like blowed out yeah well so like for example if I put like a really deep shot on my crease with the morphe one I would be able to take a lighter color and blend it out with this one and be happy with it whereas with this one I don't like the tapered miss for blending out with a lighter color as much this is the BH Cosmetics number 8 brush I use this for a literally everything I use it I use different inner corner today I use it for a lower lash line for in the crease brow bone I don't generally do a lot of my brow bone so that's a lie but I really like this one this is from the Studio Pro line the Studio Pro brushes are some of their best I think they're so so so good um I don't know if you can get this one individually to be completely honest the morphe 17 is very very similar to this it's just a little top well it's a little taller bristles wise and a little fluffier but I do enjoy this one for inner corner as well but if you don't want to get the set for this brush alone which you probably know this is a good option for it this one just has more density so it's better for in the crease in my humble opinion so

this is the morphe m51 floor brush it's really like light and fluffy but also really tiny this one's really good for the Instagram blend like the pea Louise blend reverse blend I think you pack on your darkest shadow and then blend lighter colors on top of it that's kind of how I normally do my eyeshadow now it seems to work out pretty well just sometimes certain colors don't work well like the hats practice really but this one's really good for fluffing out everything cuz it's small so you're not really get the shadow everywhere but it's also very light so you can kind of just like wisp it on it's just a really good brush that I am very happy we have in our collection and then lastly on our eye shadow brushes and then lastly for our eye shadow brushes we have the BH Cosmetics number 7 brush this is this little tiny blender brush it's a little bit it's similar to the morphe one but it's again a little bit more domed it's not quite the same as the other one we showed you it's a little bit less dense well yeah a little bit less dense maybe umm it's very small it's really good for the lower lash line and like tight in the crease there's a trend

really wide crease brushes but yeah this one's really good and but you do have to get it in the normal set yeah um but it is really good and so just as a as a whole morphe brushes I like but I'm not gonna sit here and say that you can't get better brushes they're just gonna be more expensive they fall apart pretty easily is the only problem like that if you have to glue the ferals back on but that happens we're also not careful when we wash our brushes so like we'll get water in like the ferrule here and the glue will come undone as well as more few brushes the bristles tend to like fray out a lot I don't really mind that but some people do so just bear that in mind so we will start with foundation brushes Vic doesn't use them pretty much at all but I do like a good foundation brush one that very much surprised me is the BH Cosmetics number three brush from the Studio Pro line this is so good for foundation it's a lot fluffier that I would normally go for so I kind of thought it would be like super streaky because some people like put on their foundation blending duo fiber brush and alike because I just know my skin would be

like oh gotta go um this one works really well though sometimes I do have to you know tap over my nose with the sponge because that's like my problem area with brushes but this is so good or you can just use it for like blending out cream contour because it's small enough but I really love this brush and the other one would be the morphine Jaclyn hill the morphe JH o 3 brush it's pretty much the same as the m4 3:9 just a yeah pretty much the same as the m4 3:9 I really like these for foundation they're nice and like dense so you just kind of like pat on and swirl in good stuff I don't generally use brushes for concealer or foundation but for a concealer brush this is probably my favorite one if I'm going to use one which is never um but this is the BH Cosmetics 137 brush I saw this pur Robbie - Christie's recommendation she used it for foundation it's very very dense so if you use this for foundation you're going to get hello coverage it's good for stick foundations yeah except I don't like that but I'm really not giving this brush much of a chance it works really well for blending out cream products on this game that's

what I like it for we have three different highlighter brushes that we like the most most people like that a fluffy morphe brush but the more I use it the more I just don't really care for it I like something that packs a little bit more of a punch and then I can i've been highlighting before I do like my bronzer in stuff so I diffuse it that way so one of them would be the Linda Hallberg 306 brush got this for Vic for a birthday a couple years back the set but her recommendation of kathleenlights so good it's a good umm so soft the colors gorgeous and then we got this in a 55 this is the mint pear rounded soft blend m64 brush this woman I can use for concealer or highlighter I prefer it for highlighter but this does work really well for concealer I tried it that way because Samantha Ravan doll uses a brush like this for concealer if she's not using her Beauty Blender but this one the sheep since its kind of more pointed it's kind of nice for a concealer if you get any sort of like fallout you can like brush up and it takes it off and then we have the Real Techniques setting

brush super affordable super good you can get it at Target Real Techniques brushes don't break they don't shave will last for the rest of your life I swear to god we've had ours really since high school yeah so these are really good and then we do really love our Amy age highlighting brush but great 23 yeah a couple of our brushes have gone missing I swear used it the other day it's somewhere around here and then for bronzer um this is a japonesque brush that I have avoided getting my entire life because japonesque brushes are like sigma brush price but they're like weird red star brand know that if you are not but I found this at Marshall's for $4 and sadly it does kind of shed on you which is kind of annoying but the sheep of this and how soft it is and how it blends your product it's worth the hairs that you find it's so good and it just looks like NARS packaging it's just like oh I'm a suspense and then my tried-and-true Real Techniques powder brush I knew this one actually doesn't even have to look I have two of these I like this for like my body frosting from laura geller

both the highlight and the bronzer I really love it for that but I love this for bronzing the face because I don't like well I don't used it in awhile for that because I've been using cream products for a number it's because I just want like a big like diffused bronze circle you know I don't want like it chiseled orange like I want an orange 3 if you will you know it's so soft I'm sure it works for powder all over the face too but you know what I don't use powder all over the face so I can't really attest that there's a blush brush from the Jacqueline Hill collection but I can't seem to find it is the best blush brush yeah I swear to God I just used it yesterday I know but I can't find it got a similar vibe to this Luxy brush it's very flimsy but it's thicker thicker than this one that's why we like it but it just like it's the perfect blush brush yeah it's really nice and you need it arguably you can buy them individually so yeah so there's that this is the wet and wild p53 from the fire and ice collection they love this brush it's so good I love it for blush I've used it for bronzer before but I

like a bigger bronzer brush like I stated um but I do enjoy this for blush it's so soft and it's so pretty and it's high-quality I don't know if you can get this anymore hope so if you can ten out of ten and then the Real Techniques multi-task cheek brush this is good for just about anything you need you can use this for cream contour powder contour cream blush highlight under my seven or under eye setting we have like I didn't get some point we had like four of these brushes we have two now I think we only have two now yeah but I really really like this one and again Real Techniques brushes do not fall apart I've had this one for like probably four five years now and I mean it's not it doesn't even look like it looks brilliant it's they're so good okay so that was our roundup of our favorite brushes I'm sure we missed some I'm sure some of our favorites aren't in here we typically mentioned our brushes in our videos so you can see them there as well but that's just kind of like what we use the most everything we use that's also a favorite that's not in this video is just a variation of the ship of the kinds that we showed you so yeah hope

you guys enjoyed let us know what your favorite brushes Larkin's like I want to try Smith brushes but those puppies like four-headed bucks so I'm gonna stick with morphe for now but if you guys enjoy it come and like and subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Instagram at Twitter also you have a parallel of the week going on we should have one going on at least when this video goes up using the colour-pop exile of saggy palette I mean is that today I cheated I didn't because I'm just that cool but anyway thank you guys so much for watching and we hope to see you in the next video