31 October 2018


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hey guys I know I am in the same outfit

what can I say I needed an intro I just felt kind of weird showing you all my makeup products and I'm talking just looking at stuff on my table but today we are going to be doing a finale I think you know I got a blush as one to do just kidding but I'm going to do a combination of different products in my makeup collection because there are there are a few more items in here so I think I can just you know join them together so we're going to be doing my makeup collection for my bronzers yes my bronzers my highlighters and all my face products so that includes my powders as well as my foundations and any other gizmos and gadgets aplenty whose it's and whatsits galore finish the lyrics in the comments down below but that will be today's video I hope you guys enjoy it and until the next video I hope you all are doing well and taking great care of yourselves I will see you all oh I will see you all in the next video be sure to check me out on Instagram if you haven't done so already it'll be the first thing down below don't forget to click that subscribe button my hands are going in all directions but I really do hope you'll stick around and join this

YouTube family here straight into the makeup collection bye guys we're gonna begin the video by going over the powders that I currently have and we'll be using up so the first one here is the Mac Studio Fix I do use the shade NC 40 and have had this for quite some time I did lend it to my mom for a little bit and then got her into Studio tech so I did get it back and I've been using it quite a bit obviously there's a very nice dent in it here we have a Patrick's powder which was part of his collection I have a sponge in here that I did get from that Studio Fix powder compact as you can see this translucent powder does have a bit of a pink undertone to it I don't think it's completely translucent to be honest there is a white cast when I put it on but it does wear very well and I love the finish that it gives my skin it is a matte finish obviously especially if you bake but it's not as drying as some of the other powders I've tried this is my drugstore powder and I've used this for many many years I use it in the shade nude beige and I will say that it is pretty light however I find that after I put my bronzer on it gives me just the perfect amount of

coverage because I do like to put this predominantly in the center of my face since it is a meta fiying powder and I've gone through I believe two of this already and working on this current one next is my well-loved mineralized skinfinish natural I am in the shade medium dark and I have used this powder for a good amount of time there is a healthy flat surface here which it does come usually domed and I love this shade for my complexion it goes very well with it and if you like a light dust of powder with a bit of a healthy glow finish to it this is the powder for you lastly we have the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder as you can see the powder seems a bit dark and the reason is because I bought the deep color version of this loose powder and I had emptied some of it I'd say about a third of what comes in a normal sized container I poured it directly into this container I started to shake it and let the product sift through and that is how I mix the two colors together and this for me is a perfect perfect match to my skin complexion moving on to my other face products here I have the make up forevers step one skin equalizer in

smoothing primer and I am just about done with this I don't think it's the best in terms of oily skin control but it does fill in the pores very nicely and I do have another makeup for ever one that I'm going to be pulling out the other primer that I use is the Becca ever met poreless priming Perfector and if you have oily skin I suggest and I mean like heavily oily skin I suggest you try this out it is extremely mattifying like I cannot stress that to you enough but it also does filling your pores so if you struggle heavily with oily skin definitely give this a try here is a sample of the Mac strobe cream I have been loving this to include with my foundation that is what it looks like I mix it in with my foundation and I feel like it gives me just such a subtle glow I have oily skin but I do appreciate a glow every now and again with my foundation and here we also have my well-loved Wonder glow from Charlotte Tilbury and whereas the other one was more pink this is a bit more champagne and so oh you can heavily see my veins that's what you get when you just come from the gym but as you can see it's

very champagne a very gold like and so it's nice to have those two options and here we have picks plus this item needs no introduction I basically use it for a bunch of reasons to you know have my eyeshadows show up a little bit more to set my face to moisten up my beauty blenders it is an all-purpose product and it must have in my makeup collection here we have the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation this shade here is in honey bronze and this one is in Thani I recently did get this this was before my know by just in case you were wondering and I did want to get this shade because I feel like this is slowly getting a bit too dark for me and it's somewhat oxidizes on my skin so mixing this together has given me the perfect combination and I'm so thrilled because this has to be my favorite long wearing foundation that I found so far it just works wonders on my skin I absolutely love this for full coverage on the go type of makeup looks if I don't want to use any makeup or have a no makeup makeup look I go to my Mac face and body foundation and I am in the shade C for this to is slowly getting a bit too dark for me so if anything if I

do run out of this I will probably end up getting the c3 and lastly we have my current favourite foundation this is the NARS natural radiant long wear foundation this is absolutely genius it is a medium coverage foundation but it wears like absolutely nothing on the skin and if you're wondering I am in the shade Sahel and if I'm pronouncing that incorrectly please let me know but I've used this time and time again you've probably seen it more than enough times moving onto highlighters we have the essence pure nude highlighter this is in the shade B my highlight can we just admire how beautiful this is this is a champagne but it does have a bit of that nude shift so it's not very light in color it does wear beautifully on the skin and I am I would say about an NC 37 for reference this goes on beautifully it is not a heavily pigmented highlighter which is my personal preference this is my NARS tribulation blush I know I said it was a blush however I just it doesn't seem like a blush to me now this this has to be my favorite highlighter of all time the only reason I tried to avoid using

it in videos is because it's limited edition or it was discontinued and so that's why I refer people to the essence highlighter because I think it's very similar this is just a smidge more gold in comparison to the essence one however they wear very similar I do prefer this one a bit more but they were similar in that they're not very heavy highlighters they look natural on the skin which really works well for me because of my textured complexion not complexion textured surface of the face next we have the ever famous Bobbi Brown and this is her highlighting powder and bronzed glow it's just the most gorgeous bronze golden shade that you can possibly think of and I love how it goes on my skin I love this I love I had a couple of the mineralized skinfinish compacts from matte but I did eventually get rid of everything except this shade there's no there's absolutely no way I can give this up because I find it to be the best blush topper ever this is in cheeky bronze this is a rose gold type of shade but it does have that gold of veining in it so when it's applied to the skin it just looks phenomenal just phenomenal here we have the Anastasia

highlighter this is in riviera and this happens to be my only cool-toned highlighter that I own as you can see it's got this very taupe fish feel to it that is exactly what it looks like on the skin and what collection would it be without some Becca highlighters so I do have two in my collection this is in moonstone and I believe this is the lightest shade that they have in their permanent skin perfecting line this I would describe as almost a white gold it is definitely on the lighter side and I do find that I need to use a light hand when I apply this but I really like to use this highlighter when I do more fresh looking makeup and lastly this needs no introduction we have champagne pop it is just classic it's a cult favorite Jaclyn hill did right by becca with this it is an amazing amazing highlighter these becca ones are definitely pigmented and so a light hand is in order if you don't like heavy looking highlighters but if you want to glow and glow to the gods you definitely need to get your hands on some champagne pop here we have my cream bronzer it is absolutely disgusting I apologize but I wanted this to be as truthful and honest

as it can be this is the Tom Ford shade and illuminate intensity number two this is a cream highlighter and a cream bronzer I do use it predominantly for the bronzer however this is a beautiful beautiful highlight if you prefer that very wet but not necessarily blinding highlighting look this is gorgeous this is definitely a very rich warm brown shade the other contouring shade that I have is the sole eight and a Chanel by well Chanel this product too is absolutely well loved I am probably going to get to the bottom of this very very soon this is the lighter of the two cream contours that I have if I had to pick I would probably pick this one and for those of you wondering this does show up as a contour on my skin and I really do hope that Chanel never ever ever discontinued this product because I absolutely adore it so here we have a contouring kit that I put together myself it is a palette from Mac here you have a yellow highlighting shade and then these other two are more contour slash bronzer shades these two here I would say are very contour ask type of shades they are

cool tone and so they will mimic shadows a lot better this one as well but I prefer to use this very sparingly at the back ends of my cheekbones just to enhance shadow but not necessarily bring it towards the center of my face because it will end up looking muddy and this one here is a bronzer I will tell you that the formulation on bees is by far better than ones that you can get in those single compacts these blend beautifully onto the skin it almost feels like butter and it is so pigmented I do own two tomforde bronzing powders this first one here is in gold dust and this is a very typical bronzing color it does have very fine shimmers in it and the shimmer and it is gold will I buy it again probably not because I do prefer Laguna but if you're interested in getting a Tom Ford bronzer this is a fairly good option and this next one that I have is in the shade Terra and in contrast this one does have a bit more red in it and it is completely matte here is a Mac bronzer this is their matte bronze this is in a limited edition packaging however this product is in the permanent line and this is your traditional warm bronzer it does

have a slight bit of cool tone to it so this is one of those bronzers I mentioned it time and time again that I think the perfect type of bronzer is something that's neutral something that you can double up as both a bronzer and a contour and this is very close to it but I do think that this is definitely more warm than anything too faced chocolate soleil the original the og packaging if you have been bronzing for some time you definitely at one point on this if not have tried it's watched it whatever I'm getting a whiff of the chocolate scent it is extremely strong and it's making me want to eat some sweets here we have the infamous the well-loved as you can see is quite dirty the NYC smooth skin bronzing face powder and it is in the infamous sunny this bronzer although it looks like a typical bronzing color this is so pigmented if I'm not cautious of how much I put on my brush I can definitely apply way too much which blows my mind because it doesn't look that dark in the pan and I can always rely on this bronzer this is this is embarrassing but this is how much I've loved my NARS bronzers are just I love

it this is casino and casino is the go-to bronzer if I feel like contouring myself or bronzing myself to the gods if I want people to see my contour and bronzer from about a mile and a half away I will put on casino there is no other bronzer that I will go to this is a very warm almost reddish bronzer and so if you do prefer a red tone bronzer well here you go hi I wanted to say this for less because it just looks it looks horrible I've demolish this Laguna bronzer I can just open it like a book Laguna for a while was something that I could rely on but it wasn't necessarily my first pick however I want to say within the past half a year beginning of the year I have been going to this bronzer so freaking much it amazes me because this does have more apparent gold shimmers in it it's not again it doesn't look like glitter on the face it's a very nice luminous glow on the skin but you will be able to see the gold on your face when applying it I think the color itself is neutral but because of the kind of heaviness of the gold inside the actual bronzer it makes the skin look neutral but

golden at the same time this is pure genius I know there are other bronzers similar to it but because I haven't tried them out I'm just gonna stick I'm gonna stick to the cumin because if it ain't broke don't fix it you know I hope you guys enjoy this video after looking at my vanity I believe I have two more videos to do which will be my lip products as well as my blushes and those will be two separate videos and I hope you guys stick around to watch them as well as all my future videos until the next one I hope you all are doing well taking great care of yourselves I will see you all next time you next time bye guys [Music]