25 November 2018

Farmersville police tries to make us back up then calls 4 two more squad cars πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ 1st amendment

so Geisler kind of cup watch in the city

of Farmersville I'm with self Valley News and we're just driving by looking for cops and came across the street and saw these blue and yellow lights oh I see what's going on you got a right hand huh you guys are going to record that's fine but why is it oh this is a public setup to that this is a public sidewalk well don't worry we're not gonna do anything email you don't got a fit for your life can I get your name and badge number can I get your name and badge number shake up I take what Jacob huh ability how long you been a cup they pulled over an elderly man no can help you we help you okay okay [Music] officer can I get your your name and badge number thank you and yours your Explorer okay so this guy this elderly man right here might get a DUI I believe he's drinking they can get the money the course cerveza record service equipment it will be more tribal council tomorrow

oh I said okay or it doesn't last move away from Diego Oscar [Music] we got a third so car come on what perfectly looking you're right we're gonna do a seat on the couch because we can we're gonna do it right here man you can do it here on the settle oh I appreciate yeah he's not gonna pass he goes I it was like a no yeah I know a few of them the one that was I don't know where he went but that's South Valley news I'm Tulare County cop watch there's a San Joaquin Valley transparency yeah Casey camera boy high desert community wise there's a lot man too many to say but I just named a few friends that were close to them but yeah we got magic oh you mean like like from city to city all in contact Maui we talked to each other pretty sure you're a good officer I could tell by your personality but there's a lot of them that are that ain't good man and we but you guys as cameras you can turn them off and on whenever you guys want I think you guys

should make it to where you guys can't turn them off at all where wants me like you to sandwich your hey if it's gonna save lives yeah I appreciate your professionalism alright guys well he failed so he's gonna get a DUI and probably get his been impounded so I guys anjing can drive try to avoid that as much as possible alright guys that does it for here hope you guys liked our video please like subscribe we're here in Farmersville and still a city we go to next Tulare County cop watch