26 November 2018

Fall Makeup look!

Hey guys, I hope you liked this fun tutorial of a natural fall eye look! It was super fun to do, so comment down below some videos you think I should do!! Please ...


what's up guys so today I'm going to be doing a fall look with two of Laura Lee's palettes the mini fatuity if you guys have heard of it and then the Laura Lee Los Angeles cat's pajamas her first one and then this is her second one I believe okay so I did my best friend um mom's makeup the other day I was kind of surprised because it liked her not really good and she liked it and I liked it and so I kind of wanted to do like something like that I guess so these are the two palettes that I use I don't have a picture of it sadly but it's basically just like a fall look especially since we're going into like Thanksgiving it's almost Christmas and we just got done with Halloween it's kind of like fall right now I wanted to do a look dedicated to fall I guess I'm probably gonna be doing like a lot of these but I mean who doesn't love fall okay so what I'm gonna use first for primer is this Sicily primer right here and this is more like a luxurious brand yeah I don't know it's my mom's and when I got it from room but it's really good because I'm Jesse star uses it it smells really good I'm gonna use this Sephora ten hour wear

perfection foundation and the shade Claire light morphe s9 for brush it's just like a stifling brush and then I'm gonna do two pumps there was hair on it actually let's do one because that was one pump and then it's kind of a lot um I just realized I didn't even have a mirror in front of me buffing the foundation in my skin this is more of a light coverage foundation and I kind of like it because I'm not I don't mindful full coverage but if I have a choice I'd rather do like light coverage like this probably looks better on my face too because I am younger next I'm gonna use this Smashbox Studios skin 24-hour waterproof concealer right here and they shade light to warm I'm just gonna put like triangles under my eyes little on the forehead nose Cupid's bow and chin then I'm gonna blend it in so now I'm going to use the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder the loose one I'm gonna put some into the cap and then I'm gonna take a big morphe a41 brush I love this brush because it's like so fat and you can set your own face you literally just set half my face with all that and it works so now we're gonna bronze with the

Kat Von D shade and light palette with the one in the middle I use this one I'm gonna take like a fluffy like fan brush and just like warm up the points of my face so before [Music] and then cheekbones or the hollows of my cheeks and then my jawline I never used this but I just want to try it today so there's like these light shades and I kind of want to take this one and put it under my eyes just to almost like set it again Oh with like a colored powder I guess I have a bunch of brushes that I don't use so I'm just gonna take this random one I don't know it's from Sephora it's probably one of their collections but just take like a fluffy brush and I'm gonna take the shade I pointed out and just Pat it under my eye just to add more like color I guess I never done it before I just feel like it would give me my coverage and then also set my under eye again blush now I'm gonna go into this you a flirt blush do I lose this one and I think it's called kiss me a broke is that rogue or Brook Rouge who knows I'm just me use that and put it on

my cheekbones now for highlighter let me use the morphe x rettman rockbabe in paradise palette Jihu in vacation so the two middle ones a morphe M five-10 brush and just like highlight the top of my cheekbones right here oh TD eye catching crease brush I'm just gonna take those same highlighting colors or shades go down my nose my nose Cupid's bow and I like doing it on the lip I don't know I just started doing that recently like recently like yesterday and I kind of like it early two days ago but I can't like it I came from school I already have my eyebrows on they kind of got covered in foundation so I'm just gonna like refill them in you can kind of reduce either kind of fold in but we're just gonna fix up a Mac Pro Longwear painterly paint-pot and just prime eyelids and also carve out my eyebrows for the eye like I'm gonna go into cat's pajamas palette this one and I'm gonna take okie-dokie this one just to set that eyeshadow primer that we just put on bomb-diggity and kray-kray right here these to warm up the crease a little bit this one and this one kind of gonna warm up the crease a little bit more but keep

it on the lower outer corner a little bit more and then blend it in it's on the outer corner of your eye we're pact brush really get in like in one like certain spot whatever or as opposed to like all over the lid if you know what I mean so I'm going to take this is the morphe 18 brush and I'm gonna mix in the cookie mostly cookie and then just a little bit of oddball right here basically all the shades that I'm using are from cat's pajamas so then I'm going to focus it keep it right here and then it's that and then I'm just gonna blend in with the brush that I used for the other shades okay now that I think about it I only use one shade from nudie patootie so I basically use the cat's pajamas palette so you basically don't really need the nudie patootie to do this look you can use any palette honestly as long as they have the similar shades that I use think about it I only use one shade from nudie patooties so I basically use the cat's pajamas palette so you basically don't really need the nudie patootie to do this look you can use any palette honestly as long as they have the similar shades that I use take my fix+

onto the brush that I used for the highlighter just spray it a little bit with scatterbrain right here and then put it on the rest of my lid I'm gonna go into new you patootie basically the one shade and I'm gonna take stark right here if you can't see it's like shimmery I don't know a shimmery white color then go in the inner corner and the braga Pookie and cray cray will take it on this to find the brush that we use to do like the black and the or the black and matte burgundy one and blend them down here Ashley and mostly looks like just the black in the in the burgundy so let's just do that think the name rubbed off but I don't know it's the Tom Ford double sided it has a little tip and a big one but I'm going to use the little one today and just put it on this is the roller lash by benefit all we're gonna do is this Tom for the lip gloss super simple and this is in the shade Oh or a one naked I don't know that's what it says so thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys like this fall look kind of I sure liked it it was

super super simple really easy I think the most you had to do is just blend if you're not a blonde you can do this it's pretty easy thank you guys so much for watching and I hope to see you guys in the next one bye guys it's crazy [Music] and all the big so cam is [Music]