27 September 2018


Hi Babes!! I wanted to share with you a Fall inspired work make up look. This is super easy look to recreate and suitable for work but gives all the Fall feels.

hey guys welcome back to my channel for

those who are watching for the first time my name is Aubrey and I'm stoked that you guys are all here did I just say stoked who says stoked anymore I guess I do but anyways it's true I am so happy I've only filmed a couple of makeup videos in the past and I love makeup don't get me wrong I mean when I started watching YouTube channel or YouTube videos way back when it was all because of makeup and so that's really what inspired me to start a YouTube channel so I really wanted to start adding more makeup into my videos I really wanted to do a makeup look that was appropriate for work but that was also really pretty for fall and so I just got this inspiration and I wanted to share this with you guys so if you want to see how I achieve this look then make sure you keep watching I'm gonna list all my products down below in the description if you're interested and as always don't forget to subscribe I love you guys so much also follow me on Instagram because I would really appreciate it and I love the community that I have with you guys you guys are all supportive and loving and I

just I'm so grateful but without further ado let's get on to the makeup tutorial all right guys let's begin with the makeup so of course it's important to have a clean face that goes without saying but on top of that what I've actually really been using a lot lately it's a primer and it doesn't matter if I'm doing no glam like glam or full glam I think primer is great because it just helps make the makeup process really go on smoothly so one that I've actually tried that I went out and bought a full full bottle of is the Too Faced hangover a primer and I like it because it's with coconut water but it's a replenishing face primer I just like this a lot so it's and it doesn't like leave a white film sometimes they do and I don't like that I've never used an actual full product yet just the sample so I'll use about that much for my whole face I like it because it leaves your skin a little tacky which is like great because then that means that the makeup will like stay on there longer it smells good to you by the way now I've got primer on the next thing I go in and use is a Mac strobe cream and this is in the shade

pink light so can I just use about the same amount that I would use for a primer of this this is glossy errs perfecting skin tint this isn't medium I love it because I don't really like foundation because I don't like looking like I'm wearing foundation and there's not a lot of foundations out there that do that so that don't do that I love this because it's perfect for my skin color as well as it's just very light and then cuz it's in a squeezy to be bottle I go in and I just do some on my forehead [Music] that's exciting looking and then I go in this is the brush I use for foundation like liquid base foundations this is max 159 brush then i go in and i plug it out [Music] now that I've got foundation on I'm gonna move on to concealer today I'm going to actually use to the well first I'm gonna be using is by glossy err and this is their stretch concealer in medium and also i'm going to be using mac's mineralize concealer in nw15 i just swipe it a couple times underneath my eye I'll do a little bit on my nose right

here and right here and then a couple right here and I also get really red underneath my nose and so then with the glossy or concealer I'll go in with my Mac 287 brush which it's kind of a concealer brush but I use it for conserver so anyways but it's just in a pot and then I'll just go in and I'll kind of put in where I missing concealer in the other areas I feel like I'm a little red up there I'll do some go in with the dampened Beautyblender and I blend [Music] and literally I love every step of makeup but I really love both blah blah under bronzer so I'm gonna use this is one of my favorite bra bronzers of life this is by Mac and this has given me Sun and then I'll go in with my Mac 134 brush which is a big fluffy brush and I love this this was my very first Mac brush and I've had this for five years and I'll go and I'll get it pretty packed on there and then I'll brush it off so it's not like falling out you know and then when I'm doing just like like lamb like I'm doing today I just kind of work it to give me back some color that I kind of got taken away when

I did foundation if that makes sense so I'll focus on my cheekbones and up on my forehead and then on my nose [Music] but I'll go into some blush and I love blush I'm gonna be using my narcissus palette sorry I know it's a glare cuz it's got a glass packaging but they've just got I love it because they've got so many good colors especially for my skin tone because it's more fully and that's what I'm going for I'm going to use a darker blush just to give me a little bit more color so I'm gonna use this one in the dark in the corner right here and honestly NARS blushes are pigmented so but I like to do a little bit on my nose and then I like to go on just apples on my cheeks and that's it for blush next up I do is highlighter I'm gonna go in with my DARS what's this called the bord de plush highlighter palette so I'm gonna go in with my morphe m.0 I'm sorry m50 one brush for my highlight and with this one I kind of just like play with it I don't ever stick to just one sometimes I used to [Music] oh it's looking so good

my next step then so much our brows my minute is on camera because it would just take too long say I'll be right back okay all right I'm back from doing my eyebrows so as you can see they're not like too much because it's work that we're going to so you don't want to be like what the heck your brows are too much anyways moving on to eye shadow so I love to use Mac's painterly Pro Longwear Paint Pot as an eyeshadow base so I'll take my Beauty Blender and I'll just dip it in there at all [Music] I'm moving on to eye shadow I'm gonna go in with narcissus palette the loaded one with these colors I'm going to create a pretty fall work makeup luck or eye shadow look or I'm gonna go in with today from this narcissus kalus I think it's it's kind of difficult to decide which one it is I think this one's called privilege but anyways I'm gonna go in with this color right here it's like a really soft tan color and I'm just gonna basically try to use as a transition shade to help blend everything out I'm gonna go in with the 217 brush I really like this

color right here it's kind of like a topi color I'm gonna go into the corner of my eye and just kind of start carving out the corner of my eye [Music] I like to go in with my fluffy brush and then blend it all out again so there's no harsh lines all right now because it's fall and I want to have a little bit of fun and not be too boring for work I'm gonna go in with a shimmery color now this one's great because there's so many there's one two three four five to choose from but I really like this one right here it's kind of like a it's definitely brown but it's kind of it's kind of like a golden brown I use my 242 brush I'm just gonna start packing that in on the lid now that I've got my shimmer on my lid I'm gonna use my 217 brush and use just a darker brown color now for the corners just for a little bit more other depth so I'm gonna go in with this like chocolatey brown color that's pretty and blend it all out guys [Music] and then what I like to do cuz I'm not crazy about going under my eye so I do like to take whatever is left on this

brush and kind of just go underneath to kind of like blend out anything underneath to just to bring it down a little bit but it's not going to be too visible I don't even do this really like I don't go heavy on this even with full glam days I will do some mascara just to complete this look so first things first I'll go in with my Tarte um eyelash curler I've had this forever I love this one and I'll just lie I'll curl my lashes before I put any mascara on then I do this a cut bit like 10 to 20 times just depending yeah that looks good I still have pretty long lashes but they're just very thin so they're not very full that's why I like getting eyelash extensions then I'll go in with some eyeliner especially what I'm wearing eyelash extensions the cuts are so full it looks like my my even my line my lash line is darkened and right now it doesn't look like anything so I'll go in with my NARS larger-than-life long-wear eyeliner in via the net tone and I'll do I'll try and tightline oh my goodness try and hyaline my lash line [Music] I'm wearing my scarab I like to go in

with two different ones so I really like buck Sims um lash mascara mascara blackest black and then I also like Urban Decay's perversion and bigger blacker badder I like using both of these the reason I like using both of these is the bugs them has the difference I'm not even sure what this is called like the type of school II that is but it really goes in and it separates the lashes and I'll go in with my urban decay and this one just had your traditional like voluminous brush or applicator brush and what I do with this one is I really just like to pack it in at the bottom of the lash to like make it look fuller because I feel like if I take this all the way to the tip of the lashes it clumps it out too much [Music] so that's it for all my makeup and I've saved the best for last of course that's also because I think it would be weird if you started with lipstick first but I'm gonna go in with my new lipstick by Yves Saint Laurent and this is in shade 54 which is I believe it's called something prune I can't remember but I love this color so much it's perfect for fall it's a perfect like burgundy plummy

prune color so I'm actually gonna go in with the morphe M 170 - 4 brush this is just a tiny little lip brush I like using brushes especially with darker colors because it makes it easier to apply and that way you don't mess up too much because I kind of suck at putting a lipstick [Music] so there you guys have it there's my makeup look this is what I like to wear when I'm working and if I decide to wear makeup that day but as you can see it's just very simple very low-key but then also very pretty and flattering and feminine so if you guys like this make sure you click the like button don't forget to subscribe I love you guys so much and don't forget to follow me on Instagram I had so much fun filming this and I really hope that you guys like this but I will see you guys next time bye [Music]