25 September 2017

Fall Inspired Makeup Tutorial 2017

I hope you all enjoy my version of Fall makeup! Below you will find all the products I used in this video: FENTY BEAUTY Precision Makeup Sponge #100 ...


hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I'm gonna be doing a fall inspired makeup look and as you can see this is the final look here oh my god I'm sorry look how tender this is this is ridiculous but if you guys did want to see how i got this makeup look then keep watching okay so the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna cry my face and I normally do you see an hourglass mineral veil primer but I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone try something a little bit different for you guys so if my birthday mecca sent me like my but think if this year it did come with the illuminating primer from the brand make a cosmetic ax I haven't used this yet so I guess I'll try it out for you guys today I'm just gonna use my hands just to pop this on smells really fresh but feels kind of like the consistency like of a moisturizer I'm gonna do my eye makeup and my brows first serve I'm gonna pop foundation and concealer from like here above because of like any full app but then I'm gonna do it like the rest of my face so I'm gonna be using my Marc Jacobs remarkable foundation I'm gonna be using it in the shade beige 33 this

is it here instead of using a Beauty Blender I notice that I do like the application with a brush better with this Marc Jacobs foundation so I am gonna be using the multi Tasca complexion brush it's a Sephora brush and it's in number 45 with the Marc Jacobs you just basically it's like a little double thing so you're just gonna pop like a couple of little specks I never know like how much to use cuz I've only use this like a couple of times so far and I like no want to use too much but then I feel like do I use enough I don't know I'm just going to buff that into my skin you see it's quite thick like Ciara and they put like a couple of dots I just have no gonna put that a little bit blended down my eyes okay now that that's blended into my void it's gonna look a little bit silly for a little bit but I'm just gonna conceal my eyes so then we can go and do the eye makeup look so I am gonna be using the top shape tape and seal it today so this one's in the shade light/medium honey and I absolutely love this I just got this delivered like last week and sere oh my god I don't know why I actually

haven't got this through nights or amazing so I'm just going to pop some concealer just on top of my eyelid and just with my BH Cosmetics 130 brush I'm just going to Pat this over my lid well I'm gonna use the laura mercier translucent setting powder I'm just gonna lightly set my forehead it doesn't really need that much setting because of the way that the foundation is but I'm just gonna set it anyway just so that I can do my brows without them smudging I'm just going to tap some just into the lid so that I'm not like using up too much product slightly over our eyes and then I'm just gonna lightly set my forehead as well so we'll come back to that because we're obviously gonna set the rest of our face later on first off we're gonna do the brows and then I'm gonna get into doing the eye makeup look so I'm just gonna use my anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade and then this is in the shade dark brown okay so I'm just gonna be using the lid just to pop some product in there just so that when not getting too much product on the brush and it's so much more controllable by popping it in there too the way I do my brows is obviously like a little bit

different to how you guys might have to do your brows or how other people might do them but this is just how I do it you just create like a line underneath that follows around and a shape that I want my brow to be and then in the center I do little flecks up just to create the light of it heya and I'm just creating the arch as well they were just gonna blend so for the base of my eyes I'm gonna be using my Kat Von D shade + light eye palette I'm gonna be using this shade right here I'm just gonna be putting that over my entire lid and I'm just gonna use this pretty like flat eye brush right here I actually don't know the name of it because it's super old I'm had it for like a million years let's go ahead and do that now so we just like kind of pressing it onto my lid but to like tap off any excess although it doesn't really matter because today we are going to do our foundation on the bottom half of our face lost so if there is any fallout we can just brush it away before we do our foundation so it doesn't really matter how much full that there is so now in my crease I'm just gonna be popping this color right here called

Lucius this is my a 40 type of blending brush and this is a sigma brush so I'm just gonna be a little bit on my brush and then I'm just gonna actually tuck away a teeny bit of the excess as well then I'm just gonna blend that straight into your my crease and then I am gonna be taking my Too Faced peanut butter and jelly palette and I'm gonna be using a few shades from this one so I'm just gonna be taking the shade peanut butter which is this shade right here and I'm just gonna be blending that as well or have in like a c-shape just when my creases and then also back through my crease as well then with this small blending style brush again I don't know where it came from I've had it for like five million years I'm gonna be taking the shade nuts about you I'm just gonna be blending that underneath my eye and then blending it up through this part of my crease line as well then I'm just gonna be taking the exact same nuts about you shade just lightly tapping my blending brush into it and then blending it and then on the top of this brush I'm just going to take this shade right here

in the cap 1d palette and I'm just gonna put a little bit on my brush cap off a lot of the excess and all I'm gonna do is just blend it across the top where my brow bar it is don't worry we're gonna clean up all of this as well then we're gonna do our lip color I'm gonna be taking a very flat brush what we're gonna do is take the shade peanut-brittle and we're gonna just try to pack on babe it onto our brush and then we're just gonna press it onto this hole in a pot of a lid here I'm just gonna create a little bit more of a base by popping the the this base shade just here and a little bit of this as well so we're gonna use this one first and just pop it just using the corner side of our brush just straight down the center and just doing the same thing to the other side and this is just gonna create like depth to our eye look and then we're just gonna take our initial base shade here and just go over that and then this time just blending it so then we're gonna go back and we're just gonna be putting our rich and creamy shade using the exact same technique straight over the top of what we just

did then just to finish it up we're just gonna take the peanut butter shade just here we're just gonna blend out through where our crease is just one more time just in the highest but make sure it's like all nice and soft through here we don't want any harsh lines so we're just gonna take nuts about you one more time and just blend it more into here you've got a little bit more of that darker edge going on so now we're just gonna do our mascara and I'm just gonna be using my old faithful the owl gloss mascara and it is the film noir mascara and then I'm just gonna be popping on some Adele lashes and I don't remember which ones these huh but I think they might be the glamour whispies Bob and early remember but all the Adele lashes are really really good so I'm just gonna go ahead and put those on now and I had some pretty bad full-out and I touched it and it like smudged all over my face so I'm just gonna use my ghanian micellar cleansing water all I'm gonna do is just pop it onto some cotton pads and then also during this step we are just gonna clean out our eyes so it's a little bit more shocked see look pull out okay so

as you guys can see I have just cleaned up the makeup look a little bit better just gonna go back with our mock Jacobs foundation and we're just gonna create a couple of dots around our face and then we're just gonna do the same thing that we do with our forehead oh my god see sometimes this is like true watery and it just like goes everywhere that's kind of like the only downfall I feel like after using this but other than that the actual foundation I absolutely love it I really really love the coverage and I think it's just so beautiful - I'm just gonna buff that into my skin see look at that coverage that is like flawless coverage like seriously does look like skin it does not look like or even feel like I'm wearing thick makeup I love it this in the new Rihanna Fenty which if you guys haven't seen my review I will leave a link at the end of this video so we're just gonna use a shape tape again just under our eyes just to conceal everything in Thailand and I'm just gonna be using my new fin t Blenda as well which I love and I might even say that I love it more than my Beauty Blender as well because it's really really good

what I really like about this shop edge is you can actually like go over where you've just like created that nice line and it is so much easier to use this and then we are gonna set the rest of our face out onto eyes with the laura mercier translucent setting powder so I am just gonna Pat some of this under my under eyes and then I'm gonna sweep it away I'm just gonna use my BH Cosmetics 1/2 full brush just to set the rest of my face just very lightly we don't use a lot of powder the setting powder is pretty strong so you don't need to really use a lot then I'm just gonna take my Sephora Pro featherweight complexion brush and then I'm just going to just sweep away under my eyes and just kind of Pat in any excess that was there okay then we're gonna take the Kat Von D brush it's the contour and highlighting brush if I can get rip in this case then this side here is for the contouring and then this side is for more of the highlighting and then I'm gonna be taking my shade and light kit as well and I'm just gonna be starting off with this shade right here in the middle and it's called shadow clay so I'm just gonna tap my brush definitely

need to tap off the excess because you can not be too heavy-handed with this palette because it's literally so freakin pigmented so let's just go ahead and do this see look I barely had anything on my brush and like a look at that then I'm just gonna do my forehead area you know so the slick just how I do my country obviously everyone has like different face shapes so you guys should do it you know however you guys like to contour your face but this is just like when my shadow points ah and when you are doing like your powder contouring just make sure that you do blend it out it does take a little bit of time sometimes to blend it but you always do want to make sure that you do just like take the extra time just to make sure that it is blended properly especially if you're new to using you know different powders and things like that to contour your face okay and then with that exact same shade shadow clay we're just gonna go like under our jaw line [Music] and just like around our chin area underneath my lip just with the XS though I'm not gonna get any one product

grabbed onto my brush and then we're just gonna take a little bit of this color here which is called some bright I believe and we're just gonna tap it any tiny bit and we're just going to pop a little bit gesture darken up our forehead just a mini bit just feel like it's a little line and we're just gonna pop a little bit in our cheek contour area too and then with my BH Cosmetics 1:29 brush that's wearable this is sorry I'm just gonna be taking the coolest shade in this palette lightly tapping it and just contouring out my nose just ever so slightly and then I'm just gonna use my BH Cosmetics 125 brush I'm just going to use this just blend everything out over my nerves and then I'm just gonna go back with my shade and light brush and then now using the light highlight side I'm just gonna be taking the middle shade which is more of like a banana powder and all I'm gonna be doing is just running it under there and here these powders are so creamy and beautiful I love working with them just use the excess just to brush it over our forehead as well then I am just gonna be taking my new zoeva coral spectrum and I

don't my blush to be truthful on just because the rest of the makeup has like quite ready turns in it so I'm just gonna be taking this shade right here and then I'm just taking like a standard blush brush tap off the excess okay then we're just gonna take our Sun dipped blow kit I meant by anastasia beverly hills i'm just gonna be using the shade summa and then i'm just gonna be also using my zoeva 105 luxe highlight brush which is one of my favorites what it's got some black stuff and i need to wash it yo and then we're just gonna be highlighting a highlight area this is one of my favorite highlighters and the good thing is if you want you can build it up sir I would suggest not putting too much on straightaway and just allowing yourself just to blend and just work it in pretty nice bit and then I'm just going to be taking my BH Cosmetics 132 brush and it is really mini I'm just gonna be highlighting the tip of my nose oh look at that highlight and then straight down the bridge of my nose as well just a touch my brother and then just on my Cupid's bow too okay now I'm just gonna be using my Naz lip line

up it's a velvet lip liner and I actually don't even know the name of it I think that it is will bow Wilma or something like that and then I am just gonna be using my melteth mat and this one is in the shade sellout and it's only the mini one because it's like the little like free gift that I got we're not shipping it's for and then we're just going to set our face as well with setting spray so I'm gonna be using my Urban Decay chill setting spray and Nurik this is my life I seriously cannot go a day without using this setting spray like I live in an extremely hot climate and this just makes my makeup stay on so good the whole day mmm like immediately my face just feels so fresh okay so there you guys have it this is the final makeup look I hope you guys enjoyed watching and as always don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up if you want to support my channel it really really does help and also don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos thank you so much for watching I'll see you guys in the next video [Music]