31 October 2018

Fall Indie Eyeshadow Releases | Melt, Her Mannerisms, Blush Tribe & Certifeye

Hey friends, my name is Lacie, and welcome back to my channel! Today I'm going to be reviewing the first batch of indie eyeshadow palette releases that I've ...


hi guys my name is Lukas FET hips welcome back to my youtube channel I need to catch up on reviews oh my god I'm gonna try not to brush in this video I've been filming all night my boyfriend's gonna be home in a second I just like I'm so behind I refused for you guys I need to just that's what that's why we're doing this video where I'm gonna croupe a bunch together like I said I'm promising you guys a lot of reviews I'm in my head I have grouped this set of pallets together this is like my first bundle of indie fall releases I'm definitely gonna have a part two to this video cuz I have even more indie fall releases I'm gonna talk to you guys about so have been promising you guys an indie rainbow I should have palette collection review type video also there's just some pallets left in that collection that I still want to finish revealing before like I don't want to jump the gun and tell you guys my opinion on things if I haven't tested them thoroughly enough which is besides my schedule just being totally fucked another reason why it takes me so long to fucking review things for you guys because I just want to be thorough and I

don't want to tell you guys it paints on things that I haven't used completely or that I haven't touched every single shade and really form an opinion on because I realize a lot you guys turn to me to like guide you as to where to spend your money correctly which stresses me out sometimes I can be real but like I understand how important getting a good review is so I never wanted half assets that's why it's taking me so long to review this shit like I said like the title says this is gonna be a collection of palettes that have either been released for fall or that I feel like or more like fall colors very like in right now appropriate for the season so we're just gonna grab the first palette because it's still available as I'm filming this video and I wanted to get this up while it was still available this is the veldt cosmetics Gemini palette which has had a history on my channel because I anti hauled with 27 palette I believe it was called because I was so salty that the Gemini palette was out of stock that they weren't bringing it back and then I've got some nasty comments that were like I don't see like everyone's

bitching that meltdown eye palette isn't coming back I think it's great and then it came back anyway so fuck you I'm getting feisty it's late the melt Gemini palette came back and I of course hopped on that and everybody was like place you're gonna get it gonna get it I was like I don't know it's kind of spensive I'm gonna buy it anyway Oh take a deep breath these colors are so like the review I might so get into it I get the hype because these colors are amazing I don't like this side yeah maybe with this side these greens and these like mustard tones I can't do pin my collection even with all the goddamn eyeshadow that I own already I can't dupe these colors and these tote these all work so well totally together like yeah these are browns and oranges but the undertones of the whole palette are very consistent which makes this palette work together very nicely and to me that's where the hype lies because this palette is very expensive and it really the way people were talking about it I was like this better change my goddamn life because it's like what the shipping to get this is really

expensive and I for I don't know I just in my head couldn't justify buying this palette I'm very glad that I did though that being said these greens are some of the nicest screens I've ever worked with i shadow wise they're not like seamless like these aren't going to blend themselves and be perfect they do blend much much much nicer than any other green I've ever used in my life green eye shadow eyes are like notoriously tricky these are so nice they can get a little Skippy but you just have to be extra careful with them and these Browns are like perfect like this isn't this matte formula specifically I should reference because I have thoughts there's only two like glittering metallic shades I'm specifically talking about the match right now it's a really nice formula I can't speak to how it compares to other melt palettes or other melt I should rather because I've never bought like a melt stack before because I just knew I wouldn't reach for a mote stack I had been waiting for a palette like this these are really nice shadows every single eye look of me with this palette always just comes out really interesting and grungy and pretty I've

gotten frizzy every time I'm crazy comments like every time I reach for this palette someone is like holy crap your eyes like a maze and and it's because I think one the tones are so unique and to adjust every Outlook comes out so pretty the two metallic shades I think a lot of people were very grumpy about those metallic shades and that is because they're very chunky and I Oh I'm someone who always uses a glare glow and I think because of shadows that definitely need a glitter glue because you can like they look very smooth but they definitely have a little bit of glitter to them a little bit of chunk to them which sounds horrific looking for a makeup wipe and I can't find one and they're definitely different I do have um the she's and party's metallic single that a friend sent me it did they do feel a lot different than like that shadow so I get what people were mad at these for that reason but the mats are really nice this mustardy color this green this like orangey brown these are just such pretty like harvesty fall colors and if you can see in my swatches they're not the most pigmented they're not really like dense

silky shadows they don't have like alpha silicon II feeling but they're easy to work with they're buildable they're not flawless this isn't gonna change her life clear your skin pay your bills etc but for how unique these colors are I'm glad I have it if you feel like these aren't your colors definitely skip it if you feel like you have colors comfortable too this I know Sydney Grace has like dupes of a lot of these colors fine I think a lot of people return out from the price I will say one of my shadows fell out when I first opened this I think it was my Lego shade I was able to catch thankfully before it like shattered on the ground and I had to glue it back in that's very disappointing to me given what I paid for this palette but other than that these shadows are really beautiful I reach for this palette a lot if they're really in typical grungy makeup you're gonna like this it's a nice formula again I can't compare it to other melt formulas I've never tried other melt formulas besides that one single I have and I know makeup struggles had problems when she reviewed that she said that a lot of the colors blend into her skin

tone because of like the undertones they have she can't get them to be very vivid skintone I can only speak for like my own skin tone I think they come up very beautifully but I can definitely see having those issues because there is that like mustard a yellowish brown undertone to everything that if you have a more like all of these skin tones so to say these might not work the best for you if that makes sense but if you are interested in some grungy colors I like this a lot oh my god another piquillo pitch palette this is the lucid dream - I should have palette from for mannerisms I reviewed the lucid dreams one eyeshadow palette a while ago oh I just busted my palette oh my god I just busted my palette on camera huh I want to fold this all the way back like a lot of palettes do and the spine totally ripped that's disappointing but whatever because it's easier the whole palette this way this is just some Goffe which beautiful dreamy eyeshadows oh my god when I saw this I was like if that's anything like the first palette I have to have it this review is gonna definitely mimic my review of the first lucid dreaming

national palette because I am not at all impressed with these mats not that they're bad they just don't show up as vivid as they look in the pans you only get four mats to begin with in this palette they're just kind of grungy and blah and this green especially was the most disappointing so it does not come up vivid at all these are very workable they're easy to use the greens a little Skippy but like I reference with the melt palette most screens are a little Skippy the star of this palette and the first lucid rose palette is the metallic shades these are some of the most creamy silicone II beautiful metallic colors and some of the most fun like gothic colors I've ever seen in a national palette because a lot of brands are afraid to do these types of colors these are like crazy beautiful I think if you're into smoky looks if you're into dropping your makeup if you're into like dotty looks if you're into like a dark I for fall and you really want to emphasize like a good metallic shadow you're going to really love this I do think a lot of like the Browns of spy surely the coppers you probably already have in your collection and you're

buying like a huge pan so how do you want to spend your money for how much product you get is gonna depend on you I can't believe I just busted the seam but whatever and this palette is gigantic and I know that we're steering away from gigantic pallets but look how beautiful the cover is holy cow like I said what the first was a dream palette the metallics are like a showstopper they're so good mats are okay I wish they were more I wish they were more vivid but to get like a really cool like Halloweeny I love this is so pretty yo yes they put a black with sparkle in it everyone hates black with sparkle like look at these like jewel tones holy crap well you guys always ask me for jewel tones and I haven't had any to really recommend to you guys look how intense those are holy shit next I want to talk about the husana 2 palette from blush tribe which I'm really excited for because this is the first PR product I've actually ever gotten in my life so thank you so much blush tribe for sending this to me it means so much to me I have joked in especially on the podcast I've joked about how most indie

brands tend not like me um it's really cool to blush tribe is into my reviews and what I have to say and they wanted to send me this product so thank you boys tribe I'm super excited because these are obviously lacy colors and I think we've all been dying for a palette that looks like this for a very long time I've been having so much fun playing with this palette it's part of what I have on my eyes today I have this another palette I want to reveal pretty much how I feel about all watched I palettes stands for this palette as well the metallics are gorgeous very silicone II which I like these are more like pastel shades which I kind of wasn't expecting like these kind they're very frosty I kind of expected them to be a little different I don't know why but whatever that's fine it's just that's a personal preference thing I thought they didn't know they were gonna be that frosty the mattes I really like blush tribe mattes because they're very like creamy and dense and I've talked about like during formulas in the past and my channel the thing that I like about a dense eyeshadow formula is that you get a lot

of pigment those swatches were terrible you get a lot of pigment the green one has the most shadow on my bigger you're gonna pick my and it like explodes when you like start to like it's easy to blow out the color with the more - shadow because of that though I also find it's a little more difficult to control and more creamy shadow if you're not used to like using a lighter like that I will say I did have some trouble specifically with this one purple shade which actually is like my favorite shade in the palette which is disappointing that in this one green I found to be a little Skippy but if you like use a smaller brush you place at first but and then blend it out with one of the lighter colors you can work with it that way and I really like this purple so I'm not giving up on it but other than that the metallics really pretty a little bit more frost than I was expecting the mats are so nice I really like what sharps formula the black I don't know I feel like every palate has a black but it goes with the overall color scheme like you get the color scheme of this picture in the palette it's so nice I really have had a lot of fun using this palette

this is like the color story of my dreams and I think a lot of other people's dreams ever since Tarte keys the April Fool's palette that everyone actually wanted so good on blush try for like jumping on that trend I feel like I'm late to the game reviewing this it's been out for a while I apologize I'm just starting to get my shit together oh and I do have a code blush tribe which is really exciting for me it's a small youtuber because I get to live my beauty guru fantasy I don't earn Commission or I think like that it's a non affiliate link spooky will save you 10% off of your blush tribe orders so if you want to grab this I think they're starting to run out of stock of this palette this and I actually am going to if you guys want I just got there fall fusion palette which it's very limited edition and I think it's almost on its way out if you want me to try to review that before it's sold out I will but I think I'm probably gonna miss it but it's time to put this video up but that palette and this palette are so spot-on for this right now uh so I keep looking at it like in love because it's such a pretty palette look the green come on

these purples I've been really loving that's what I did it with my Iowa today putting the black on my lip I'm putting one of these more frosty metallics on the lakes it comes out so nice I don't know I feel weird we're doing a product that was sent to me it's the first product that was ever sent to me I don't want to seem biased or anything I really love blush try but really love the owner I think she's so wonderful and she really like believes and smaller influencers which is so nice as someone who also believes in a new brands as much as I do so like I don't know maybe I'm biased I just like I like this and then finally I want to review the certified destiny palette which is like a fun fact I believe anyway blush tribe and certify the owners are sisters so it's nice to like support the brands in that way pretty nice quote on palette and like who these colors I mentioned it might get ready with me I couldn't keep calm I am so in love this palette one the names are amazing and I will read some to you paranormal enchant darkside potion hex Bruce extense like like it feels like she was making a palette for Lacey

and like yes I have should ton of berry tones in my collection this is primarily a berry tone collection if it didn't have this bottom when I have probably bought this palette no but the addition of these blues make this like such a fun fall palette such a fun Halloween palette and I've been really enjoying pairing this with like that was the dream house they showed earlier I'd like today I paired this with the blush tribe palette like this has been such a great companion palette for me for a lot of other fall palettes I've gotten lately because these colors just scream fall to me and they're just so there's such a good variety of colors there's only a couple metallics I will say I find this formula to be a lot different than blush time I think a lot of people expected the formulas to be the same it's the owners or sisters I don't find that to be the case actually the way I described Bush tribe is mean like a heavier I'm more dense like silicone eformula I find this to be the exact opposite if I needs to be dry in a good way in a way that's more manageable in a way that you can build up color much more easily and much more specifically the shadows the

metallic shadows are also a little bit drier than blush transform Allah but equally like as pretty maybe not as much of a base color but that makes sense like these are very much like accent colors highlight colors but yeah this is just so nice and I really wasn't expecting this formula which I guess is a bias that I had just in my own mind given the owners relationship to each other and actually it's funny I use the code blush tribe a certifies website to get the 10% discount so I find that funny but yeah this power just like screams fall to me it's so nice I think I don't know this might be my favorite palette that I've gotten this so far this fall I've used every single color like I don't have a complaint same thing with the blusher palette this purple is a little bit trickier to use and the other colors that to me is typical for Purple's I don't really find issue with the greens or the Blues and these berry tones yeah I have them a hundred times but these are really pretty I really into like spice colors and like warm berry tones and like oranges and pinks lately I don't know why I kind of I go through phases with what colors I like I

was in like a purpley blue phase for a while now I'm in like a red berry face I don't know yeah super excited to have this - I'm really I've gotten so many good palettes this season that I really I had no choice but to make my fall review multiple parts for that reason I feel like I rushed through that review but it really just like I just filmed two really long videos today before this I wanted to get this out especially because I don't know how long that melt palettes gonna be here yeah it's everything I got today if you like me if you're like I should have how it reviews if you like this video please like and subscribe and talk me down below about how you feel about all these palettes and with other faux releases Yerkes for the season like I said there's definitely going to be a part two to this like full independent I tested already and I want to break up the flower views with the rainbow palette reviews I don't know it's a lot this is a lot of I showed up my life at any given moment definitely if you haven't already also follow me on my Instagram which is also spooky listen that house because I always post about what new

makeup I find when you makeup I'm interested in or even just what new makeup I'm not interested in my personal life whatever also keep an eye out for my spooky patient which I've been promising to be up in October and it's definitely going to be up soon I know I just trust me I'm just plugging it now always well before you know to get the excitement going yeah how does everything about today I need to stop filming so that my boyfriend can be allowed to move and make noises in the background thank you guys so much for watching this video and I'll see you guys the next one