14 October 2018

Fall Eyeshadow Look! | Chantel Adiel

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hey guys today I'm doing a fall makeup

look and I'm gonna using the in your element fire palette and I just got this today I haven't opened it yet I'm about to open it and test it out and it comes with like these fall colors so that's why I wanted to try it out alright take it out the box have this on you oh my gosh so here's the outside this is on the back alright oh oh okay there's my setup you can see that but this is really nice the mirror is really clean my cat but look at me look at his colors these colors are really nice so I'm just gonna make something up as I go along and I'm only gonna use this palette so first I'm gonna start off by using the Garnier skin active rose water alright so for a base I'm just gonna use this fluffy brush wet log brush and I'm gonna take let's use this purple I was like a base on my lid look at the mirror and put this all over my base [Music] Wow it looks better in the camera and the mirror I guess I'll take this eyeshadow brush and what color should I use oh let's use orange and yellow and like ombre somehow I don't know I'm gonna

take this brush oh my gosh that's really it's a really good palette I never had mix but I like it alright let's do the same on the other side now I'm going to take the yellow I'm gonna take this brush with the yellow and put it like in the inner like more and then I'm kind of blended into the orange [Music] it looks really good and I'm gonna clean it up don't worry let's go back with that purple color and kind of blend that a little bit [Music] okay so let's take this color with the angled side I guess and put it underneath can y'all see like a little ombre effect I have so I'm just gonna blend that out because I don't know what to do alright we're gonna clean that up and I'll be back alright so I tried to clean it up even know if it looks better or not now I'm gonna take like this gold color and put it like a highlighter ooh I like that so I'm use this Jasmine LaBelle mascara and put that on my eyelashes [Music]

Oh No it got on my eyeshadow waise I'm gonna take this gel and put it just brush my eyebrows cuz I don't know how to fill them in I have eyebrows stuff like eyebrow pencil but I don't know how to do my eyebrows I'm gonna be using the ULM a highlighter and bronzer compacts thing and I'm gonna take the top two colors and I'm using the real techniques there's a contour brush [Music] I'm gonna take this red lip gloss by oolitic colors it's more of like a pink really but I'm just gonna put that on my lips so that was using this palette the NYX palette I really like this palette y'all should get it [Music] so I hope you guys like the video make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe I'll see you guys in the next video bye [Music]