27 November 2018


Happy Monday everyone!! Today's video is a short tutorial on how to do a nice fall look using the Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe! Make sure to like the video and ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel

today's tutorial is going to be a nice fall look so I'm just going to show you how to do this I look with the Jaclyn hill palette buy more feet we have some nice warm shades up top some cool shades on the bottom and if you want to see how I got this look just keep watching okay so I have my whole face on I have my bronzer and a little bit of blush so we're just gonna get started with the eyes and once again just to protect all of that that we just sit on her face we're gonna go in with that morphe sponge and the laura mercier setting powder just stamp it right under there so we're gonna be using the Jaclyn hill palette today by more feet and you already know my favorite brush to start the morphe m50 for i literally start with this brush every single time i do my makeup so we're gonna start out with these two colors we're gonna mix those that is silk cream and pukey interesting shade names start on the outer corner and I'm just gonna go in with a smaller blending brush the morphe m4 for one and we're gonna take these two orange shades which are hunts and Roxanne the shade names on the back I'm just gonna mix those two to give it that really worn

look I'm kind of blending it all over the eye not just sticking to the outer corner today because we really want at the top of our lids to look warm so I'm starting on the outer corner but I'm kind of just blending it all over the eye and then just to make it a little darker I'm gonna go in with this morphe m57 3 and use a shade pill stirrer which is this one right here and I am gonna just stick to more of the outer corner for this shade and then just to give it some dimension I'm gonna stamp this shade right here which is Queen I'm gonna go in with this flat edge brush I'm gonna spray it with some mac fix+ the gold light yes gold now I'm gonna go in on the bottom lashline with some shadow and I'm going to be using these green colors and that goes enchanted and debug so I'm just gonna mix those with the morphe 18 and then with this more feet for three to this little flat edge brush I'm gonna go in with this color right here it's like a aquamarine kind of color it is called Jada and I'm just gonna take that and stamp it on the bottom waterline I really want to tell the difference between the eye shadow we did on top and

the eye shadow on the bottom so this kind of green will create that dimension and then just with this brown color I'm gonna go in and just blend the green into the brown so it's not just like a harsh green and this is Central Park and I'm gonna go in with some brown eyeliner this is by flower beauty this is not a liquid this is more like a gel liner so I'm just gonna go in on the top line and then I'm probably going to blend it out with like a nice little angled brush like this and I'm gonna go in with this and just blend it create a little bit of a wing okay then we're just gonna curl the lashes go in with one coat of mascara [Music] okay while my lashes are drying I'm just gonna go in with some highlight on my eyes and I'm gonna use the first two shades in this palette and it's the end light and beam I'm gonna highlight the inner corner of my eye why at the e36 by morphe and I'm gonna highlight the brow bone with the morphe m2 13 okay so now we're gonna do some lashes I'm gonna be using this top row which is the ardell demi wispies it gives you

that nice like cat eye effect I'm gonna be using the duo lash glue this is clear and I love this stuff because it comes with this little applicator and you just put the glue right on the lash you don't put on a q-tip and then all that stuff I put it right on the top of the lash and make sure it's even and a big thing to make sure you get the sides of the lashes cuz that's where it tends to come up so make sure you put a little extra right on the sides and then you gotta wipe right to dry oh wait like 30 seconds I just kind of like waving around like this blow on it and then I kind of like readjust it so I usually hold it right in the middle of the lashes then I flip it like upside down and I place it on top of my lash um right where my lash line is and I'm kind of like looking not down just kind of like straight forward when I put these on and then I just kind of lightly press the lashes into place and it's that simple and while I'm waiting for it to dry just do the other side and voila you have perfect clashes now I'm just gonna put on some bottom mascara I like to do this before I wipe

away that translucent setting powder because sometimes when you do your bottom lashes you'll slip and it'll get on your eye but it give that setting powder there it'll protect it from getting onto your skin and you can just wipe it away perfect I just want to wait a little bit for that mascara to dry before we do anything else because the worst thing you can do is smudge wet mascara it's not easy to get off okay so now we're just gonna wipe away that translucent setting powder I feel like we did wipe away a little bit of that bronze her off so I'm just gonna warm it up a little bit with the Tropic like it's hot from the Too Faced natural face palette then I'm just gonna mix these two blushes from that palette it's pink Bank in pink sand just put a little color back into our cheeks and we're gonna set the face with the mac fix+ gold light this stuff smells so good it's like a perfume and a setting spray all in one so since highlighter is my favorite I'm gonna try and do a different highlighter for every video that I do so for this video we're gonna go in with the anasazi a Beverly

Hills glow kit and since we kind of like a golden look today I'm gonna go in with this butterscotch highlighter [Music] last but not least we're gonna go in with a Mac velvet teddy matte lipstick all right you guys that's the final look thanks for watching I've been trying to kind of upload every Monday I've been doing pretty good so far I'm gonna try and keep continue doing that so if you want to see more just keep checking back every Monday um subscribe to my channel like the video comment what you want to see next and keep coming back because I love you and I love doing this I will see you next time love you guys