20 December 2018

Fake Eyelashes Effect Using Mascara Technique-For thin and sparse eyelashes

hi guys welcome back to my channel so

this video is all about those people including me who hate eyelash colors and who have very scanty droopy eyelashes and they want curled eyelashes like having a fan effect with lots of mascara which gives a false eyelash effect so it all seems a dream without using an eyelash curler of without using falsies how can you achieve that fan-out effect it's not possible it is possible so I will cut the story short actually what happened that 3 or 4 years back I saw a vain ghost video in which she was telling some techniques how to have a great eyelash effect without using an eyelash curler but at that time I never used makeup so I didn't pay any heed to that video but a few days back I saw a video how to curl your eyelashes and I was following her tips it was a very good video but when I tried those tricks what happened a few of my eyelashes came out with the eyelash curler I mean they were present on the eyelash curler and I was scared and I thought I will not use an eyelash curler again so you know intuitively I tried this technique and when I tried this technique then I remember that fingers had one video related to this and when I watched it

you know I mean I had done the technique at least 60% right but I again watched his video and now what I will show is what I saw in his video and what I did so you can see like my eyelashes are open down they are very scanty so you can see the head are in fact no eyelashes visible so now I will show you that technique so without wasting any time let's just get started so guys I got a few mascara so let's see how many do I use because he suggested that we use different kinds of mascara I agree with it he didn't explain it but I know why he said that because some Meszaros are for your increasing your volume some for lengthening your eyelashes I'm in giving the lengthening effect so if you use different mascara then it would be better but if you have found the right mascara for you which gives you both volume and length then it's okay so what I observed that my lashes grow in just one direction so whenever I apply mascara you must have seen my older videos you can check it out in that so my lashes don't look as if they are fanned out they just go in one direction let me know if you have the same problem so here is the trick that you have to

use the mascara in a diagonally I will explain you by demonstrating so let's just get started without wasting any time so normally we apply mascara like that but now I will apply it in the diagonal direction and you can see that effect in just one coat guys can you see let me do it here also and I would also suggest that you just wipe the extra mascara on a tissue or at the back of your hand otherwise your lashes will look very clumpy if you are using multiple mascaras so I am using this Maybelline total Temptations mascara I have done a review on this mascara you can check it out on my channel I will try to link it I mean not triable link it so can you see you you so guys I have vibed the extra mascara at the back of my hand so that I don't get too clumpy lashes but let me be frank that you will get clumpy lashes at the end of the day because we have put so much mascara layers or non-existent lashes so that is bound to happen but we can just control the companies by wiping the extra mascara and some people like

clumpy eyelashes so it's okay so let me zoom you in so you can see so can you see how good my lashes are looking without using falsies of without curling my eyelashes and I have observed that they stay like this I have worn them for about 4 to 5 hours so straight they stayed like this for that time period they might stay for longer but I have not tried it so I hope you liked this trick and if you do do not forget to like this video subscribe to my channel and write some good comments in the comment section down below and meet you in the next video till then take care bye