23 September 2018

Eyeshadow Tutorial Zodiac Palette

Hi everyone, today I will be using the Zodiac Palette from Bh cosmetics. Please enjoy and subscribe. Face- Zodiac Palette Foundation- It cosmetics Eyeliner- Nyx ...

hey guys Alison um if you like this

eyeshadow look keep watching and I will show you how I got it okay everyone welcome back to my channel this your first time my name is Alison I probably said that in the intro today we are going to be using the Zodiac palette from BH Cosmetics I actually got this a couple days ago at Kohl's I saw it and I thought it had a struggle like I wanted that so bad this palette here the problem is with getting something like this you sometimes get overwhelmed because look at all these beautiful colors that are on here I just didn't know where to go so yesterday there's this thing on the internet and I saw it um youtuber by the name of Lauren and I can't remember the rest of her name I will put the people that I've seen do it below in my description of who I watch they do something called palette bingo well they'll generate some numbers off of Google and though you know number their palette and then they'll pick some numbers and then they have to use those numbers and put those on their eyes and make a look out of it well I made my boyfriend pick one through 24 I made him pick five numbers and you can always throw a number in if you want to use it

well I did that here are all the numbers this is from yesterday you can kind of see it these are all the numbers that I picked I might be eliminating number eight today cuz it's just a purple and I just sort of smoked it on the bottom part of my life maybe or may not do that all in all it turned out really really really nice and last night I went out to dinner and I got a couple of compliments on my eyeshadow and I was just like really really so I thought what the heck let me do it today in a tutorial with you guys and hopefully you guys will like it too bear with me I did eat yesterday and you know when you kind of do something but you're not really kind of paying attention to how you're doing it because you're just doing it so I'm gonna try to recreate it the best I can with the brushes that I believe I used and we'll go from there what you can and cannot do in palette bingo is you can always bring some colors in you have to use the that you were given but you can pull some in and because the ones I was giving I was given I started here and then you count all the way around and then you start here and you kind of

lower it that's 24 so I was given three I was given eight I was getting 11 I was given this was 16 and then I was given 20 so there's not a real good you know transition shade so I'm gonna actually I believe I did it yesterday I'm gonna go in with this color first see if you can see it and I'm blinding you with this one right here okay guys so pick up your I'm gonna pick up my morphe three-30 brush this one here and I'm gonna pick up a little bit of I guess it's under Virgo so as my transition shade and pull out my mirror cuz that would be helpful everyone go from there I've been wanting this palette for ever and I just haven't you know bought the bullet for the buying it you know but I saw out there in Kohl's I just went crazy so with my transition shade I'm just gonna put that right there in the crease line focusing a lot of it in the outer crease but just a crease line here and just kind of put this into your crease line guys not that challenging so far so good huh and it's gotta have a this one has kind of a peachy pink undertone here I'm just gonna kind of blend this in until I'm happy with it and that's what it is your transition

you just sort of pick something generally that's the color of your skin tone or your what you put down to prop your eyes with this one is really obviously my skin tone but it's gonna kind of go along with the rest of the colors that I have on here so that I've picked to use or that was picked for me to use geez can I speak English today that would be helpful now I'm kind of there's not really anything left on my brush but I'm blending in the lines here I'm just kind of blending that in yeah yeah that's just kind of nicely blended not too hard now we're actually gonna go in with the number three one which is under Scorpio here it's a matte under Scorpio so again a little bit on your brush don't overdo it remember a little goes a long way and you could always add more so put that I'm gonna start in my outer crease I work up I don't like this brush I'll switch it around her right now I don't mind it and I'm bringing it pretty much 3/4 of the way in I know it seems really really a bit much but I'm gonna be blending this in so don't you

worry but for you guys at home start with just a little bit on your brush don't overdo it like it looks like I did and just kind of keep blending it you want most of the outer corner for the darkness lighter on the inside darker lighter and go with that have you guys came across to a new palette that you are using that you're playing with right now if it is let me know what it is in the comments I'm always curious to know what everybody else is using right now and I'm just blending this in you just want to make sure you're not having any unblended corners here I just keep blending even though I know there's no product left on my brush I just keep London I'd like to do my eyebrows they look horrible and actually I'm pretty happy with how this looks it's amazing I swear to goodness gracious yesterday I think I like took two hours don't blend this today it's just doing exactly what I want let's see how that looks just like that maybe I'll just get a little tiny more just a little daddy daddy daddy daddy bit not a lot and just in the outer

crease guys nowhere else I'm gonna kind of bring that into here to my outer lid and now I have to go for number 11 which is this darker Brown right here and I'm gonna put that focus that mostly on my outer lid here again go light with these darker colors and here you wouldn't want to hear a ball that wouldn't feel good at all I'm gonna focus this in to our outer lid and then into our crease line here it's almost like a little V here see how that's coming in just a little bit more and again just in the outer corner and it in the corner the outer edge of your eye in the inner corner that's where I'm going with here I'm just darken up this area right here alright I'm gonna pause this for a second and we're gonna do a cut crease I'm gonna mix it all together and I'll come back and tell you how I did that okay so I will be right back okay I'm back so I mixed up on the back of my hand some heart-shaped tape and a little bit of Knicks glitter glue the glitter glue is to help the shimmer try not to transfer up into the upper

lid only have to do this if you're like me and you have hooded eyes if you don't have hooded eyes just do the shape tape and do your cut crease and you're just fine and dandy I'm gonna take my BH Cosmetics 142 and I'm gonna start in the inner corner and work my way up and out I'm gonna go three quarters of the way kind of where the eyeshadow is ending right here so get a little on your brush make sure again you don't have any hair on it because that won't feel good in your eyeball and again like I said start in the inner corner of your eye and kind of let the brush do a lot of the work for you because see how its curved like that let that help you and just kind of follow it up however far up you want it I am going to go and do a little outline here for you guys kind of like that up it through there and then I'm gonna kind of color it in like a crayon like a little brown crayon that I got here please I don't know where that southern accent came from apologize to anybody who's southern and my horrible accent just totally embarrassed you sometimes I can't control myself

alright get this over here and if you wonder why you do a cut crease if I've never really explained it it's just so you kind of have a clean canvas to work on and it's also to make your products stand out a little bit more putting the concealer down it cleans up your eye look you know so you don't have Chado and spots that you don't want it and it also makes your eye look stand out with the shimmers and all that good stuff and it's gonna look something like that all right I'm gonna let that dry for a second and I'll be right back okay just like let it dry for like 30 seconds but I'm gonna clean off my hand too and let this dry and I'll be right back okay so I sort of just patted that down with my eye and I let that dry for like 30 seconds and kind of keep my eye like this so it's not transferring up to my lid okay so now I'm gonna take Lyra which is the other color that I got picked yesterday believe me I did not pick these colors they were picked for me and they just sort of worked out I'm gonna take my morphe four-to-one brush and I'm gonna get some on my brush and I am just gonna spray it with setting

spray I'm not even gonna chance it oops little out Alison I'm gonna use what I have here which is my wet and wild that's fresh and we are gonna start wherever you want I'm gonna start in my inner corner and for some reason this isn't kind of doing what you want it to do which I might do in a second take your eye take your lye take your eye take your finger and get some on your finger sorry I'm not gonna try to flip you off and just Pat it down because that'll help start it sometimes it just needs to be started I don't know why I think it's the oils on your fingers just help in all honesty and if you're younger than I am you're gonna it's gonna look better cuz you're not gonna have a crinkly I wouldn't like me but you know what I like these looks nobody gets to tell me what I can do with my eyeshadow I had a mommy she's not here she doesn't tell me what to do anymore not that she ever did and nobody else gets to tell me either this is my eyes and my looks and I do what I want so I'm not that you guys are judging me but still if you are I'm doing what I want all right so I'm gonna get some more on

my brush and I'm just gonna cover up the areas that the concealer is at and just kind of come on the way in just kind of keep coming in guys and do this just kind of patent it down and it's kind of how it's looking now I am gonna take my luck zbrush by 249 I'm gonna use this end and I am going to take Pisces which is the brown color right here and I'm going to take some of that and I'm going to take some of the other color that I used I'm going to stamp it on the back of this brush here and I'm going to stamp it into the inner corner kind of where the eyeshadow and the shimmer meet so we can kind of cover up where the edge is of that shimmer you just don't want to you know shiver a shadow line you want to kind of to gracefully fade into there kind of like this just kind of gracefully into that shade now you're asking me where is that shimmer gonna come from Alison where where I saw some silver shimmer all right we're going to get our Gemini which is a silver Shover shiva silver and we're gonna take our BH Cosmetics 132 brush it's nice little pointy brush and we're gonna get some of

that and we're gonna put it in the inner corner here and we're just gonna keep cabman coming up from there and you take that as far as up as you want and I'm gonna go on my inner lid a little bit too sorry I can see it kind of switching colors here I'm gonna spray this real quick sorry I know I'm blocking you guys a little bit more because I like the shimmer aspects of it get up in the upper part of your lid here and this guy's is what it should somewhat looks like your one eye you can kind of see that got some sure we're going there all right I'm gonna go do the other eye finish up my face and come back and let you know how we finished up the lower part of the eye and stuff so I'll be right back for you probably about 40 minutes for me okay right now hey guys welcome back as you can see I am completely finished with my look to finish it up I went underneath my eye with the Scorpio and the Virgo I used a little burger I'll use a little Scorpio matte and then in the oil Lulla and the inner corner I used some

of the Gemini so underneath my eye and then on the inner corner I used a little bit of the Gemini my underlying oh my gosh can I speak my eyeliner underneath is a plant from NYX and um L'Oreal mascara and everything else I'm gonna list below because lovely YouTube does not like me yet and will not let any of my videos generally be longer than 15 minutes so I've already extended that so I'm gonna try to edit this and yeah that always does not work well for me so hopefully you guys like this look hopefully you guys will follow me hopefully you guys will like this video so again hit the bell subscribe watch interact with me it would mean the world to me to have you here I love all five of my subscribers right now but I would love to have a few more just because so I hope you guys have the rest of the week goes well for you I don't know what I'm gonna post again probably in a couple days when I think of another look I might use my zodiac palette again just to use some more of it because I think it's beautiful and play with my hair a little bit and again everything I will list below any I hope you have a good week subscribe

and I will see you later [Music]