24 September 2018

Eyeshadow Tutorial

Hi loves - thank you for watching my eyeshadow tutorial! Please please comment down below and let me know what kinds of things you'd like to see. I'd love to ...

hey guys so this is my final look for

this video if you want to see how I got it feel free to keep watching thanks ok guys so I had a couple of people request that I do it sort of like a little eyeshadow tutorial I'm just so that they could see how to blend a little bit better and all that so I figured today I were to shoot tiny little video as you tell I've already done the rest of my makeup except for my eye shadow and my mascara and my lips foundation I'm going to be using my captain lights color pop drink street palette some of my favorite palettes it's just super pretty it's got ton of fun colors in it but yeah so let's go ahead and get started so I'm going to be starting with a morphe 4 4 m4 for 1 brush looks like this it's just a fluffier brush and I'm going to be dipping into this first shade right here and I think it's cool I'm not sure the colors on the backs of the palettes are like suede so I'm pretty sure this one's called with that or it's a shooting star I think or maybe it's yeah I'm no idea ok so now I'm just gonna be going all over my lid so I'm just gonna be using the shade as my base shade and I've already primed and prepped my eyes by the way I just used concealed areas the

makeup revolution concealer lovelace if you haven't tried it do it's okay we're online and then I set that with my NYX HD finishing powder in banana it's just a fluffy big fluffy brush so yeah now I'm going in with that same shade just all over my lid and in my crease up a little bit like so and you don't have to like take a specific amount of time blending it's just sort of your preference obviously I would recommend some blending because you don't want to look like you have too many harsh lines or anything that's why I like blending is because it makes everything seem sort of seamless like it just looks better okay so no I feel like that's the fish in the mouth see okay and now I'm gonna be going in with another fluffy brush it's very similar to the other one it's just a little bit smaller like so this is a morphe m43 3 brush and I'm going to be going in with this peachy shade right here in magical I'm pretty sure and I'm just gonna um be focusing this mostly on the crease area like this and I'm just using like windshield wiper motions with my wrist and I'm sort of twirling the brush as well like this just to sort of build out

that color in the crease and get it - what I want it to be so I'm just using the same shade the same color and I'm just building it up like so so you can see kind of what I'm going for okay and now I'm going to be going in with an Ecotools blend and smart brush I don't know if that's what it's really hard but whatever I'm gonna be using the one side yeah I'm gonna be going in with this terracotta shade right here super pretty I love it I'm just gonna be focusing this on the outer edge of my eye like this then going into the corner into the corner no into the crease my dad so that's what I'm doing with this color just to sort of deepen it all up like that and I won't like what I'm doing I'll just take my finger sometimes I just blend out that edge if I don't so good look if you want a more pigmented look you can always go in with your finger and that will give you a little bit more payoff sometimes especially with like shimmery shades and all of that so I'm just gonna blend some more with just the excess color that I have already on the brush

I'm not gonna dip it any more I just want them to match a little bit like that and then I'm gonna be going in with this the deepest brown shade this one right here elfish pretty sure it selfish oh and that terracotta one is potion yeah so I'm gonna be going in with elfish on the same brush and focusing now on the crease just sort of mimicking those same emotions that I have been doing does to like I said with the other colors to deepen it up as you can tell just deepening and you're just gonna keep blending like seriously just blend until your heart's content like there's no wrong time to stop blending a lot of youtubers that I've watched okay like three or four whatever they have I've heard them say when in doubt blend it out which is so true like if you feel like it's not what you want it to be it's just not right just keep blending and it should get to what you want it to be well that's the hope anyway right and I am dipping into some more of that elfish shade as well just because I wanted it a little bit more deeper I'm sure you can hear Quentin he's had a rough day he's sick right now

and he is trying to now which you can tell me he's not happening so I must go save him after this okay so that for me is gonna be good on that I shaded so it's just it's good turkey outer edge just match now I'm going to go ahead and highlight my brow bone I'm going to be using this shade called Mooney just for my brow bone and I'm taking the same brush just this mucky end I just I'm popping that right there like that okay and now I am going to go in with this pinky to right here I think it's sweet brains yeah I'm pretty sure that's what it is and I'm gonna be using my finger and I'm just dipping in like that so that's all over my finger and I'm just tapping that on my lid and I'm gonna be giving sort of a halo eye so I'm just having it like this in just this area just to give it a little bit some shimmer because I like sparklies and y'all know and then I'm just gonna go in with that same first the first person I used and for one flip you want and I'm just going to be going in like this just to smooth out those edges all over make it a

little bit more seamless and then I'm going to go back in with that dark chocolate I'll fish eight in the crappy mites palette with this brush just to a little bit more on the outer corner and into the crease just a little bit more I'm going to be doing my bottom lash line and I'm going to be using a smudger pencil brush it's not so much it's a pencil brush from morphe it's the e18 brush and I'm just gonna go in with this terracotta sheet that I used in the shade potion I'm gonna get this down you guys okay so in potion I'm just gonna put it on like that and just smudge it all across my bottom lash line I'm sore if you're gonna be smoking this out pretty low just because that's kind of the look that I want to do but if you're not really into that kind of look you can always use something like this which is just a super flat definer brush and you can just do it super close to your lash line and it won't be a smoked out on the bottom but like I said I want a little bit more smoked out like that and then I'm gonna be going in with brown elfin shade as well on that same

brush and I'm just gonna focus this on the outer third and sort of drag it up into the existing alpha shade up on my top lid like that getting here man and then I'm going to be going in with the same smudge brush in that same Moony shade and I'm going to pop that in my inner corner and I'm just tapping it like I think a little bit more so I'm actually amazing a highlighter I'm gonna be using the morphe SPARC eyeliner as an inner corner highlight I'm using the same brush I like to do this everyone smile just to give it a little bit more like that it's better then I'm just gonna bring the extra gone probably okay and now I actually want to add a smudgy black liner on top so I'm just gonna grab a palette that I have just a nice shot palette that has a black in it since I didn't know when I grabbed those the revolution is self ex-pilot revolution makeup and I'm gonna be grabbing this black shade right here I'm using this shader changer this definer brush and I'm going to just stamp that across my lash line on the

top I don't want it's like too much I'm gonna be taking just the extra that I have on my brush just running that about halfway in actually I'll go all the way just to sort of tie everything together okay so that is my shadow my shadow hi I'm going to set my makeup and then put my mascara on and I will be right back okay guys this is my final look I will link or put all the products that I've used down below in the description box but like I said before if you have specific things that you're wanting me to do or that you want to see just let me know in the comment section and I will be more than happy to look through it and pick some things that I'll fill for you guys and yeah I am so glad that you guys are here so just keep watching and I will try to post more next week so have a good one bye