27 November 2018

Eyeshadow Palettes I've Hit Pan On | Used & Abused

Hey friends! Today are we diving in to my eyeshadow palette collection and checking which eyeshadow palettes are my most used ones. Which eyeshadow ...

hi friends and welcome back to my

channel at today's video so a few weeks ago maybe like only 1 or 2 weeks so maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago by the way I did a video with the products that I have hit pan on so today I thought that I would do a little video in my eyeshadow palettes area because you guys seem to love that video so I thought that I would today show you guys I should have palettes that I have hit pan on and the eyeshadow palette that I've used today I have not hit pan on but I do have a tutorial with it if it's up it's linked right up here and in my description box if it's not it's coming so just stay tuned for that but let's hop into the first palette I have only hit pan on 7 eyeshadow palettes in my entire life yeah I know and one is technically not a palette but we'll get to that later on but I also want to say that one of the palettes I gotta have hair in my face that I have a pan on I have actually declutter from a collection and that was the lorac Pro palette I did have that and I did hit pan on the shadow that was called cream but it wasn't because I used ed a lot of times it was just because of the fact

that I didn't know what happened with that because I usually assessed my eyeshadow primer with that and then like after 3 or 4 uses I hit pan and I was like what the f decided this is not worth it and I haven't really touched it that many times but that is one I should have held every pan on but I don't have in my collection anymore the other palette that I have hit pan on I did show you guys in my products that I've hit pan on I'll link that video down in my description box as well in case you want to check it out but it's the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance and I do believe that this is my mostly used palette but I just have to make one thing very very clear and it is that this is my most used palette yes but to be fair Nastasia eyeshadow palettes aren't that hard to pan so I would say like if you ever want to like pan and eyeshadow pan something like color pop or a BH because those don't really have that much product in them and they do have a lot of product I'm not saying that but I think you know what I mean like instead of like trying to pan a Jewess please palette or something like that and also

when I bought this this was the only thing I used I did not purchase new eyeshadow palettes every month or every two months I did not purchase eyeshadow palettes that often now I seem to get like five new eyeshadow palettes every month so yeah this is what my anastacio modern renesis palette looks like so you can see drive hit pan on tempera burnt orange Vermeer a Venetian red love-letter and Cypress umber and I'm am I about to hit pan on any other shade the closest one is actually Primavera so I'm not really that close to hitting pan on any others palette I don't want to color this at all this I don't really use it that often anymore and rarely rarely use it but I do think that it's a beautiful color scheme and it reminds me of I don't know whom but I just I'm happy with this palette I really love this palette along actually Synnex I should have heard every pan on is actually also an anastacio palette and it's these subculture politics when i got this i abused this so much I did the same look over and over and over again I always stick to the same shadows when I'm using this palette so as you can see I've only hit pan on electric and then

axis and a lot of the people says that they hate electric and I'm like what when you swatch it it's a really ugly shade I have to say like yes I agree with that but it's an eyeshadow topper this is not supposed to be like a very chic sort of I don't know but it's not supposed to be used like as a shimmer on your lid it's supposed to be used as a topper so what I love to do is to dig into these greener bluer tones like the olives and this as you can see like I've barely used the yellows and the oranges maybe a little bit but not like too too much and then I to take take axes all over my leg and I mean all over my lid and then I go over it with a shade electric oh my god it creates the most beautiful look ever I have a bunch of tutorials with this and I basically do the same look all over again so if you want to see those then just search my channel but I freaking love subculture I think that this is one of their best palettes but it might be also I love pressed pigments not everyone does so I can understand that not everyone can you sit and like work with it but I who loves pressed pigments I'm like sold on it let's dig into the

first eyeshadow palette that I bought at Sephora and this is kind of a fun little story because I was actually sitting at a bar with my friend to be yes or as you say in English Tobias Tobias yeah and we were sitting outside at a restaurant drinking a beer we were out shopping a bit stopped for a beer and then in the middle of like nowhere I take up my beer I take a sip and I'm like oh my god I see Sephora I have never seen support I didn't even know that Sweden had Sephora a year earlier I didn't even know what Sephora was this was kind of in the beginning of my makeup interests and I was like - best drink the F up I need to go to Sephora and I need to purchase something so I purchased an eyeshadow palette and it's the Too Faced chocolate bar palette I used this and not that much actually about I do love one shade two shades in this and the first one I really love is this hazelnut I had used this quite a lot but it doesn't really show but this shadow is you can see that I've hit pan on is called no this is by the way salted caramel I'm so sorry and this is cherry cordial core the core D all something like that perhaps and I love this I love this this has a little

bit of like shimmer in it and I actually like Matt's that has a little bit of shimmer in it I don't think it's that big of a difference because you can't really see it but if you want to take a shadow and like put it all over your lid it's super beautiful and that is what I love to do with this usually when I want to use something to just pop on my entire lid like when I do a brown smokey eye I want to have a brown with a little bit of either like red or purple in it usually a little bit more purple but this has a little bit of red and purple in it and that's why I just think it's fabulous as you can see I freaking love this and I think I've had this for it says 2014 two-phase cosmetics so maybe since 2014 but I think it purchased this 2015 I think this is a fabulous palette and I'm keeping it and I'm loving it but as I said usually when I use this palette I only go in for this one and then for this one oh my god this is embarrassing but this shade is not you must watched this sheet is not swatched okay let's bring out my cheat palette this is actually not a palette but it's my seat palette and I've hit pan on this

one I used to use this to separate I showed a primary this is from makeup geek in the shade baby face I have shown this palette quite a lot actually on my channel but this is kind of my go-to when I'm doing a brown smokey eye or when I want to use some brown shadows and I have used the living crap out of this like this shade has a big dip in it but I'm not hip on this sheet which is shimma shimma has a big dip in it and then this one which is called whimsical I do think that if I use this maybe like two or three more times maybe four or five times more or something I am going to hit pan on it but it's like a beautiful beautiful shade as you can see right here it's just perfect especially if you want it asked like an inner corner highlight or something like that it's absolutely stunning and I have to be honest to say that I don't really use most of these I don't use any one these but I do use all of these except for maybe this yellow and this bronze shade so yeah that is my little cheat palette that I've hit panel let's bring out a juvies please power it that I've had tan on it's a small little pan but

either way it's the Julia's place whore on to palette and it's this one can you see that baby dip it's so crazy but I bought this last year and I use the living crap out of this and it is only because of this shadow I use this too like I used this to do like complete looks with I slapped this all over my lid and then I didn't use any other shade I just used this to slap on my lid and then I kind of blended it out so it seemed like I've used a bunch of different shades sometimes I use this on my turn lid and then popped this on top like I have used the living crap out of this I even dropped like this this pan two times but I keep like just pressing it in with my finger and it sticks pretty good but this is this what is it called it's called sorry and when I saw that I had a little bit of a dip in this I just focused my brush on the same place and I eventually after a very long time hit pan but as you can see it's this one in the middle so when I saw this online I wasn't first going to purchase it but then I saw a bunch of different people do beautiful looks with it and I was like so this has my favorite blue shadow in it and to use

this and then slap a little bit of this on top is also really beautiful but this is the shade that I did panel I'm gonna show you guys the last palette and it's actually a palette that I've hit pan on when was this maybe like one two three four weeks ago or something like that maybe not four weeks ago maybe two weeks ago okay and I originally didn't really like this palette and don't get me wrong it's not the best for me or anything like that but I do the palette and especially the color scheme the colors in this palette is brilliant and that's why I kind of reach for it all the time when I'm not really on camera I use this palette so often like at least once or twice a week and it's the morphe Jacqueline Hale palette it's the bling bus palette and I haven't really hit pan on a matte and it looks like this and I have a pan on this sheet which is called bling bling I go into this palette a lot of the times when I'm using another palette but I want bling bling as my inner corner highlight because it's absolutely stunning I'm just gonna very very carefully dip into it it's this one that I have right here

I'm gonna swatch it next to whims to call as you can see once the call is very very pale so it's gonna give you that like effect versus this one that is a little bit more darker and a little bit more towards my skin tone it is sometimes a bit dark in my inner corner but I don't mind because it's absolutely brilliant now I have used the living crap out of hush-hush you can barely see a dip in this this I love I also really love the sheet rock star which I shall has a little bit of a dip in it this balls the shade I also really really enjoy and then mystic but this one seems to be have used like maybe once so yeah this is definitely a palette that I do really really enjoy and so I have some of my favorite shadows in this palette and I do think that this is actually a brilliant palette card that was all of the Palace traffic pattern it's not that many but I still wanted to show them to you so maybe in a year or two I have hit pan on maybe a lot more on my palettes that's what I'm hoping anyway but it takes a lot of time to hit pan on something so it's not something that you're gonna do in a week or two it's definitely something that you need to

like use and use and use and shimmers is often like easier to hit pan on or shapes that you used to like set your eyeshadow primer with or something like that but anyway if you like this video like the video if you didn't like the video please feel free to thumbs the video down don't forget to subscribe and let me know which palettes you have hit pan on and I will see you guys very soon bye