31 October 2018

EYESHADOW PALETTE TAG!!!#makeup #eyeshadowpalettes #tag #prettyprincesslisa

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hi everyone welcome back to my channel

and today i am doing a tag and it is bye i was tagged actually by two lovely young ladies here on youtube i was first tag by pages and polish or polish and pages i'm so sorry honey if i got it wrong but I'm gonna write it while I edit my video I'll write her name down on my screen if you don't know who she is you really need to check out her channel I love her she talks about movies she talks about my most favorite videos that she posts are about the books she has read and I do so enjoy those she has t-tops she talks about makeup and beauty favorites subscriptions so yeah check out her channel i'll have her link in the description box below you can head on over subscribe tell her I sent her sent you over there and also check out her tag as well another lovely young lady is Tracy Lea beauty you can also check her out as well I did mention her and did a shout out for her before she also tagged me so if you want to check out her video as well on this tag I'll have her link in the description box below she's actually a really dear friend of mine and I really really love her so much so oh now I forgot the name

of the tag go figure so you'll see it and my title to my video I'm sorry so let's get started there is actually 10 questions here so the first one is best palette for beginners so I actually chose two palettes and to be honest with you I had a very hard time pulling together palettes for this tag simply because I do a lot of bold colors and bright colors that I mean it's very rare that I do a natural eye look and a neutral tone or whatever so I really struggled with this so hopefully I do a good job with it so best palette for beginners I'm going to have to say this one here and this is by T face and it's called natural love that's the palette there I have not really dug into this palette often because I've been enjoying you know with summer I've been enjoying my more brightful colors but I think this is a beautiful palette for a beginners it's got shimmers it's got max it's got your neutral tones it's got your dark tones and it's a fair sized palette if you're just beginning to get into makeup it's got pretty much every color you can possibly imagine and

you've got many light colors and you've got a lot of dark colors so I think this is a really nice palette for beginners if you're just learning how to do makeup I would actually go for this palette in my opinion and I actually picked out two palettes for this one because here is another one called hashtag slay and this is by revolution and this one was actually given to me by a dear friend as well and her name is Loretta no nose chicks tricks by the way and this is beautiful which has a lot of natural colors in there some dark some really light and you can pull off some really nice beginners look with this palette I have used it a couple of times and I did enjoy it these are some of the house I have to get back into now this palette for school or work or sorry pardon me wrong one best drugstore palette because have them laid out in order so I'm gonna go with the total temptation by Maybelline I do love this I find the colors very pigmented and the reason why I got this palette and suggest this palette is because I like my shimmery color and I do like my matte color as well and I've only used this probably

once or twice I haven't used it very often but you can see right there I find that to be a really good drugstore brand which would be me believe so I do like that and it's funny like I did buy a couple of drugstore palettes just recently that I haven't shared yet and that really should have been on the video but because I didn't share it with you I don't want to put it out there just yet and the next one is best palette for school or work okay this one was super easy for me and I'm going to say the buxom palette right there and the reason why I say this would be good for school or work is because the colors are extremely light and very neutral nothing harsh so you can get away with wearing that no problem very easily so both school and work it's got some peach toned color some natural color gold and it's got like a purple shimmer and I think it would make a beautiful look for either work or school best palette for a natural way to play with color so for this one I picked the Too Faced chocolate palette I really like this the chocolate bar palette pardon me so if you want it to play with some color you've got not only neutral colors in

there but you got a purple you've got pink and I don't want to get makeup all over my gloves and some dark shimmer is in there so I would have to pick this palette if you're going to be playing with colors I this one or there's another palette that you could also play with colors and that's the Too Faced sweet peach pilot it's got some gorgeous colors in there you've got your peach the orange a little bit of a pink and brown purple gold so I'm gonna fill that in there as well as the plain with color the biggest bang for your buck for me I would have to say because I love it so much and I can't get enough of it I'm going to say the modern Renaissance by Anastasia and just because the colors are totally amazing in there and I dig in it all the time you've got your board your burgundy some Browns some shimmer color some neutral color in there there's a couple of colors that are neutral so I would say that this buying this palette here was money well worth spent in my opinion the next month is the best palette for skin tone okay so for this one I actually picked two colors well I should say two palettes

one that I haven't really used and I know would look good on my eyes but I haven't really played in the palette and this is by Bach from boxycharm and this is the nightingale palette I do find that I look pretty good in brown colors for my brown eyes and there it is there that's the palette looks like that and you can tell they haven't really played in it I've been busy playing in other palettes and I'm also going to go with the tar deist Pro palette as well I have used this a few times and there's the colors there and I do find I to be honest it's got some beautiful colors in it I do love I start for the burgundy in the purple I love those colors to be very honest with you in my personal opinion I think I could just about pull off any look and that's why I had a hard time doing this tag because best color to suit your skin tone well I don't know so far I've liked all the colors I've used and I'm not afraid to use color so I had a hard time with that so I threw in the tar deist Pro palette the best palette where was I now for skin tone best palette for eye color okay now best

all in one palette and also I'm going to do the next two questions it's the best all in one palette and the best for travel I'm going to tell you it's book talk in my back talk sorry I'm thinking of books back talk in my opinion the reason being if you haven't seen me do this video you've got your neutral eyeshadows down there okay there are some gorgeous natural colors down there and you've got the highlighting and blush in here I'll see like I said I don't like this part here so if I were just if I were to throw this in my purse I would take the mirror out for sure but this is the best travel size palette in my opinion so if I had to go out say for an entire day somewhere I know I wasn't coming back until night time I would definitely pull out this Tabet a tablet palette use my eyeshadow in this and my blush and highlighter and also pack that up and put it in my purse to freshen up during the day so that's why I put best all in one palette and best for travel I say this one so I'm not carrying around a certain type of eyeshadow to put in my purse and a certain type of highlighter and

certain type of blush with this has it all so and then last but not least palette you don't recommend okay guys I will try and post a picture somehow along here about the palette I do not recommend now before I was tagged and I am in the midst of doing my beauty room I did sort out all my favorite palettes all my bad palettes and one of them hit the trash can in a second so and that would be the Too Faced white chocolate chip palette the reason why I say that was a bad palette I found the colors to be overly light I mean the colors were beautiful in the palette but once applied I couldn't see it on my eyelids at all and I even applied the white Milani pencil so I had my eyes white and then I applied the color and it was like I had nothing on my eyelids and I'm went to it like if I'm going to wear makeup it better show or it's not good in my opinion so that would be the palette I would not recommend you waste money on regardless of your skin tone I don't think you're gonna see very much color popping up on you at all now everything I shared with you remember it's my personal opinion only we all have different opinions we all have different

palettes that work best for us what doesn't work best for us but this was just my opinion and the palettes that I shared that works best for me so thank you so much for watching me pages in Polish I thank you so much for tagging me along with Tracy Lea Beauty I appreciate it I did have fun doing this tight and thank you so much for watching I hope you all enjoyed it and if you have not done this tag yet police feel free to do so and if you do let me know in the comment section below that you'll be doing it so I can keep an eye out for it so guys until my next video I will see you then take care of yourselves