24 September 2018

Eyeshadow Palette Collection 2018

I hope you all enjoy my eyeshadow palette collection for 2018! I've accumulated quite a few palettes throughout the months and I thought I'd share them with you ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today's video is going to be my eyeshadow palette collection for the year 2018 now if you guys have been following me ever since I started my youtube channel you guys wouldn't know that I do have an eyeshadow palette collection for the year 2016 and 2017 so today is just going to be kind of like a part three and a continuation of what other pilots I've added to my collection since then some of them I do like more than others and there's some that were a limited edition sadly you can't really get your hands on them anymore then I'll also link the other two videos if you guys aren't interested down below so without further ado let's go ahead and jump into this video first one that I have here is the honest osteo Modern Renaissance of palettes you get a lot of pinks oranges Browns snobby shades and I really do like this palette I'm very happy I have it in my collection I should probably start using it a lot more the next comment I have here it is probably one of my favorite palettes and it's some morphe 35o too you get a lot of warm tones you got a lot of Browns some red some oranges you get a block here this is just a gorgeous palette and

usually when I do reach for this palette I reach for the runs I mean you have to have the Melisa Michelle and uLTA Beauty palette now I love watching Melissa on YouTube if you don't watch her you should love her videos and obviously I had to support her colleagues when she came out with this one no this is our first poly that she came out with I know she came out with another one I just haven't been able to get my hands on it this is actually a very pretty palette it was only twenty dollars this was limited edition so I don't think you could get your hands on this one anymore but the shimmer shades are very pigmented they're still buttery and soft and the matte also blends very nicely they're not muddy nor they get patchy so I kind of like that and you also get a full-sized highlighter in here and you also get a blush down here which is a very pretty like everyday multi blush and this also came with the lipstick I just don't have the lipstick here so the next brother I have here I don't know this is - an orb is still available when I really sharp but it's the BH Cosmetics and Carli bybel pellets and I begin my

2016 video I included the first pilot she ever came out weights as I've heard deluxe edition where she included doing a few more eyeshadows and a few more highlighters and actually like this one better than the first one probably because of the quality I feel like the quality and this one is way better than the first one if you guys can see it's like the layout is marble and I'm obsessed with marble and then you get some very pretty shades for the crease you get another one to set your primer with I'm some very gorgeous purples what I also like about this palette is that the highlighters last the whole day on your cheeks I have the honest awesome Beverly Hills prism palette and I love this pub it's one of my favorites actually from my collection I just love the colors in here they're very very unique and this poly it really makes me step out of my comfort zone just because you get this beautiful like neon yellow shade you get this pearly white like iridescent shadow you get this gunmetal like purpley gray you also get like an emerald green a very beautiful navy blue you also get a brown and a black so that's kind of good to add some

definition to your eye look and I think this what is limited edition I'm not really sure a nice palette half here there's a morphine Jacqueline Hill palette these are the shades here I have played quite a few times with this palette and I absolutely love it the colors are very pretty out of a max blend beautifully they're not patchy the shimmer shades look beautiful wet or dry I prefer wedding I'm though because you just got that more metallic II finished you guys already own it you know how good this palette is some beautifully teals Purple's Pink's oranges Browns kind of like magenta is burgundy shades the only thing I wish that this probably did have what's up Matt's kind of like a matte creamy shade to set your eyeshadow primary with because this one doesn't really have it it has only these two right you have the morphe 24g greg lamp palettes and this is one of those palettes that I kind of wish I could have returned because I honestly don't reach for it a lot I mean the pans are huge really really huge I remember I was doing my makeup and it was just kind of like laying like this on my vanity and my husband passed by

and he's like down those are some big as my shadows and it just made me laugh because he do get a hard product compared to like other eyeshadows when I do reach for it I just use kind of like these pink shades here I don't know if you guys can see but some of the shapes are more used on the others it's a very pretty palette I love the packaging I just don't read nice probably I have here is the Kylie cosmetics royal peach palette and this how it looks this is another palette that I don't reach for as often anymore I could go back and not get it I probably would just because I have other better my shadows and my collection for example like this blue shade I think it's on the chocolate hill palette I think the only shade I think that I kind of don't have obvious I don't think looks like this one right here but other than that like all these other shades I do have it other palettes it is a very pretty poly I use this palette quite a few times when I first got it and I liked but eyeshadow looks I just I don't I kind of forgot I had this in my collection I also came with the brush the brush is really good I actually use

it a lot also have the dubious place masquerade many of you yeah this is a masquerade mini palette and my parents actually got this for me for my birthday earlier this year and I really like that this is such a pretty palette it's very different and this is actually my only poly that Lee from this brand and it's very very good actually want to go get some more this teal right here these blues just very very pretty something nice I shop huh I have here is actually one of my favorite favorite favorite palettes that I've currently bought I just spent super obsessed and it's so jeffree star cosmetics thirsty palates as Polly screams summer to me so much a lot of like neon colors what made me fall in love the most is this row right here so these are shimmer shades but they're I think they're pressed pigment and when you apply them girl like it takes her I shot it to the next level they're way better than like a regular just shimmer shade these actually like when you apply them to your eyes it looks like you applied glitter actually use these right here I still want to use the silver but I've used pretty much all of the

shimmery shades you get a lot of Fallout though with this so I always whenever I use this pie I always do my eyes first and then my foundation because then you have the respects of glitter all over your face definitely recommend this palette if you've been eyeing this I have the huda beauty does right dust pallets and packaging wise it's probably as gorgeous as you guys can tell have you said a couple times on the eyes and I have been in love every time I use it if you're into the whole like purple red orange e vibes you're really gonna love this I just have to mention this one too oh the next one I have here is a more feet 25 pink copper spice palette I already fit pang in these two shades just because they're obviously my favorite to start off and I liquid make the shimmer shades on this poly they're so pigmented you don't even need fix+ freakin love this it's such a gorgeous palette and I think this is perfect for fall too because you have a lot of like Purple's Browns olds actually reach for this palette a lot from work when I go to work and I want to get ready I reach for this poly maybe that's why it's really messy even the packaging is like

really messy the last by shadow palettes and I have I just recently bought them and it's the Jaclyn hill and morphe Fall collection and I did get all four of them here and I'm just gonna kind of go through them really quickly because I do want to do a tutorial using each palettes and I kind of want to do review so the first one I have here is the one actually used today on my eyes and it's the ring though mine palette it's just a very beautiful warm tone palette that has purples oranges the bling boss palettes and this is more of like the purpley palette tier so as you guys can see it's just very pretty purple and then in the vault you also get the arms and gorgeous palette it's actually one of my favorites so this one really screams fall to me because maybe because of the greens oranges the mustard yellow so there's that one and then last but not least I have the dark magic palettes I haven't used this one though it's just a very cool tone palette you get some dark green some great okay guys so I pretty much complete smashing up I like collection for the year 2018 I hope you guys enjoy it I know I had a lot of pilots to talk

about but hopefully you guys stayed till it into the video if you're new please don't forget to subscribe before you leave and if you liked it please give this video a thumbs up and other than that you guys I'll see you guys in my next video bye