14 October 2018

Eyeshadow look for Halloween🎃

This video was super late so I kinda look ugly but oh well Insta:yuhgurl.mariah Snap:yayasings333 Follow my socials ^

Alexes la vieille it's like 12 and

because I am kind of booty I got hot chocolate Lafleur okay I was literally not gonna make this videos like I'm not gonna make the deal like I'm too tired I have to go to the football games where I like I'm not making its way I'm making this video tell y'all how do a pumpkin orangie Halloween you ready slinky No so bring your face with some roses to refreshing your skin so you're gonna take a light just like take a microwave for you oh my god I forgot to pry my eyes hey guys this is before this is in the middle of my process that you do my makeup before you do this prime your eyes do the powder with this there's fun with this is fun and then I dab it on there and yeah boy here eyeshadow always gonna look at me ugly but I'm just gonna so then [Music] [Music] I'm gonna get this hot-ass you don't know I got it mmm music [Music] [Music] Freddie night

now from this [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] Glitter when I apply this orange with the letter O but it's orange in this glitter [Music] Oh [Music] so then after you do that this is like the glitter god pallid light actually I want to get this palette again and you're gonna want to get the red [Music] [Music] you wanna sew like so then let me bless you're gonna wanna create okay so after you do that you're done you could spray like a spray on it or something well honestly I'm not like really gonna go out anywhere I'm actually I'm just a [Music] I gave my rest oh that's cash money baby [Music] by all means