24 March 2019

Eyeshadow 101| How to Apply Eyeshadow| Itati Lopez

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welcome back to another video thank you so much for tuning back in to my channel my name is e thought the and for today's video I'm gonna be doing a very requested video um lately I have been going over my comments and I send it in there all of the comments that you guys have been saying what I guess I should do for video so I am gonna be doing a what precious and how to blend I shadow how to do eyeshadow what eyeshadow palettes you should use which you know like brushes all that all that eye shadow 101 so I'm gonna be giving you tips tricks products to be using you know just going ahead and getting into the eyes and really going and showing you guys how to do a shadow now just a quick disclaimer I am NOT any very professional makeup artist I am not in any shape or form you know I'm telling you like oh you got to do it like this everyone has a different specific ways this is just the way I do eyeshadow this is the brushes that I use the products so I just quickly want to see that so you know I don't get in Haiti but I'm yeah guys so if you want to see how I do my I show and the tips and tricks that I want to offer to you then please

continue on so you have been an ogee subscriber for a very long time you know that I love to use this primer it is the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion and eat it this primer is honestly so amazing I love the applicator and I've had it for about a year and it still is very good it says that it expires in six months cards for about two years and I'm still using it by whatever so I'm gonna go ahead and grab some if I look to the side I do have my mirror here next to me I just want to clarify that real quick but I'm gonna go ahead and apply a little bit on my eyelids I don't like to get too dramatic with it either so a little bit goes a very long way there is various different types of ways to go ahead and blend this you can use a Beauty Blender your finger a brush you know I love to use this a brush right here it is by morphe and what I love about this brush is that it's very dentists so right here if I turn it sideways I think you can see it like this very like you see how it goes down so I love to use it because you can like tap in the product so I'm going to go ahead and dab it into my eye and this really

does help get the product where it has to be I do love to use circular motions or just stabbing it in there I really just want to blend it which is the key what I love about these eye primers are that it can feel very up it's like a blank canvas so you can go ahead and put whatever it is that you need to put on it the color that you need and it just gives it such a nice and strong finish so I love this primer I've actually been using it ever since I started doing makeup well when I started appreciating makeup I would never use eyeshadow but when I started like getting into it like detailed I love to use this one it's the only one that I've ever owned and I'm telling you if I do for really long time so I'm going to go ahead and go that then I like to Pat it with my eye just making sure that it's all blended all that there's no harsh lines so there you go for today's eyes shadow look I want to do something a little bit dramatic but it's something a little bit nice and soft so that that way you guys can really see how you blend harsh colors how you blend dark colors giving you guys a really good and fair you know look that palette that I am gonna go

ahead and use is the James Charles palette because it's what I just feel like it's so full of colors what I'm gonna be doing is I'm gonna be started from my lid and going up so I am gonna go ahead and at this color right here and we're gonna go ahead and pack that we're gonna play some and always take off the excess on the powder and I'm gonna go ahead and place up just dab it you really want to just that I'm trying my best you guys can see I'm just dabbing it on the outer of my eye I'm not doing any blending and I'm gonna go ahead and pick up some more and do the same thing for put it in my inner corner it's really important to also see the way you're holding your brush because if I were to just have dabbed it it would have been I would have gone over here and we don't want it to look all like a square you know we wanted to look more like a halo so we're just really like dogging it in there you can use hard motion that's what I'm doing like some hard pounding on it not too hard though doing the same thing for the other eye you want to pack it on there and all of this will be blended out so we just we you just want to pack the color on there

and then all the blending was started after doing so I'm just gonna go ahead and get a normal blending brush this is more of a smaller blending brush I got this one from morphe it's really important I honestly recommend the palette the brushes that I do recommend highly recommend are the brushes from morphe they're like they come like this there's way more brushes that come with it but this collection in particular is super duper pretty I also love the Jaclyn help favorites those brushes are amazing as well but I'm gonna go ahead and pick up this one right here super duper small blending brush and what we're gonna do we're gonna we're not gonna get any product I'm going ahead and just blending and words this color so this is the same product that we packed on there we're gonna go ahead and blend back and forth and not focusing at all on the lid just really blending it upwards so as you can see I'm not doing circular motions and then I'm going back in for it and when it comes to the outer corner you do also want to do circular motions just to make sure that that's blended out you can do tapping it's really

important to just really blend until you see no harsh lines you see the difference from this eye to this eye there's so much blending going on here rather than just having some pact on color so we're gonna do the same thing without picking up any product we're just gonna go ahead and blend upwards connects both connect both colors and just a circular streak motions and just our blending upwards quick tip I am getting a very light hand even though I'm going SuperDuper fast on it I'm doing so because I feel like that gives me such a better blend but make sure to go SuperDuper soft on the hand don't go harsh just like lightly like of those up that they're just like lightly go ahead and blend it all out as you can see it is already blended out we don't see any harsh compared to when we first started it's super duper blended out now we want to go ahead and add the transition color the reason has to like I said why we use a transition color that is the color that you blend the rest of the colors with that is the color that you want to mainly focus on with that color any the whole eye looks gonna be blended out so I'm gonna go

ahead and use this r37 from the Jacqueline health favorites excuse me that it's sturdy I'm so clean my brushes today like I should have before this video but they wouldn't dry fast but I'm gonna go ahead and use a transition color for transition colors you don't want to use something more on the neutral side not you don't want to use a purple as a transition color you don't want to use a blue you know just like the nude color soft peach colors something that's gonna really blend out with the look making it look very blended out very neutral very soft so for that I'm gonna go ahead and pick up this color right here it is more like a it's like a brown but it hasn't orange undertones picking it up with that brush we're gonna go ahead and what I like to do is I like to start from my inner corner and I don't even like blending I really just like place it on there and my hand is SuperDuper light when it comes to this step I'm first just packing it on there and then that's when I start doing some circular motions and I start to blend it out and when it comes to the inner corner you want to make sure to do your eye shadow inward

not straight word because if you do it's gonna be like a boxing shadow we really want to go in fix that do that for the city do that do this set up for both eyes and see how this is very it's like blended out it's like super duper blend it out so we want to do that I love a super duper high I said oh so you know like there's some people that just like it like right here but I like like a really high way so then what I do like to do is going back with a very first color and the first brush that I did use I'm gonna go ahead and pack that same color that I first picked up and we're gonna go ahead and put it again on the outer this time we're using the same brush but we're gonna drug it drag it in words so we are using it as our crease shade and we do want to drag it in words not adding any more product just using the same amount that there is about making it sure that it blends in word now that that is there what I like to do is I like to get a flat brush when it comes to shimmer colors or any base lid colors I love to use a flat brush because that's really gonna get the product in I like to spray it a bit with a I love to spray it with some setting

spray just so it does get more of adapt and more of a vivid color and what I'm gonna go ahead and do is I'm gonna go ahead and grab this gold color right here so we're going to go ahead and grab that on the brush and just place a red on the lid we're gonna place it on the center you guys see how like with the spray it's super duper more nice super shimmery it looks more like glossy super nice we're gonna go ahead and pick up more of it for the other eye it looks more intense when it's down if you're and if you use the with your finger as well it's very done but if you use it with a very dry brush then you won't get the same result although there will be that effect but it won't be as intense whereas you dumpty whereas you dab the brush going back with the first brush we are just gonna go ahead and blend out these shimmer color and the eyeshadow just to not have any harsh lines have you really blended out for brown garlic I do love to use you can use any like very thin brush this can really help you get into the place that you need I shan't go I love using the Jacqueline Hill palette because they

have like two shades right here where they're super duper pretty they're like so soft so buttery and you like to just get this below the eyebrow rather like the where there's like that her and this just cuz it really highlighted a fact it makes your eyebrows like way more cleaner makes it look glossy makes it look so pretty you see you see where it this looks so nice whereas this like super plain we're gonna put him to that for the other as well if you ever feel like it's too intense where as I grabbed a lot of product here you can use your transition color brush and blend out the brow bone highlight with the eye shadow to just make it a less intense and then you can go back and just clean it up a bit if you do want to go ahead and make it a little bit intense just for add and it looks a little bit more deep I'm gonna go ahead and grab the same Jaclyn hill palette with this this is just like a very pointy and detailed brush as well this one is SuperDuper soft you do always want to use brushes that are soft so that your eyes can be very evenly blended you don't want to brush this too

harsh where it's not gonna blend I'm gonna grab a bit of that black shade not as much and just going ahead and play something up that on the outer corner and it's gonna give me like a super smoky eye super pretty blend it upwards blend it up towards the crease and you see how this look right here looks super duper pretty it can be like go out with right literally for anything but you see how this is more like a dramatic look whereas this is to block plane and soft we're gonna go ahead and pick up a bit more of the product for the next I blend it towards the shimmer color at onto the crease dragging it upwards till everything's blended out without adding any more product I'm going to do that soft hide it as always I really wanna um express that word because SuperDuper important to use a very light hand when it comes to eyeshadow especially black eyeshadow because you do want it to really blend up so you can do like a V so when I say it V is like blending like this like that and then start doing circular motions in the outer corner just so that it can be blended out okay so now I'm gonna quickly pop on some lashes and just start showing you guys

how to do the under eye and you guys will get more information on how to work with the under lash line so I'm back and I did go ahead and apply some lashes and I did do the face of my face just because I love to do my under eyes but when I have my base ready so I'm gonna go ahead and start doing the under eyes so when it comes to the under eyes I love to apply my eyeshadow with a flat brush for some reason I feel like it just blends way better and it just like SuperDuper better grabbing the same brush that we did use for the shimmer I'm gonna go ahead and pick up this shade that we used to blend out the transition color and I'm gonna go ahead and drag this on the lower lash line and this is just gonna give me such a rich luminous and it just makes your eyes look away like see if it's like this it just looks so much prettier it goes with the eye whereas if it's like this it just looks blinks so we're gonna go ahead and pick up some more products apply that in the under eyes and what I love about using a flat brush is that it really just packs it into the eye you don't really have to worry about blending because it does that for you so

it's better to use a flat brush than a blending brush in my opinion going ahead and grabbing a very pointed and precise brush this is the morphe one 8 I'm gonna go ahead and pick up a very silver a nice color for my inner corner this is just we're just gonna pack it on there and what this really helps us is it makes her eyes pop makes them look way nicer when we're open you'll just look way more a week so we want to go ahead and do that last but not least I'm just gonna go ahead and apply some mascara and this is the better than sex mascara and this just tops off the wholeness it just makes it look so much BAM bitch see how I just goes in like such up popped it just gives it such a pop and a live color and I love how this love Lux I love how the I found a loves it just looks so glossy so nice my face looks so dewy furnace brazen look good and there we go before ending this video I'm going to go ahead and go over some brushes that are my favorite some brushes that are so good for blending other than the ones that I used so definitely if I have to say what brushes to use like to just have in general that will really help

you these brushes right here have to be my all-time favorite brushes I feel like without these brushes you just can't complete such a nice and nice look um I like to just say that if you were to grab a Jaclyn hill favorite you're like completely good with if you were to just spend on that whole brush set you have a whole face to go with always use something that is gonna be SuperDuper soft on the eyes always go for something that is gonna look super that feel soft and I obviously will get the drop done always make sure to use a very light hand and to just keep on blending till you get such a blended effect if you don't get a blood in effect trust me you're not gonna be satisfied just keep on blending even though you think that you're not even though you think that you're blending and blending and it's just not blending you just have to get to where you know you you're gonna feel like it's satisfied it always takes practice to get to perfect I don't even do my eyeshadow perfect this is you know I'm still continuing to practice and practice but these were just my tips and what brushes I used to get an eyeshadow done I really hope you guys enjoyed this

video if you do want to see more videos on my brush collection maybe just talking about you know what brushes I use on an everyday daily basis how I clean my brushes then please let me know in the comments down below other than that I am so grateful for all of you and I just want to thank you for the 15k like you guys we're going so freaking fast and I'm just so grateful and so thankful so stay tuned for such a huge giveaway I'm gonna be ordering some stuff for you guys maybe even some blending brushes stay tuned for that but I did not thank you so much for watching we'll see like on my next video mmm bye guys