24 September 2018

Eyes With VISEART Golden Hour Eyeshadow Palette | Lips With MAC Lady Danger

After receiving constant requests from my friends to list the products I use in my makeup videos I am adding this section to the description box. The products I ...


are you today welcome to Sawa's makeup diary it's a place for all the color lovers makeup lovers and nature lovers so let's get started with today's I look let me show you some pretty unusual pretty interesting today's look curvy are tough I prefer yeah using these colors [Music] what are the shapes are we looking at keep watching this is the ballot which I'm going to use the colors I am going to choose are 1 2 3 & 4 a champagne shade a gray shade a black shade and a brown shade these three colors are shimmers and this is a matte black the champagne shade starting from the innermost corner of my eyelids bringing the color on my leg area and just below the crease area so all over my leg but the paint bunch of this shade is going to be right here please check for the girls in your own makeup collection and get started I'm going to mention about the products in the description box of course still I encourage you to check your own makeup collection find these shades and start to click the dose this is a beautiful

champagne shade it actually has a little bit of gold touch to it which I brightens up the innermost corners as well a little bit more I want to share out this sheet I use this shade for my one shadow I look as well look at that it's all brightening right now my Brown a shimmery Brown [Music] concentrating on the center part of my gradually area [Music] I'm not using that Brown towards this part I'm just focusing on the center part of my eyelid and the outer corner next I am going to take my padding brush this time on the crease [Music] right they're doing the same thing on the other end starting from the center part of my eyelid versus our outer corner crease transition pinpointed effect gray to send a part of violet Joslyn circular motion Wow that shade is press the cutter actually does my base eyeshadow brush dusting

very gentle to not want to lose the color just a little bit of food or clothing yuck absolutely stunning okay now I'm going to take my matte black this is a little cleaning brush in my collection and this is perfect for my [Music] that's what I like to call it concentrating on the outer part you seem a little bit of darkening effect this sheet is very rich as well baking love bees shocker brush again I'm ready [Music] [Music] are you with me I make up levels so that is something I'm going to do with my black eyeshadow for now how about taking a big brush and upward motion I'm going to take my liner pencil [Music] what are your choice of color study let me know in the comment section I may try those colors tomorrow and taking the same [Music] now I'm going to take my smudge brush dipping my smudge brush into that mat I'm going to intensify this

after we pinpointed the balloon along with my lashline look at that intensity love this look [Music] look at that my breaths just amazing doing the same thing [Music] Wow [Music] again wherever I see some gaps [Music] my lashline I'm just those gaps [Music] pretty intense [Music] happy taking another small smudge brush because I love that dopey gray kind of shade a lot I'm going to use that shade [Music] [Music] my shopping sheet again nice and above [Music] this instantly brighten some actually it catches the attention there was the eyes well that's it I'm going to stop right there trying to go

[Music] this has become an important step in my makeup routine I absolutely enjoy practiced a lot [Music] I like to play with my makeup collection I like to practice sometimes of money [Music] make up as a surprise to you [Music] you will say no that's what a surprise you're they spoke of a bright pop of color [Music] yes right pop of orange [Music] look at that [Music] you know and of colors and bright lip colors ah I love it really happy with the overall look that's it my friends this is the look I upon to wear the whole day absolutely happy with my eye look and this lip color yeah so now it's your turn to try this look and let me know about your makeup experiences okay on the comment section I would love to read about your makeup experiences with colors okay have fun

playing with your own makeup collection the colors that you love the most and come back soon - so much makeup cherry pickers many more tutorials are coming soon yes and thanks for watching have a great day rock the look [Music]