01 May 2017

Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners | In-depth Tips & Tricks | TheMakeupChair

Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners | In-depth Tips & Tricks Here is an in-depth look at prom eye makeup using all drugstore makeup, if you saw last Friday video ...

hey guys welcome back to the makeup

chair today I'm going to be showing you guys how to create this eye look in a lot of detail you definitely adapt this for whatever works for your skin tone your outfit just change certain steps and I talk about that throughout the entire video because I hope you guys enjoy it and let's go try this so a little trick that I like to do is actually apply a mixture of concealer and primer all over the lid and then right up towards the brow and then fill in just the bottom part of the brows and when we're using a Remo concealer and a wet-and-wild primer if you want to go right underneath the brows as close as you can and also right down across the lid as well for filling in the brows I'm going to be using this palette which is by absolute New York with my favorite brush by blonde canvas which is the EO six so brows are really personal but my preference is to have a darker on the outer edge and then lighter on the inner corner so this is going to be a neutral eye makeup look but there's different variations within neutral palettes so you just want to make sure that it works with your undertone the outfit that you're wearing your lipstick and your

blush you want to make sure they all work really well together but to start with you want to apply a neutral base all over the lid this is for two reasons one it will set what we've already applied and two it will give us something to blend to it so it'll be powder on top of powder powder over powder blends really well rather than powder over cream which doesn't so taking the s13 I'm going to apply the must eyes shadow from this palette all over the lid and you don't have to be too precise about it just walk it all over taking that flat brush from earlier which is the eo4 we're going to apply a mixture of this base shade and then a little bit of the pink highlighter and we're just going to apply this right underneath the brows the reason I went to the pink highlighter is because this look is going to be slightly more pink toned but if you're going for that golden look choose the golden highlighter instead taking the EO one I'm going to apply it that warm mid-tone right on this outer corner wiggle it around a little bit and then blend it back and forth so you want to bring this up a little bit higher

than your lid when your eyes are open this should slightly peak above it and that's why it's good idea to start in the outer corner and then open your eyes and bring it back and forth and I haven't picked up any more product I'm still working what I've already applied and you don't want to blend this up too high like the halfway point between your lid and your brow bone that's where you want to apply it and I'm keeping the handle quite low just like this so it's kind of going upwards but now we're going to change positions because what we're going to do is going to mix up a little bit of this color and that base shade that we've already applied and you're going to tilt your hand upwards and just work into the crease again and what this will do is create a softer finish and I'm slightly pulling this out on the outer edge you're better off having a little bit hanging over the edge so when you clean up you'll get a nice sharp line but you really want to keep your eye shadows within this point so corner of the nose corner of the eye corner of the brow but don't worry about it because we will be cleaning it up in a

second you can just see the shape that we've created we've kind of left this inner corner here free and we're focused mostly on this outer corner and then up into the crease now this is as far as we want to blend any eye shadow we're working down remember this is our base line don't go past this base line so our next eye shadow is going to be a black or any of the darker eye shows that you want to use you're going to fly this with a small pencil brush like this and we're going to apply this really deep into this outer corner and into the crease holding in the center of the brush to give you lots of control we're very careful with black eyeshadow put your index finger on this part here and then softly blend it so I had my eyes closed for most of that but I had my other eye open and I kind of wiggled it just on this outer third and then I'm going to open my eye and then bring it slightly more into the crease to just about the halfway point of the eye so we have our nice kind of C shape almost on this outer edge and then we're just going to blend it into the crease a little bit more there's nothing on this brush but this is what we use to apply

this eyeshadow bringing it all the way over to the inner corner and this won't bring all of that black over there it will just give us a hint of color because we're not applying we're blending that's a few things you have to remember how you're holding the brush how high you're hold in the brush and the fact that you're applying versus blending taking a flat brush in a dark pink eyeshadow we're going to apply this on the outer third and slightly over that black I'm holding it right in the center I've got my index finger on the top of the brush and I'm going to Pat this over the top of that black and this will add a little bit more tone to this look and we're bringing it a little bit further into that inner corner but really still focusing on the our half to outer third going to switch that blending brush and just soften it out in the center of the brush index finger on top keeping it quite low and just very softly sweeping over the top of it can you see that this inner corner is nice and clean the reason for that is because we're going to apply a pigment over the top of it now bear in mind if it's not clean don't worry about it

take your flat brush take a bit more of that concealer and just apply it on that inner corner the pigment that I'm using is rose gold and it's by wet and wild so it's not too expensive you can wet your brush or dampen your brush spritz it with a setting spray I actually find these pigments work great by themselves so you don't need to keep your index finger on the top of that brush and apply a little bit of pressure and just work it really softly across the lid now we have our nice light pigment and we also have our dark eye shadow but we need to blend the two of them together so I'm going to take and mixture off the pink and the dark pink from this palette which we already have in the outer corner and just dab it right in the center now I'm going to go in with my mascara get in there and do a little wiggle and this will separate all of the lashes and then as you pull through you'll just coat each hair particularly this inner corner you really want to get those individual ones don't worry about the lower lashes for a second because we're going to clean up apply concealer and all that and we're going to apply some false eyelashes I do have my kind

of extension underneath I want to show you guys how to apply them on top we're going to apply glue on the lash band but also slightly underneath it will kind of adhere to our natural lashes wait for this glue to go tacky so it won't be as white it'll go slightly more blue toned before it goes clear and look down in the mirror and just press this as close to your natural lash line as possible pushing slightly downwards so I'm going back in with a brow kit that I used for working from the base of the lashes upwards so because we have that line to go up we're not going to go past that line to keep it nice and sharp and then finish off the eyes we're going to work underneath those three ways that you can eyes can do this and I want you guys to pick whatever one works for you it's kind of it clear or you can just use like a flesh tone on the waterline so you can do it with a black so that's number two right you do a little bit of color to kind of go with whatever I make everywhere so this is in the shade bronze and this sort of just brings the whole together I'm going to take a small detail brush this is the eo7 and apply a

little bit of that black really close to the lashes just to start us off then take the purpley tone that we used over the top of the black just to go over the top of the black again you basically mimic what you do is on top underneath and then we're going to blow everything out you might create an a blending brush just guys squash it down a little bit and then just sweep it underneath the eye and now I'm going to apply the highlighter shade that we used on the brow bone on this inner corner and now he's going with the lower lash mascara and so that is the finished look you can swap the pink out for golden tones or bronzey tone totally up to yourself and I love when you guys recreate these books so definitely tag me any pictures and please give this video a thumbs up or hit subscribe if you haven't already and check out the videos on the screen now but you might have missed and I'll see you guys in my next video really since