25 February 2016


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you two beauties and welcome back to lay

do TV as you can see everything is kind of bare behind me got like some all plain white walls and not too much of nothing going on we just moved into our new apartment so I am still putting things together and putting pictures and hanging TVs and that's that in the third but I just had to come and share this with you guys before I set my camera in for maintenance um I decided to make my first purchase with shop miss a yay kudos to shop miss a anybody who's heard of shop miss a or if you haven't heard of shopping in say let me just give you a little bit about shot miss a shot missed a is every girl's web site like everything on there is a dollar starting from cosmetics to accessories to jewelry to nail polish to brushes like they have an endless list of everything LF and likes different things you just gotta shop around take your time and look and see what you find so I decided to give myself a budget um and this included my shipping which was like three dot 95 sent i wouldn't spend any more than twenty dollars this is my first time purchasing from them so i got a total of sixteen items i will let you know that one of the good things was an email and

they just let me know hey your package has been shipped but this will not be included it gave me the item number so for how much it costed us that i had two options auction one was I can completely just cancel that out from my order and they give me back my dollar or option two I can take a two dollar shop miss a credit to be used at any point in time and it doesn't expire of course I took option two because I'm pretty sure i'm going to go back so what we're going to do now is we are just going to jump right in and i'm going to show you guys everything that i got from shopping so here's what the package looks like comes in this nice orange bag off wheels both of you who haven't had a chance or anyone who was new to my channel check out my two most previous videos my last one was a collaboration with uniquely dejeuner and we did a poison our green collab and prior to that i did a tag my crazy foods tag i will leave the links to both of those videos in the description box below any you guys are interested in those please feel free to take a look at him comment thumbs up and subscribe let me know what you think um

I watched many of youtube reviews and videos and a lot of girls were saying that their stuff came broken and all my step I just want to show you lovelies that my best game in bubble wrap I like that first we're going to start with this body chain I really like these with my dresses and sometimes my blouse or dress tops that I wearing my jeans and my Hills stay tuned I will be doing outfit of the day and keep a lookout on my ig i will be posting outfits of the day on the gram and when certain things that are in my videos are being featured in my outfits of the day i will be sure to tags and shout outs known as well so this is the body change or you can come shop miss egg and it's in a little V print with like some little stuff in here um this is going to go great wonders is like i said before next thing I picked us because we all know a girl can't get enough of these pencils so I've got the clean color eyebrow pencil and dark brown I love the way that shows up I've got the clean color lip liner pencil and Barbie pink clean color pencil and black moment of course to draw that one and then I have

a lip liner pencil by LA colors and cappuccino stay tuned for all of those they'll be featured in some of my looks and tutorials and I'll be sure to let you guys know then i purchased this els defining i brush um I heard a lot about the defining I brush in them I'm really trying to get more of like that wing that goes like BAM I don't know it's just hella nice so I'm working on that and I'm hoping that my defining I brush can help me with that then I also purchased the clean colors and angled brow brush right now I feel like I need all the help that I can get with giving my eyebrows that you know on point status I use the honest I see a dip brow pomade but I still feel like you know I can lighten it a little bit more shape them a little bit more and right now I don't have the correct angle brush a lot of girls use the Anasazi a brush and I actually just use my own spoolie that came with els and now i'm going to be using my clean colors angle brush so stay tuned for that some looks will be coming up with that then i purchased these two colors here these two cream lipsticks and i believe they're from clean clean nice clean clean Easter I

swear I'm hoping this is clean these that i don't know but i love the colors i'm looking to do a tutorial with the yellow look so I figure why not go in there and get me a pop of yellow for those lips and so I'm just gonna mix up and swatch this for you so we can see what this looks like so this is this is cute i love it it's all clear okay and then the lippy just comes out and then let's just said I Oh looks like nothing on me so I don't even know how this is gonna come out cuz this didn't show up let's try the brown that one's called lightning struck in this one's just brown hopefully this one shows way better then we go and you never know cuz once you put it on your actual lips it's different wow you know what it's starting to show up so you might need like two or three coats to get that color payoff that you're looking for but again I really like that yellow and i'm pretty sure i could work that with some longer and then we have the brown and that's what the brown looks like and that's right next to the yellow so you guys can kind of see that I absolutely love these two then I also picked up

some clean colors airy minerals loose powder eyeshadow and queen bee and I really love this color I don't know if you guys I love it and I'm thinking about pairing that with that yellow and I have this bomb Nicki Minaj dress that these two colors will go awesome so look at that so I like that it's more like a gold color but I think it's really pretty I picked up some tweezers because yes you grow feels like it's time they she learns how to get her eyelashes on point I want to read some voluminous eyelashes so i went ahead and i decided to order some of the eyelashes that they have on Shana say the first that is going to be I think it's either Cara or Cara eyelashes and this is going to be the number four 15 then I got the wsp so I'm assuming that stands for whisk and I got the number 5 23 and I really really like these i actually got the idea of these specific ones from another YouTube beauty um I will leave her link in the description box below so you guys can go check out her shop miss a review but she also has like a tutorial of how to apply your eyelashes with this clear adhesive and oh my goodness she looks flawless in like 10 minutes it's not less she's

really good at it and I also picked up at target and the local target this duo strip lash adhesive please ladies explain to me because I'm not sure if I got it right but it doesn't look like these have strips but I'm not too sure because I don't know how to put on eyelashes for any of you who know what dilemma I'm going through or what I'm talking about please leave me a comment or some kind of clarification in the description box below because I'm not too sure if I have eyelashes that have the strip or that are individual so I'll get back to you lovelies on that and then last but not least I would have had because i have this thing i really like the like ring the jewelry the rings on all all of your fingers so in hand i just ordered me a set of those and it comes with three that is all that i have for you beauties today and it's feel free to check out my two last previous videos don't forget to subscribe comment and leave me a big thumbs up and let me know what you guys think there will be more reviews halls tutorials and so forth coming soon like i said follow me on my eyelash attorney thanks for watching lands by shame in town again no

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