06 June 2019


Product details; Eyeshadow: The Warrior By Juvia's Place Foundation: Maybelline Fit Me; 338 Spicy Brown Eyeliner: NYX Matte Liquid liner Eyebrows: ...


we should cross Eureka straight back for another video um so today I was thinking excuse me like I was about to conference with them but now today I was thinking we should do like a soft subtle everyday kind of look right so hopefully hopefully we follow those guidelines like so every time exposed to be something so it gets like boom boom boom so yeah I'm thinking I have the worry of palette bhaji base oh I love this solid actually I use it as a highlighter palette but you see out in a network but I was looking at it like we can just really get this powder pop in like well they just use this probably and credit like this subtle kind of salt everyday brown smokey kind of shimmery alright so I already did my eyebrows I'll leave this before you put that down below you guys would like to see so let's just get started I'm gonna be using software tree Mac Paint Pot this brush is a morphe paint brush work the paint brush I don't know what I'm talking about think this is a morphe brush take a minute um I shot on set I'm gonna just fill my whole lid up with this this is like really thick and dignity I love it I love it I

love it I got this zip tip I like to town for each side and look how picking it T it is like just give me like put it on the lid and I took it up until a little bit over the crease I already have concealer right here so I'm just kind of like blending it into the consider I didn't take it all the way up to the eyebrow line and I didn't bring the concealer all the way down so I started with the concealer here and I just you know pressed it down so about right here and in the same way for the Paint Pot I'm gonna take my favorite transition British is my Mac two to four s we're gonna go into got like highlighter all of this other like I had I think I just saw the more than like a month I'm probably a little over a month and I've been putting this in in it like I love just coming so much so I've only used if I have either I've never used it in terms of our high shots but this is like a first so uh the only colors I really been putting it in in is like this one and maybe a little bit that one all the other ones are like really on youth so we're gonna go on with K no this brush has like some light touch short bristles

I'm like what's the right word to you so like when you go and twit it kind of light give it a little extra fall out but I mean this is a good result I'm gonna take this as a transition color and get right on up in a Cree it's a lot like I like the way make pink pot like pops colors like I like using this for a base like I actually really love it it's like more preferable than anything else that I use so I'm gonna go right on their way right all right here I'm looking like sometimes ya be pronouncing the words correctly but it don't justify you girl I'm gonna just press that e in we're just trying to darken it up you can see it looks really harsh I'm just like you know press it in so the color could get there and then i'ma go and I didn't put any extra product actually I'm gonna wipe a little bit of it off and then I'm just blending right at the lines right here and where it meets the other color I feel like I brought it up kinda high which is okay expect and I always go back in with my transition color and then I could like fix it and blend it in correctly I am actually gonna go back in with a

transition color and blend it right on top of this and blend it on out I just don't want it to be that high I did dip it like back in here and then we make him with some more product so blended I didn't just I did that product in other words the transition color I like it so I'm gonna go in with um some gold but what I want to do is I'm not gonna completely see we already still have something to paint by here I would just add a little bit more right here just to cut just a little bit we're not gonna go like we're really good with what we have we can put it in now but I just want to make sure you're able to see it's like vividly at the top so I put a little bit and I'm gonna start down here and I'm just like working my way into it [Music] there's too much just get the excess off [Music] so you can see this is like the difference for me this is how I wanted to look in this since I was looking when I was this I kind of just wanted more right here but that works I'm looking at like yeah they're working on this precious a dome shadow brush and it's my motive mo da yeah I got it in like a

poppy set from Walmart this is decisions decisions you when I see you let's just don't like a light golden let's see let's just why not you know cuz look like a more everyday cool like look oh yeah this is good so I don't have to go a little bit more smaller to like fit into a crease because I don't care if it seeps out a little bit because this one doesn't have to be precise I just wanted to make sure it appeared that's why I went in and cut in a little more than what it already was this is nice [Music] in the mine all the dark color with my bag so 75 brushes guys slanted get off the camera I'm shoeless in the backdrop lazy eyes planet I'm gonna take the highest point dip it then I'm gonna just kind of like blend it into something like blend it right up in here I'm gonna take this moto brush called crease and I'm gonna take this color which is oh okay got these colors that name some I feel like the color I used on my lid is more ringing I'm gonna use item or my brow bone transition color which I don't feel like I did but

I'm just you know we can just cut it right in between that brow color in the darker color and we could just give it more of a transition [Music] this is one of the easiest as I've ever done I'm going to um I'm gonna five foundations I'm gonna do my little you know my little feet tied to and then I'll be back to give you the complete I look alright song back your brother's back I complete my face I promise you guys I will drop the foundation tutorial song you've got a full drip but I am dropping the products that I am using as far as my foundation concealer comes for in the powders and everything will be in the description bar whatever to Bogota like what Pamela's going on with your girls whatever but the sensorial becoming so so tonight I'm actually gonna go in first with funny yes this is my eyeliner by shadow my shadow sits about um citizens [Music] and I wanted to lay there first if I find it easier to lay my eyeliner first especially if I'm doing a pencil liner before I put my shot on cuz it just doesn't get in the way you just laid at

first it's not really gonna drag so if it was warmer cleaning on our front wheel a that second then not but if you're gonna use the pencil I would probably recommend laying it first um then I'm going to take this little brush [Music] yep so this is the morphe brush too but here we go so I'm gonna take the transition coloring off and start all the way across the bottle to death all right if I'm gonna take the same brush because it's just like a good brush to use and I'm going to that dark my no I think it will just call I'm gonna just press it right in between my lighter and the transition colors as I use I think that's good for the under actress I'm gonna go back in so arm already that we use on our lids and I'm going to bring it out and so the tear ducts oh that's good it's gonna like brighten up your eyes happy like ready honey she ready so I'm gonna take one of my motor brushes it is for brow and liner but I'm just going to use it at the bottom line just to add some of the marais me that I just put in the tear

ducts I'm gonna just like fill it in a little bit under right here that's Nats but bleh for real not like no no this is cute as right because you suck and if I'm a dupe the liner I make my liner the are you talking about Reid that's all I'm gonna do my eyeshadow I'm going with some primer this is from shadow since this is my facility and it's the eye primer is amazing [Music] see before I even going with the mascara you can already see and I'm going to use the last sets my signature so just like building my bottom lashes nailing with the poor mascara all right so we're gonna use the NYX matte liner get this the liner going and then we're gonna pop these lashes honey in this [Music] [Music] for the lipstick tonight we're gonna go with a howdy general red velvet I got the liner that's a little lip kit then one thing I really like about this because it does not dry my lips off no I'm like well I'm not mistake this actual color I haven't used any other colors like a red velvet the room come

through in the clutch I love it what's up thank you guys so much for stance at the end this is the completed look so this is like my everyday kind of smoky Brown like look like yeah so you know just chillin cheese right in my jean shorts we don't maybe even on my Chuck listen to the shoots a nice whatever so like yeah you know never gonna long would it look like this on a daily Dane ight whatever make sure you subscribe I mean you too Marty spaceman - alright and make sure you thumbs up like this video if you want more videos like this more walkthrough means telling you guys we're not how to do this experience and stuff like that so it's like Chris Traeger should rethink this we mean you have a good one you [Music]