14 October 2018

Everyday Makeup Tutorial ♥ For Beginners & School Makeup ♥ Only 5 Products Used ♥ Wengie T-Studio

I don't wear makeup everyday but when I do this is my go to look which is simple but also makes me feel glammed up when I wear these amazing lashes by Tiny ...

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free for the next week so if you haven't followed me on a twin gene I could be following you soon hi guys Wendy here welcome back to my channel and today I have my everyday makeup look for you really awesome thing about this look is I am a super lazy person and I don't like using a billion products every day and I've come down to this one palette so this whole look that has been done by this Kat Von D contour palette really has simplified my makeup routine dramatically and this is a look I wore in my past two videos and a bunch of you guys have been requesting this makeup tutorial those of you that are part of my family yet I would like to invite you all you need to do is click the subscribe button you can also dress it up or down according to the lashes you wear so right now I'm dressing it up because I'm filming I'm wearing a really awesome pair of falsies by tiny means if you want to dress it down all you need to do is curl your lashes and apply mascara and the rest of the look remains the same so without further ado let's get straight into the makeup tutorial prepping your face makes a huge difference in how your skin looks under

makeup so I'm gonna use my moisturizer and give myself a massage to increase circulation and get rid of any bloating and puffiness I'm mixing my full coverage foundation in a one-to-one ratio with my moisturizer because I don't like wearing heavy foundation on a daily basis I also find it helps the product spread easier and blend better and then I'm applying this mixture on the major areas on the center of my face and then taking a Beautyblender and blending it from the center out so there is more coverage in the places I need it which is usually around my t-zone area at that Beauty Blender can give you a Julia and more transparent look as well but I'm using a dry one today to get extra coverage instead of using concealer I'm also just taking a little bit more of unmixed foundation and then dabbing it onto the areas where I need this and a really great tip is to use the pointy part of your Beauty Blender because it's really gonna help you get into those little areas like under your eyes and around your nose I'm then taking a cool-toned Brown from my palette and using a flat shader brush or angled brush to fill in my brows I

actually ran out of my Anastasia brow Wiz which is sad so this is what I've been doing it creates a softer and more natural look and then going in with my colored brow gel as usual just to neaten and life in my brows I'm taking the yellow turn highlight and applying this to my brow bone blending down towards my lid and then taking the pink base highlight and applying this all over my lids this will brighten up your eyes and it also creates a really great base so when your other shadows go on they're super easy to blend taking the long medium tone contour color I'm using this as my transition shade keeping my eyes open allows me to see how high to apply this color you want it to show when your eyes are fully open I'm applying this color around two-thirds of the way out instead of using sticky tape I'm taking the flat shader brush and marking a winged liner using the same color so I know where to blend it to after I applied it with my eyes open I relax my eyes and blend it down to my crease following the wing line I just drew then taking the deep around and applying this along my crease and out of V

applying the color from the outside in so that the darkest part is on the corner and I'm blending it down to the outer corner of my lower lash line as well then using a blending brush and a bit of a highlight color I'm blending the transition shade do this slowly until the color transitions smoothly and this formula is really great for blending it really makes my job easy even though I suck at it then I'm moving down and blending the crease color and the outer V color together if you don't want to lighten the crease color too much or make the color run everywhere use really small circular motions with your blending brush instead of a windscreen wiper motion that's a tip for you guys and then blend the color you've applied on the lower lash line as well and then taking the pink highlight shade and applying it all over my lids to create a slight cut crease effect I find that this helps with my crease look bigger I need all the help I can get if you're blending has moved the shade too far off you can add more transition colors and bring the shade higher put it I use right guys using a liquid liner I

created a natural-looking winged line and then I joined it from the corner to my lash line forming a triangle and then coloring that in or the winged liner to look good on hooded lids I actually pulled this out slightly straight first before winging it up I can do a full tutorial on this if you would like just let me know in the comments box below and then finish off your liner by lining along your upper lids you can tell your lashes at this point and apply mascara for a more natural look but I'm going straight for the lashes these lashes are my favorite they're from tiny minks and they're so super soft I also love the blush band because it makes it so easy to put on it's one of the only ones I can put on with my fingers and not my tweezers and they make a huge difference to blend the lash band in as well with some black eyeliner on the inner corners to balance out these huge lashes I'm playing so much mascara on my lower lashes starting off with a horizontal application and then finishing off the second and third coat holding the wand vertical it really helps you add some extra length and volume to your lower lashes using the cool toned contouring n

I'm gonna contour my nose so first off go from your eyebrows down your bridge and then I also like to contour this part here where your nose joins your cheeks as well as shorten my nostrils by applying contour underneath the nostrils so you can see a huge difference that it makes in terms of definition don't use a color too dark in real life though because it would be really obvious and weird you use a light color if you're going out during the day and then use a beauty blender to blend in these lines so that it's not too obvious next I'm using the warm medium shade and a fan brush to apply the contour from the outside right underneath my cheekbone the fan brush actually pushes up towards your cheekbones and makes a great guide for you and only apply the color along the outer edge of your face don't go too far in next take the cool color and apply the shade to the outside of your forehead to create a slimmer forehead and this is really important if we can tie your hair up and then I also apply contour underneath my chin to shorten my face and it makes your face kind of look smaller to get away with a lot more contour if you're going out in the

evening in sort of dim lighting or if you're filming and on camera and then taking the yellow toned highlight with my Beauty Blender and highlighting my cheekbones forehead bridge of nose and finally I'm taking this nude coral lipstick and applying it seriously love this color it's kind of nude but gives you a little bit of pop of color at the same time and then using the same color make two dots on the apples of your cheeks and blend that for a completely matching blush actually using one palette for my makeup has literally changed my life and I was stressing a lot less when I do my makeup if you want me to keep going with makeup girls like this where I use as little products as possible and keep it simple please also gum this up and let me know in the comments down below thanks so much for watching guys I love you guys so so so so much and I'll see you guys in my next video I have other video