16 June 2019

Everyday Makeup Routine w/ Affordable (Cheap) Walmart Makeup | BaddOnnaBudget ❣️

This is my (somewhat) everyday makeup routine featuring affordable makeup products from Walmart, because we all know you don't need to go broke in order ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel

today I'm gonna show you guys my somewhat everyday makeup routine I say someone because I don't make up every day only when I leave the house but for the most part I do because I'm always leaving the house and this is just my basic makeup routine which will be used with affordable makeup products I mainly got from Walmart not necessarily the high name brand makeup but they work just as good but anyways let's get started starting with my eyebrows I already filled them in off-camera and I use the elf Alhassan brow and liner and I also just use the regular beauty supply pencil to fill them in so I'm gonna start with the process of cleaning them up with concealer and the concealer I'm using is the Milani can feel and perfect concealer in the color pool tan [Music] then I'm going to blend them with my ELF blending brush most of this process was either edited or done off-camera to save time because for the most part my eyebrows usually take longer than anything else probably should have done this first but now I'm gonna use this wet and wild matte face primer all over

my face before I apply my makeup and I've already washed and moisturized my face off-camera so yeah and after I'm done with this I'm going to apply my foundation and I'm actually gonna be mixing two different colors together because when I mix these two colors together the outcome matches my actual skin color and I know it looks like I'm applying a lot but I promise you I'm actually going very light because I do not want my makeups to come out looking cakey the Maybelline is very yellow and the wet and wild is very orange but when I mix them both together the outcome actually matches my actual skin color and now I'm just gonna use this little beauty sponge to mix them both together all over my face so that they create one color and I know it kind of looks a mess right now but I promise you the end result is actually going to be good [Music] and after this I'm going to use my big wet and wild brush to go in and completely even out the foundation and as you can see the end result is not bad it matches my skin color and it's not cakey and now I'm going to conceal my

face and I used a color corrector for the lines under my eyes before I use the concealer for my under eye now I'm going to use my Beauty Blender to attempt to blend out the concealer and I say attempt because this is actually an old Beauty Blender my son misplaced my new one so I have to use this one and as you can see it's not doing its job very well because it's old so with that being said I actually had to go in with my big wet and wild brush to finish the job because the blender wasn't doing very much I actually had to go in and apply one more small layer of concealer because the Beauty Blender actually took most of it off in my corner I and now I'm going to use my Ruby kisses betting powder to set the makeup under my eyes on my nose and on my chin and while my makeup was baking I decided to go on ahead and apply my eyelashes don't mind my son he just likes to hit me with toys while I'm recording after my makeup set I went in with my ELF powder brush and dusted off the excess powder off of my face [Music] and now I'm gonna go in with the beauty supply pencils and line my lips to give

them a bigger more plump look I'll be honest with you guys I don't even know why I added this step in the video but now I'm gonna use the nikkei lip gel to add some gloss to my lips then I'm gonna use the nikah k diamond glow lip gloss to add some shimmer but you guys that is pretty much it and once again this is not a how-to or a tutorial it's just me showing you guys how I do it but if I was helpful in any way please feel free to like my video and subscribe to my channel and if you do I will see you in the next video [Music]