19 July 2018


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hi guys it's Lauren today I'm going to be doing my everyday makeup routine which I don't wear makeup everyday but if I did it would be this and I'm going to be answering some questions I was asked on Instagram and Facebook so if you want to see how to get this look and listen to me talk stay tuned okay first we're starting with next angel veil I love this stuff it I like it first of all because it's way cheaper than the other one that I was using and and it really just like smooths everything out smooth then don't pull on your skin as hard as I just was cos Lots about for it padding is better okay after I do that I go in with warming up in between your fingers and then just kind of roll it on roll it on and the places where you have larger pores which were me that's around my nose and on my cheeks and a little okay oh by the way I'm more sure eyes before there's always moisturize before you start your makeup the better your base the better your makeup will look and me it cosmetics bye bye foundation this is in the shade medium I believe yes medium it just depends on how much coverage I'm wanting I'm probably gonna

go for the it cosmetics today I'm going somewhere with my friends and it has sunscreen and everything which is good just this County motion I really like beauty blunders because they give you a natural finish whereas I use like a brush so I give you more full coverage I forgot to I supposed to talk about questions I can do that while I'm doing this so someone asked what are your summer favorites right now honestly this foundation it's one of my summer favorites because it has sunscreen it's a natural coverage but it covers up all of my acne which I kind of have a lot of so I really like that this NYX soft matte lip cream has been my go-to literally probably every single day this is in the shade Cannes it's just like the perfect pink shade for my skin tone where it comes across it's like a pinky nude and that's my favorite lip color ever so I've been loving that and the Physicians Formula butter bronzer in the shade deep bronzer I love this stuff the only thing that's bad about it is it isn't coming very many shades which for me that's not an issue for a lot of people that is so I wish they would come out with more

shades but I do love that bronzer and honestly that shades the darkest shade it's a little light for me at this point after I've been on vacation so you need more shades but I still like it it's really smooth and it smells like a tropical beach vacation okay top three favorite youtubers easy-peasy Jacqueline Hill nikkietutorials and desi Perkins okay now look that's all blunted but obviously doesn't look like that bad of a match I thought it would be too late but it's not that bad okay now that that's done I'm gonna go in with my la girl pro conceal this is in the shade porcelain if you could be any animal in the world what would it be and why uh I would be probably either a whale or a dolphin okay someone asked what my skincare routine is and I'm plant my skincare routine is honestly really simple so I'm planning on doing a short video on that soon so stay tuned for that cuz I'll be doing that how many times are you going to post a week's so I'm planning on posting like three times a week probably like I say like so much it's probably Thursdays maybe Saturdays Saturday Tuesday Tuesday Thursday

Saturday probably so I'm gonna grab my lighter concealer now I'm just gonna use my fingers I hate that face I make it look like the screen so last night one of my most favorite Beauty instagramers followed me and I think I I don't know what I did less real life right now okay nice question ever bother you that you we really don't know what side of the worm is its head yes okay so I got a couple questions onto Facebook I'm gonna get to those in a minute because they're all about specific things so we're gonna wait for that okay so after I do all of my concealer what I'm gonna do is I Pat my view to wonder under my eyes to get rid of any creases and then I'm going to set my under eye with the bare minerals mineral veil why won't you come out I'm gonna go in with my flawless concealer brush from ELF I'm gonna use a little bit of my makeup revolution banana powder I'm sorry I'm totally looking down like this entire time but my filming setup is not the best right now I'm trying to make it better we will get there but right now my mirror is a little bit below my camera so I'm kind of like long I'm trying to look and the

viewfinder to do those you can see so for me I have always been way overly obsessed with setting my Facebook powder and it's totally it's so unnecessary I'm gonna um set my eyelid with some powder but whenever I use as much powder as I do which is a lot it's making me look so powdery and I really like I don't need to do it I'm trying to break the habit cuz I really need to stop using as much powder as I do because it just makes me look awkward and cakey but okay I'm gonna go in with my Rimmel stay matte powder in silky beige I'm just gonna swirl all that around in there and tap off the excess and then I'm just gonna tap it don't whenever your first powder on top of your foundation never rub because you're just gonna move that product that you've laid down so at first I always Pat just so I can set the makeup and then after I've set it then you can rub away on top of it but I always Pat I always try to Pat unless I'm doing certain things that I have to rub with but I always try and Pat so I don't move the product underneath my powder see I'm I really don't need to be setting my whole face like this what I'm trying to do it like Lee can I need to

learn to not do that okay that's good that is enough I need to chill okay so now I'm gonna do my brows which my brows are currently micro bladed which I love and so my eyebrow routine right now is literally just some anastacio tinted brow gel just because my micro bleeding is faded a little bit I have to get it touched up soon so I've been using my Anastasio tinted brow gel this is in the shade espresso may be true okay so what I do so I'll take it out and rub all the excess off the end because there's a lot of product on this brush so you have to be careful so basically what I do is I adjust I'm trying to do this in the viewfinder so probably my my screw up but so literally all I do is I just run it through my brows and there you go that's all I do okay so I'm gonna do the same thing on the other side just wipe the excess off the end and then brush up in the front and just kind of comb through I just like how this kind of applies a little bit of color okay so what I do for my eyes everyday is super simple literally all I do is I take my butter bronzer and I'm gonna grab my blending brushes I don't know which one

I want I'm honestly gonna use that flawless concealer brush that I used earlier because it's really big and all I want to do is get like a wash of color over to the eye so all I do is I tap it in the bronze are top off the excess and I literally just like run it in the crease very lightly a little over the lid just give me like a little wash of color on my eye day to day I don't want to do anything super intense I think I should assume even a little bit of my apologies I'm being crazy okay so you can see it better so I just take my big brush run it through the crease running on the eyelid just circular motions light hand just blend everything okay that's that and then I'm gonna take this brush which is an elf blending I brush I'm using so many friends but I just bought them I love them so much because this one's literally a dollar I'm just gonna dip into the bronzer again and run that underneath my eye so if you just run this underneath it's gonna open up your eye okay now what I'm gonna do so I'm gonna grab my flat shader brush I don't really know if that's what it's called but something what's it called

all-over shadow brush from Too Faced this is a super old brush so I don't know if you can even get it anymore but I love it and I'm gonna grab my one moment I'm grabbing my Too Faced sweet peach palette which I love it's one of my favorite palettes ever and I'm gonna grab the shade white each up here I'm just gonna take a little bit of that and I'm going to put that underneath the highest point on my brow bone just to give a little bit of highlight I'm just gonna go back in with that all-over shadow brush and I'm gonna grab the shade and nectar which is right underneath the first one and I'm just going to dip my brush into that I'm gonna use that to highlight the inner corner this also will open up the eye which I really like to look up I also really like this shade it's like a sparkly light peachy palette which I really like okay so that's honestly all I do for eyeshadow wise that's all I do really simple just day-to-day and I'm definitely going to have an issue filming this but we'll do more best so I'm just gonna take my L'Oreal carbon intense whatever it is I don't really

like this eyeliners I'm not sure just grabbed it cuz I'm out of what I usually use oh this is gonna be a trip I'm gonna do my best to make sure you can at least see one eye I think I'm gonna do a tiny baby waiting today so I'm just gonna drag up this is so hard to let you see I'm gonna try really hard though gonna tilt you down okay you can see better now so I'm gonna just pulling on your skin a suburb but I'm gonna drag up from the corner and just do a little baby link it's literally all I do I drag up from the corner of my eye and so yeah that's how I do my eyeliner so I'm right now I've been using the this is so dirty so please ignore I've been using the Maybelline total temptation I think it's the waterproof version and um this is just black I think loaded on so yeah that's how I do my eyes what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna bronze so I used my butter bronzer and deep rouser and then I'm going to use my big kabuki brush which I love because it just I like to bronze my face in a way that just makes me look warm and more tan so I just kind of take some on the brush and lightly apply it where you would apply contour honestly just like on the cheek area I

just blend that out I love bronzer because it just warms up the face so much it makes you look so much more alive which I love plus my face is a lot lighter than the rest of my body because my face just doesn't like to and for some reason oh I love to use this bronzer it smells super amazing it's super buttery which banana implies also like to get a little bit on here and apply it just on - to just warm it up a little bit I just happened over I know there's just Mormonism bring a little bit of color to it now I'm gonna do blush which for blush I kind of fluctuate between what I like to use right and I really like the benefit dandelion blush it's a really pretty pale pink with a little bit of shimmer which right now it's kind of light on me so you can't it's kind of just like a nice glowy wash of pink which I really like and whenever you're applying blush you want to start with the apples of your cheeks and go up because it's going to give you the illusion of a lifted face so I just and then smile a little more a lot and just apply it on the apples of your cheeks and swipe up okay

now we're gonna do highlight and someone asked me about highlighter so I'm gonna talk about it basically what you want to do with highlighter is you want to apply it on the highest points of your face because it's gonna help emphasize those high points so I've got the makeup revolution peach light highlighter which I love you can get it alta it's not that expensive at all it's a really pretty golden pinky color and I really like it for my skin tone personally so basically I'm gonna swirl that tap a little bit swirl a little bit and then I'm just gonna start right here and just apply on the high points I'm gonna do the bridge of my nose because it gives the illusion of smaller nose which I like to do chin a little and then those points above my eyebrow are shows okay so we're gonna set this now and what I use is I use the Pacifica crystal power hidroméis which I really like it's not necessarily for setting makeup and for this you want to spray it like far away because the mist isn't very fine so if you pray to close your face you're gonna drown yourself so and spray it kind of far away we even do the lipstick now so

what I'm gonna do cuz I'm gonna lie my lips and I'm gonna use this next pizza mix lip pisshole those I guess cuz I might not maybe if we're lucky yes next lip pencil in the shade dude and I applied lip balm before this whole video so make sure you do that so your lips are nice and moisturize I always fill my lips all the way and with lip liner just because I think it helps make your lipstick last longer okay so now that I've done that I'm gonna use my NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade Cannes which I might show you if it'll like do it I don't know okay we did our best it's in the shade Cannes and we're just gonna apply that okay now we're done all right guys this is a finished look thank you so much for watching please don't forget to Like and subscribe because I appreciate it so much and don't forget to tune back in for when I upload a new video on Saturday thanks bye [Music]