21 December 2018

Everyday Makeup Look | w/glasses or without glasses

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hey everybody I'm not a bad welcome if you're new here please take the time out to subscribe today I'm sharing with you this look this look right here is I feel like it's very simple this is something that I would do every day it looks like I really went all out but I could did it this look can actually be worn with or without glasses I feel like this doesn't look that a lot of people can do - the eye liner a lot of people have trouble with winged liner but if you watch enough of my videos I bet you you can get the technique down because I get really up close in this video by the way in this video there is also a small huh some new products that I'll be trying the eyeliner pen is one of them lip glosses the other I hope I hope you all stay tuned to see how I got okay so this is actually part of the ha that I did it was a really small house so I'll just putting in the video here and I'm just letting you see what I got this is a foundation that I actually really really love it's a repurchase I know it's a little orange E or a little dark this is definitely my summer color but I lighten it up using this makeup revolution concealer this is an the new

one that they came out with in 2017 I absolutely love it I always use this particular color I don't know the color but I use it whenever I have a foundation that's just a little too dark as you can see it line it lines right up when I add this derma e setting powder it it just it's fine like it all goes together especially when I blend it with the Mac mineralize skinfinish it's a holy grail that derma Lee or I'm sorry derma e setting powder was gifted by Miss Lisa Smith so shout out to her thank you so much I just blend in the Mac mineralize skinfinish with that setting powder and it's look at that flawless and beautiful all right this is a pure contouring like a glow contouring palette that we got from a box that I do not mention anymore on my channel it's one of my favorite palettes from that box that have ever received also from that box is this note blush a lot of people didn't like that blush I absolutely love that blush it's really pretty it's really subtle as you can see this is the UH Nastasia highlighter I don't know the color maybe I'll put that on the screen if I remember that was a gift from a very

lovely talented Love Bug also a youtuber she knows who she is thank you so much look how beautiful that is it's really really beautiful and I put in the usual spots the inner of my bridge and my cheekbones oh all right this is a makeup revolution palette that was a prize in a giveaway was a surprise giveaway and I'm using you know using these colors I like they're they're muted colors but they still pop at the same time it's um just look that I'm going for is for when I wear glasses and I don't this is actually a like an everyday look a very muted look that I do very chill I'm not going for nothing like a I usually love to do a smoky eye this is like when I go to a Dollar Tree for the weekend or go visit family like I don't want to overdo it I just kind of want to look right and I'm not I guess that would be the outer V of my eye I'm adding this like maroon color again they're they're not very they're pigmented but they're not pigmented like you would have to build on these colors and I think I did pretty good just putting color but not overdoing it all right so this is the essences from alcohol whose essence super fine tip liquid pen and this is

new to me all right okay so I just want you to know that out was not going for that long of a winged liner I was gonna go really chill with my liner but it kept messing up so I kept going but nothing up then before I knew what that happened it's really pretty don't get me wrong it's pretty but I always mess up my wing liner they don't always look the same the shapes don't always match but I do my best and I just went with it I do look annoying a little bit you see me like making this face I look right here oh why and of course I do my lower lashline I kind of mimic the top with the colors except for this green I wanted it to pop I didn't but I also didn't want it to do I don't want to do too much so I just put a little bit of the blue or green eyeshadow just a little bit and it just it just made the bottom pop this is one of my favorite mascaras this is a NARS climax mascara I absolutely love it it curls my lashes and it gives me volume this is a new product that I hauled s's essence shine shine shine lip gloss I did not like it it was super thick this is a reason why I do not like lip glosses I hoped you

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