14 January 2019

Everyday Makeup Look

Primer: Tatcha Silk Canvas https://www.tatcha.com/product/SILK-CANVAS.html?cgid=priming_pre_makeup#start=1 Foundation Applicator: Beauty Bakerie ...


hey guys welcome back to my channel it's me glitzy by izzy thanks for joining me again and if this is your first time here welcome oh don't forget to follow me on all forms of social media got Instagram Facebook Twitter snapchat good to by using on all platforms and today we're gonna be doing a look like this and it's just an everyday fast face you can get this fancy with it as you want you can step it up in the evenings whatever but just so you know you don't want to take a few minutes video be longer but that's cuz I'm talking just know you'll be able to lock this down this will be like a 10-minute process you'll be so we're gonna start we're gonna start off by priming a clean and freshly moisturized face here I'm using my touches so canvas just put this on my fingers rub it all in now that that's all rubbed in we'll go in with some foundation I'm gonna be using NYX can't stop won't stop in the color honey I'm gonna use my Smashbox brush put a little bit on top tomorrow dumela for sure eventually [Music] 2,000 years later I'm gonna just go

right in I'll dab it on my face and then others start spreading it out I like to use this brush I've been using this lately but you can also use a beauty blender for this and I would say like a beauty blender is actually probably a little faster so if you're in a rush you know where if you're doing this before work in the morning I definitely say you know go ahead and get a Beauty Blender you don't forget to bring it down on your neck a little bit or if you want to like kind of start with a brush you can do that and then you can just kind of finish up with a Beauty Blender I have this one it's a blending egg by Beauty bakery I'll just using this pop everything in just make sure there's no lines and everything is nice and smooth then I'll go right in with my highlighter today I'm using Born This Way multi-use sculpting concealer in the color golden beige looks like this pop a little bit on you know since this is everyday I'm not gonna like put a ton on just put a little under my eyes makes it a little bright throw a little of my nose and let me do a little ancient maybe a little and that that's that's good for a day

today and then I'll pull out my what I used for contour it's honest osseous foundation stick in the color cocoa pop a little here a little up here or head just a touch down the sides of my nose now we're ready to blend so I'll go back in with my beauty blogger that I was using here and I will just go right here make sure that I get everything covered that way any dark spots will go away I like to make sure that I go up on my nose a little bit when I'm blending all this then don't forget to see your and your chin if you put an engine and then squeeze it so you can get your nose you can also use the backside of the beauty blender for this to get right in here or you can take a smaller brush to do that as well there you go I'm gonna go back with my foundation brush and just blend this out in circular motions that I'm kind of blending back towards my ears oh look at that I didn't get blended right there so let miss that oops no I'm just gonna go then make sure to get everything up on my forehead all right so now I'm gonna go in with my Mac Studio Fix in the color c5 and I'm gonna set right under my eyes get some one

flat brush like that and everywhere that I put the highlight that's where I'm gonna set and I'm not gonna bake today since this is like a fast thing or like you know everyday kind of look but I am gonna set the rest of my face with with a powder to set the rest of my face I'm going to be using a Hutta powder and it's in the color cinnamon bun it looks like this I'm just shaking it to get a little out on top and then I'll get like a face brush just up a big fluffy brush I'll tap some on here like this and then I'll tap the excess lock here and then I'll just kind of just go all over my face with it just make sure I'm really nice like base do you know and now that part is done so now I'm gonna go three on my eyebrows I'm using benefit precisely my brow pencil in the color four point five it looks like this there's a brush on one end and the pencil on the other so I'm just going to go into my brows I'll start here like on the bottom of my brows and just kind of trace out the natural shape then I'll go over to the top make sure that I get the tail really you know make sure it's filled in really well then I'll get here on the top

and then I'm just kind of filling it in make sure that it doesn't look like too crazy because you know we just went over with the powder so your brows might be looking a little like and now I'm just brushing it here to make sure that they look good and I'm like oh there's a little light on top so I'll fill that in real quick and I am good with that so just brush that make it smooth and then I'll go over to the other side so now that I'm done with that I'm gonna go in with my anastacio brow gel and the color brunette and I'm just gonna brush a little on there so now for the eyes I am gonna use a Mac two to four brush which is just a soft fluffy brush and I'm gonna make things easy on myself since I want this to be a quick day I'm gonna go in with Beauty bakeries coffee and cocoa I'm gonna take the colored a shot brew right here and I'm just gonna put a little bit of that into my crease like this and it's pretty neutral so it's okay to like just put this around a little bit to get a little you know while it it it's fine look that and that gives you just a little bit of color go to the other and if you want a little bit more color you can either go in with

something else you can go in and get a little more you can even take something dark like that and like get you know the edges that color is anti-depressant you can take something like that and go on the edges you know just see there's a little more depth but still it's still in the crease you know nothing major and now what I'm going to do to finish it off like to finish my like my eyeshadow there because there's not much to it I'm gonna get a little highlight this is by Joseph colors desi xkd and the color Fuego I'm gonna get a little bit on my hand like this I'm just gonna rub a little in the middle and it's just like a little gonna take a Clinique eyeliner it's the color black and I'm just gonna put like just a little bit like nothing not a lot nothing fancy I'm just gonna go in like this and I'm just gonna put a very thin line on the coat you know see that little thing I did there try to cover that up a little bit of highlight hate it when that happens this was supposed to be an easy one very and now I'm gonna put a little bit of mascara this is a voluminous lash

paradise it is waterproof but it's by L'Oreal just gonna put a little wine I'm gonna go in now to do my under eye I'm gonna go in with a Stila pencil it's a smudge stick waterproof eyeliner the color is vivid smoky quartz brown color really jar [Music] and then I will go in with a pencil brush it's a beauty bakery coffee and cocoa and I will go back to that day Jeffrey which was the first crease color and since we did darken up crease a little with the anti-depressive I'll dip a little in there and just do the outside edge now to the little mascara on the lower lash now I will go ahead and finish my face so I'm going to go back into the Beauty bakery I'll pick up the color day shock room and then we'll put that right there and my jawline put a little more on this side make sure it's blended out I like to that go around the top you know around the edges give you that sunkissed look then I'll go in with a fan brush pick up a little bit more Fuego Oh pick them up on my finger put just a touch on my nose little um I know on the tip you know I'll get something down

there on my lip line you know what anything that's left will put a little up there on my forehead you here on your brow bone just to give us a little bit of shot a little bit of shine and then I'll go back into this beauty bakery and I'm no actually undergoing with Bobby Brown in the color apricot for my blush I'm gonna use that same brush that I used to consort with put some on here start in the back a little same thing on this side just dab a little one all right so I'm gonna go off camera and I'm gonna put my lashes and my lipstick on and I will be right back hey guys sorry but my camera died a few times while I was trying to record this video so I have to put these pictures in there and I don't get to actually model the makeup for you but there'll be links to all the products I use down below don't forget to like subscribe let me know what you want to see next and I will see you the next time thanks guys